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Demonic Ashes Guide OSRS

Within the realm inhabited by demons and their infernal brethren, the remnants left behind by these malevolent entities are not the ordinary bones familiar to mortals. Instead, what lingers in their wake is a substance known as demonic ashes, a residue born from the fiery depths of their accursed domains. These darkened remnants possess an innate potency that intrigues and entices adventurers seeking to unlock their secrets.

Unlike conventional bones, demonic ashes do not find their purpose in the reverential rituals of altars. Instead, they serve as conduits for arcane practitioners to delve into the darker arts. Through a ritual known as Demonic Offering, practitioners merge their spiritual essence with the latent energies contained within the ashes. This communion not only grants them profound insight into the demonic realms but also bestows upon them both Prayer and Magic experience, as they draw upon the sinister energies inherent in the ashes.

Thus, amidst the charred remains of demonic adversaries, adventurers tread cautiously, recognizing the untapped potential that lies within these darkened remnants. Each scattering of demonic ashes represents an opportunity to delve deeper into the realms of the arcane, to harness powers both profane and potent. For those daring enough to venture forth, the path to mastery lies in the shadows cast by the infernal flames, where the whispers of demons echo through the ashen void.

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Demonic Ashes Types

1. Fiendish Ashes: Fiendish ashes are obtained as a guaranteed drop from imps and fiends. When scattered, they yield 10 Prayer experience, whereas offering them via the Demonic Offering spell grants 30 experience. Notably, they cannot be offered at the Chaos Temple or player-owned house altars.

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2. Vile Ashes: Dropped by lesser demons, greater demons, hellhounds, bloodvelds, and mutated bloodvelds, vile ashes grant 25 Prayer experience when scattered conventionally. Members can gain 75 experience by offering them through the Demonic Offering spell. However, they cannot be offered at the Ectofuntus, Chaos Temple, or player-owned house altars.

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3. Malicious Ashes: Exclusive to black demons, nechryael, and demonic gorillas, malicious ashes yield 65 Prayer experience when scattered and 195 when offered via the Demonic Offering spell. Similar to others, they cannot be offered at the Chaos Temple or player-owned house altars.

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4. Abyssal Ashes: Abyssal ashes, garnered from abyssal demons and the Abyssal Sire, grant 85 Prayer experience when scattered and 255 when offered via the Demonic Offering spell. They are also restricted from offering at the Chaos Temple and player-owned house altars.

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5. Infernal Ashes: Acquired as a 100% drop from various demonic bosses like K'ril Tsutsaroth and Cerberus, infernal ashes are not typically recommended for use with the Ash sanctifier due to inventory constraints. When scattered, they bestow 110 Prayer experience, rising to 330 when offered through the Demonic Offering spell. As with others, they cannot be offered at the Chaos Temple or player-owned house altars.

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