OSRS Defender of Varrock Quest Guide


Defender of Varrock Quest Guide OSRS

Defender of Varrock.png

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Required Quests:

Shield of Arrav

Temple of Ikov

Below Ice Mountain

Family Crest

Garden of Tranquillity

Creature of Fenkenstrain

Priest in Peril

The Restless Ghost

What Lies Below

Rune Mysteries

Romeo & Juliet

Demon Slayer

Required Skills:

Smithing 55 Smithing

Hunter 52 Hunter

Required Items:

Chaos core

Barronite deposit or a pickaxe to mine one


Ring of the elements or Lumberyard teleport

Mind Altar teleport or Lassar teleport

Multiple Varrock Teleports

43 Prayer for Protect from Melee

Food and/or Prayer potions

Start Point:

Map icon Speak to Elias White in the Jolly Boar Inn.

Start Point

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Organised Zombies?

Objective: Investigate the Reports of Organized Zombies in the Wilderness.

Items Needed: None  

Items Recommended: Lumberyard teleport, stamina potions

Step 1: Speak to Elias White

- Make your way to the Jolly Boar Inn.

- Speak to Elias White, an explorer, inside the inn.

- Elias will share information about a patron's claim of organized zombies in the Wilderness.

- Agree to help Elias investigate the situation.

Step 2: Follow the Trail

Defender of Varrock - Path to Zemouregal's Base.png

- Exit the Jolly Boar Inn and inspect the plant located just outside.

- Head west and inspect the rocks along the trail.

- Follow the southern trail and inspect another plant.

- Proceed along the eastern trail and inspect a spiny bush to obtain a grubby key.

- Continue east through the gate and inspect another bush.

- Follow the eastern trail and inspect a small bush.

- Head north and run past the end of the trail to discover a trapdoor.

Note: Ensure you inspect each object in order, as the "inspect" option will only appear after examining the previous objects.

The Infamous Necromancer

Objective: Investigate the Necromancer's Dungeon and Gather Information

Items Needed: Combat equipment, 3 free inventory spaces  

Items Recommended: Varrock Teleports, Salve Amulet

Step 1: Dungeon Entry

- Equip your combat gear and enter the dungeon.

- Engage in a dialogue with Elias, then proceed north to the balcony.

Step 2: Balcony Cutscene

- Look over the balcony to trigger a cutscene featuring Sharathteerk, Zemouregal's second-in-command, and the undead Arrav.

Balcony Cutscene

- Observe the conversation where Sharathteerk complains about being imbued with red mist for the dungeon's security system.

Step 3: Uncover Information

- Elias will leave to inform Varrockian authorities, leaving you to explore the dungeon.

- Obtain red mist bottles to bypass security gates. Each gate requires three bottles filled by killing armoured zombies.

- Armoured zombies attack with either melee or ranged attacks. Use Protect from Melee and a fast weapon (e.g., whip or dragon dagger) for efficiency.

- Equip a Salve Amulet for additional benefits against undead creatures.

Step 4: Confront Arrav

- Head west, pick up three bottles on the ground, and slay three zombies.

- Enter the gate after filling three bottles to confront Arrav.

- Learn from Arrav that Zemouregal controls him through possession of his heart.

Step 5: Progress Further

- Move north through the corridor, refill your bottles by killing three more zombies, and open the east door.

- Continue east to another balcony and trigger a cutscene with Zemouregal and Sharathteerk discussing Lucien and their invasion plans for Varrock.

Note: Pay attention to the information gathered as it will be crucial for the next steps in the quest.

The Sacred Forge

Objective: Seek the power of the Shield of Arrav to Repel Zemouregal's Invasion

Items Needed: Barronite deposit, chaos core, pickaxe, combat equipment  

Items Recommended: Mind Altar Teleport, Varrock Teleports

Step 1: Varrock Palace and Elias

- Head to Varrock Palace and speak to Elias, just outside Sir Prysin's room.

- Elias reports an imminent attack on Varrock and mentions the Shield of Arrav, crafted by the Imcando dwarves.

Step 2: Visit Camdozaal and Speak to Ramarno

- Make your way to Camdozaal and speak to Ramarno about the Shield of Arrav.

- Ramarno requests you to stoke the Sacred Forge with imbued barronite.

Visit Camdozaal and Speak to Ramarno

Step 3: Imbue Barronite

- Obtain a chaos core by defeating Chaos Golems in the eastern side of the ruins (2/15 drop rate).

- Mine barronite deposits on the western side of the ruins to get barronite (6/25 drop rate).

- Combine the chaos core with the barronite deposit to create imbued barronite.

- Use the imbued barronite on the Sacred Forge.

Step 4: Enter the Dream Theatre

- Within the Dream Theatre, speak to Arrav, temporarily free from Zemouregal's control.

- Inquire about using the Shield of Arrav, but Arrav reveals its powers are unleashed by a descendant of the founder of Avarrocka.

Step 5: Zemouregal's Interference

- Suddenly, Zemouregal appears in place of Arrav, aware of your interference.

- Zemouregal declares that his army has already begun laying siege to Varrock.

Note: Be prepared for potential combat encounters during this quest. Ensure you have the necessary items and equipment to handle threats in the ruins.

The True Descendant

Objective: Unleash the Power of the Shield of Arrav to Repel the Zombie Invasion

Start Point: Varrock Palace, under attack

Step 1: Varrock Palace Under Attack

- Return to Varrock Palace and find it under attack.

- Go two flights up the north-western staircase and speak to Elias and Captain Rovin.

- Captain Rovin gives you the Shield of Arrav and suggests consulting the palace library for more information.

varrock palace under attck

Step 2: Consult the Library

- Head to the palace library on the ground floor and speak to Reldo.

- Reldo mentions an old document with a list of elders who sent Arrav on his quest.

- Search the scrolls by the flipped table in the north-east corner to obtain the list.

Step 3: Match Elders with Descendants

- Read the Varrock Census northwest of the scrolls.

- Match the founding elders with their descendants using the Varrock Census information.

- Visit the five descendants (excluding King Roald) to eliminate potential candidates.

Founding elderDescendantLocation
Tarrlo RemanisKing RoaldVarrock Palace
Dathero RaispherAeonisig RaispherVarrock Palace
Khom PrysinSir PrysinVarrock Palace
Laris GontamueRomeoVarrock Square
Ramone RavitzHorvikArmour Shop
Marv HalenCurator Haig HalenVarrock Museum



Note: The correct descendant will reveal that their great-grandfather was adopted, and the last true descendant was married into the Fitzharmon family.

Step 4: Speak to Dimintheis

- Head to south-east Varrock and speak to Dimintheis, a member of the Fitzharmon family.

- Equip the shield, and if Dimintheis is the true descendant, it will crackle with lightning.

Step 5: Unleash the Shield's Power

- Bring Dimintheis to Varrock Palace to unleash the shield's powers on the zombies.

- Experience a cutscene where Zemouregal and Sharathteerk retreat with Arrav.

Step 6: Conclude the Quest

- After the cutscene, finish the conversation with Elias and Captain Rovin to complete the quest.

Congratulations! You have successfully repelled the zombie invasion and ensured the safety of Varrock.

Congratulations! Quest Completed!

defender of varrock quest completed