OSRS Defeat a Mithril Dragon Task Guide- Trailblazer Reloaded Leagues 4

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Defeat a Mithril Dragon Task Guide - Leagues 4

Although many consider defeating a Mithril Dragon to be a simple task, the reality is that some may become frustrated not knowing how to access the Ancient Cavern and fulfill this objective.

Mithril dragon/Strategies - OSRS Wiki

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How to enter the Ancient Cavern?

To start, it is essential to reach level 35 Firemaking and level 11 Crafting, in addition to possessing an oak log and a bow, either willow, oak, or maple. Next, head to Otto Godblessed and inquire about barbarian firemaking skills.

He will instruct you to use a bow with oak logs as a method to light them without the need for a tinderbox. Then, use the bow on the oak log to set it on fire. Once you complete this barbaric objective, return to Otto Godblessed. Otto will explain the art of making a funeral pyre after saying the following.

firemaking barbarian

- Tell him that you are ready to receive the wisdom of firemaking.

- Seek further answers and ask him, "What comes next?"

After following these steps, you will be able to enter the Ancient Cavern by heading to the whirlpool located nearby, so it is recommended that you prepare adequately for the battle against the Mithril Dragons.

A player jumping into the whirlpool.

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Otto Godblessed's location

Otto Godblessed's location