OSRS Death Charge Spell Guide


Death Charge Spell Guide OSRS

"Death Charge" is a formidable spell found within the Arceuus spellbook, requiring adept mastery in the arcane arts with a minimum Magic level of 80. However, its invocation demands more than just skill; one must have completed the perilous quest known as "A Kingdom Divided" to unlock its potent potential.

With the completion of "A Kingdom Divided" and the attainment of sufficient magical prowess, wielders of this spell can unleash its deadly might upon their adversaries, ensuring that those who oppose them face the full, unyielding force of death itself.

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When "Death Charge" is cast, it initiates a unique restorative effect for the caster. After successfully dealing the fatal blow to any monster within a specific timeframe, the spell triggers the restoration of 15% of the player's special attack energy. This revitalizing effect persists for a duration of one minute. However, the special attack energy is replenished only once per casting of the spell. It's important to note that "Death Charge" can only be invoked once every 60 seconds.

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Should the player's special attack bar already be at maximum capacity (100%), causing the demise of a monster will still activate the spell's effect, albeit without any additional restoration of special attack energy.

However, there are certain conditions and exceptions to be mindful of:

- The restoration effect of "Death Charge" will not activate if the player has engaged in PvP combat within the last ten ticks.
- Additionally, the player must be within a range of 16 tiles from the defeated creature for "Death Charge" to activate.
- In a multi-combat setting, the restoration effect is triggered for the player who delivered the final blow.

It's crucial to recognize that not all monsters or attackable targets can trigger the restoration effect. The following entities are exempt from activating the effect:

- The obelisk encountered in phase 1 of the Wardens' fight.
- The Energy Siphons deployed by the Wardens in phase 3 of the battle.
- The totems belonging to the Nightmare (and Phosani's Nightmare).

By understanding these nuances, players can strategically utilize "Death Charge" to their advantage, ensuring that they can maintain their combat effectiveness in the face of adversity.