OSRS Crafting from Level 1 to 99 Guide

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Crafting from Level 1 to 99 Guide OSRS

Welcome, aspiring adventurers, to the diverse realm of Old School Runescape! In this dynamic universe, where your choices shape your destiny, you can choose to be a valiant warrior, a cunning mage, or even a skilled artisan. If the path of the craftsman beckons to you, then you're in for a treat. This OSRS crafting guide is your key to unlocking the secrets of Crafting, a skill that not only enriches your in-game experience but also opens doors to wealth and versatility.

Crafting is more than just a skill; it's an art form in the world of OSRS. It empowers you to craft a myriad of items, from practical tools to invaluable treasures. Whether you aim to equip yourself for battle or amass a fortune through trade, Crafting is the conduit to realizing your ambitions. To embark on this crafting journey, you must first comprehend the essence of Crafting and its pivotal role in the tapestry of skills in OSRS.

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Types of Crafting in OSRS

In the vast realm of Old School Runescape, the Crafting skill stands as a gateway to boundless creativity and economic prowess. This segment of the OSRS Crafting guide is your compass through the myriad types of crafting available in the game, catering to both profit seekers and those aspiring to craft exquisite items like diamond amulets.

Before delving into the crafting tapestry, it's crucial to note that while the Crafting skill is accessible to non-members, certain items require a membership for crafting.

Crafting, having so many ways to train, we have left you the best methods so that you can choose which method to use according to your level and your preference.

Glass Crafting

Fritz the Glassblower - OSRS Wiki

A subcategory within the Crafting skill, glassmaking unveils a world of delicate craftsmanship. To embark on this journey, you must acquire the necessary tools and raw materials:

1. Glassblowing Pipe: The quintessential tool for glassmaking, obtainable from various locations, with respawn points in Entrana and Hemenster being the easiest sources. Stores in Dorgesh-kaan and the Piscatoris Fishing Colony also stock this essential tool.

2. Buckets of Sand: Essential for the glassmaking process, buckets of sand can be sourced from various sand pits. Optimal locations include Yanille, Dorgesh-Kaan, Zanari, Prifddinas, and Rellekka. Obtain sand by using an empty bucket.

3. Soda Ash: Crafted by burning seaweed, swamp weed, or giant seaweed, soda ash is a key ingredient. The raw materials can be obtained through fishing with a big fishing net. Additionally, two spawn points within the Piscatoris Fishing Colony offer a quick source of soda ash, with giant seaweed being the preferred option for yielding 6 soda ash.

4. Molten Glass: Combine a bucket of sand, soda ash, and use any furnace to create molten glass. Alternatively, the spell Superglass Make can be employed to transform ingredients into molten glass. However, be mindful that this method does not return buckets to your inventory. On the positive side, you gain 10 Crafting experience for each bucket of sand used, yielding approximately 1-10 additional molten glass.

Mastering the art of glassmaking opens avenues for crafting various glass items, from flasks to lenses, providing both utility and potential profit. As you immerse yourself in the delicate dance of crafting, may your creations shine as brightly as molten glass in the forge of Old School Runescape.

1Beer glass.png Beer glassMolten glass.png Molten glassYes17.5
4Empty candle lantern.png Empty candle lanternMolten glass.png Molten glassYes19
12Empty oil lamp.png Empty oil lampMolten glass.png Molten glassYes25
26Oil lantern.png Oil lanternEmpty oil lamp.png Empty oil lamp,Oil lantern frame.png Oil lantern frameYes50
33Vial.png VialMolten glass.png Molten glassYes35
42Empty fishbowl.png FishbowlMolten glass.png Molten glassYes42.5
46Unpowered orb.png Unpowered orbMolten glass.png Molten glassYes52.5
49Lantern lens.png Lantern lensMolten glass.png Molten glassYes55
87Empty light orb.png Empty light orbMolten glass.png Molten glassYes70
87Light orb.png Light orbEmpty light orb.png Empty light orb,Cave goblin wire.png Cave goblin wireYes104

Tip: One of the most taxing parts of glass-making is getting buckets of sand. You can make this easier by first completing The Hand in the Sand quest. An NPC named Bert can deliver 84 buckets of sand to your bank once a day for free.


OSRS: What's The Best Flax Spinning Spot? – FandomSpot

Spinning refers to making raw materials like threads or hair and turning them into something more useful. For this, you'll need a spinning wheel. While there are lots of spinning wheels in OSRS, the favorite of many is the one below the bank in Lumbridge Castle.

1Ball of wool.png Ball of woolWool.png WoolNo2.5
10Bow string.png Bow stringFlax.png FlaxYes15
10Crossbow string.png Crossbow stringSinew.png Sinew or Oak roots.png RootsYes15
19Magic string.png Magic stringMagic roots.png Magic RootsYes30
30Rope.png RopeHair.png HairYes25



Loom - OSRS Wiki

This is a similar crafting technique to Spinning. The difference is that instead of a spinning wheel, you'll be needing a loom to weave the raw materials together.

10Strip of cloth.png Strip of clothBall of wool.png Ball of wool x4Yes12
21Empty sack.png Empty sackJute fibre.png Jute fiber x4Yes38
26Drift net.png Drift netJute fibre.png Jute fiber x2Yes55
36Basket.png BasketWillow branch.png Willow branch x6Yes56



City: Barbarian Village | Sal's Realm of RuneScape

Pottery lets you turn soft clay into a variety of items using a potter's wheel. Once you've made what you wanted, you'll then proceed to use a pottery oven. You can get soft clay simply by mining it. Once you have clay, you'll then need to use it with either a bucket of water or a jug of water.

LevelItemsShaping MaterialShaping XPFiring MaterialFiring XPMembersTotal XP
1Pot.png PotSoft clay.png Soft clay6.3Unfired pot.png Unfired pot6.3No12.6
7Pie dish.png Pie dishSoft clay.png Soft clay15Unfired pie dish.png Unfired pie dish10No25
8Bowl.png BowlSoft clay.png Soft clay18Unfired bowl.png Unfired bowl15No33
19Empty plant pot.png Empty plant potSoft clay.png Soft clay20Unfired plant pot.png Unfired plant pot17.5Yes37.5
25Pot lid.png Pot lidSoft clay.png Soft clay20Unfired pot lid.png Unfired pot lid20Yes40


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Yes, you can create certain weapons through Crafting. Although the choices are pretty limited, these can still be pretty helpful when you want access to certain weapons and don't have the coins but you do have the materials needed.

For the arrow bolds, you'll need a furnace with a bolt mold to create it.

18Silver sickle.png Silver sickleSilver bar.png Silver barYes50
21Silver bolts (unf) 5.png Silver bolts (unf)Silver bar.png Silver barYes50
54Water battlestaff.pngWater battlestaffBattlestaff.png Battlestaff,Water orb.png Water orbYes100
58Earth battlestaff.png Earth battlestaffBattlestaff.png Battlestaff,Earth orb.png Earth orbYes112.5
62Fire battlestaff.png Fire battlestaffBattlestaff.png Battlestaff,Fire orb.png Fire orbYes125
66Air battlestaff.png Air battlestaffBattlestaff.png Battlestaff,Air orb.png Air orbYes137.5
83Amethyst bolt tips 5.png Amethyst bolt headAmethyst.png AmethystYes60
85Amethyst arrowtips.png Amethyst arrowtipAmethyst.png AmethystYes60
87Amethyst javelin heads 5.png Amethyst javelin headAmethyst.png AmethystYes60
89Amethyst dart tip.png Amethyst dart tipsAmethyst.png AmethystYes60



Just like with weapons, you can also make armor with crafting. There are lots of options when it comes to creating new armor through this skill. We're going to divide the armor per material needed.


Leather crafting will require two important items - a needle and a thread. The good news is that both items can be purchased from the Rimmington or Al Kharid Crafting shops. You'll also need some cowhide tanned to create regular leather. To create leather, you'll need to visit the Al Kharid Tanner.

1Leather gloves.png Leather glovesLeather.png LeatherNo13.8
7Leather boots.png Leather bootsLeather.png LeatherNo16.2
9Leather cowl.png Leather cowlLeather.png LeatherNo18.5
11Leather vambraces.png Leather vambracesLeather.png LeatherNo22
14Leather body.png Leather bodyLeather.png LeatherNo25
18Leather chaps.png Leather chapsLeather.png LeatherNo27
28Hardleather body.png Hardleather bodyHard leather.png Hard leatherNo35
32Spiky vambraces.png Spiky vambracesLeather.png Leather or Green dragon leather.png Dragon leather,Kebbit claws.png Kebbit clawsYes6
38Coif.png CoifLeather.png LeatherYes37
41Hard leather shield.png Hard leather shieldHard leather.png Hard leather x2,Oak shield.png Oak shield,Bronze nails.png Bronze nails x15,Hammer.png HammerYes70
41Studded body.png Studded bodyLeather body.png Leather body,Steel studs.png Steel studsYes40
44Studded chaps.png Studded chapsLeather chaps.png Leather chaps,Steel studs.png Steel studsYes42



If you want better armor, then you need to start making dragon hide armor. The best way to farm them would be to kill dragons but this is slow and challenging. Unfortunately, you need to get a membership to have access to this item line.

57Green d'hide vambraces.png Green dragonhide vambracesGreen dragon leather.png Green dragon leatherYes62
60Green d'hide chaps.png Green dragonhide chapsGreen dragon leather.png Green dragon leather x2Yes124
62Green d'hide shield.png Green dragonhide shieldGreen dragon leather.png Green dragon leather x2, Maple shield, Steel nails x15, HammerYes124
63Green d'hide body.png Green dragonhide bodyGreen dragon leather.png Green dragon leather x3Yes186
66Blue d'hide vambraces.png Blue dragonhide vambracesBlue dragon leather.png Blue dragon leatherYes70
68Blue d'hide chaps.png Blue dragonhide chapsBlue dragon leather.png Blue dragon leather x2Yes140
69Blue d'hide shield.png Blue dragonhide shieldBlue dragon leather.png Blue dragon leather x2, Yew shield, Mithril nails x15, HammerYes140
71Blue d'hide body.png Blue dragonhide bodyBlue dragon leather.png Blue dragon leather x3Yes210
73Red d'hide vambraces.png Red dragonhide vambracesRed dragon leather.png Red dragon leatherYes78
75Red d'hide chaps.png Red dragonhide chapsRed dragon leather.png Red dragon leather x2Yes156
76Red d'hide shield.png Red dragonhide shieldRed dragon leather.png Red dragon leather x2, Magic shield, Adamant nails x15, HammerYes156
77Red d'hide body.png Red dragonhide bodyRed dragon leather.png Red dragon leather x3Yes234
79Black d'hide vambraces.png Black dragonhide vambracesBlack dragon leather.png Black dragon leatherYes86
82Black d'hide chaps.png Black dragonhide chapsBlack dragon leather.png Black dragon leather x2Yes172
83Black d'hide shield.png Black dragonhide shieldBlack dragon leather.png Black dragon leather x2, Redwood shield, Rune nails x15, HammerYes172
84Black d'hide body.png Black dragonhide bodyBlack dragon leather.png Black dragon leather x3Yes258




You can get snakeskin simply by taking snake hides to tanning stations. You can get hides from bush snakes, hoop snakes, and more. You'll need 15 coins to teach each his and you'll then need a needle and a thread.

35Broodoo shield (disease).png Broodoo shieldSnakeskin.png Snakeskin x2, Tribal mask, Nails x8Yes100
45Snakeskin boots.png Snakeskin bootsSnakeskin.png Snakeskin x6Yes30
47Snakeskin vambraces.png Snakeskin vambracesSnakeskin.png Snakeskin x8Yes35
48Snakeskin bandana.png Snakeskin bandanaSnakeskin.png Snakeskin x5Yes45
51Snakeskin chaps.png Snakeskin chapsSnakeskin.png Snakeskin x12Yes50
53Snakeskin body.png Snakeskin bodySnakeskin.png Snakeskin x15Yes55
56Snakeskin shield.png Snakeskin shieldSnakeskin.png Snakeskin x2, Willow shield, Iron nails x15Yes100


Yak hide


To get yak hides, you'll first need to start the Fremennik Isles quest. You don't need to finish it though. Once started, you can kill yaks to get their hides. You can then turn the hides into armor pieces in the isle.

43Yak-hide armour (legs).png Yak-hide armor (legs)Cured yak-hide.png Cured yak-hideYes32
46Yak-hide armour (top).png Yak-hide armor (top)Cured yak-hide.png Cured yak-hide x2Yes32



Jewelry is one of the most essential pieces of equipment you can make in OSRS. You can enchant these items with magical properties that will make your character even more powerful. Here's what you can make from jewelry crafting. To create jewelry, you'll need a lot of patience.

The process starts with mining gem rocks, which in itself, requires a few levels of mining.


You can cut gems using a chisel. Keep in mind that you can fail when cutting semi precious gems too. You'll receive a crushed gem if you fail which will then be useless. On the other hand, rarer gems don't fail when being cut.

LevelItemsMaterialsMembersExpCrushed Exp
1Opal.png OpalUncut opal.png Uncut opalYes153.8
13Jade.png JadeUncut jade.png Uncut jadeYes205
16Red topaz.png Red topazUncut red topaz.png Uncut red topazYes256.3
20Sapphire.png SapphireUncut sapphire.png Uncut sapphireNo50N/A
27Emerald.png EmeraldUncut emerald.png Uncut emeraldNo67.5N/A
34Ruby.png RubyUncut ruby.png Uncut rubyNo85N/A
43Diamond.png DiamondUncut diamond.png Uncut diamondNo107.5N/A
55Dragonstone.png DragonstoneUncut dragonstone.png Uncut dragonstoneYes137.5N/A
67Onyx.png OnyxUncut onyx.png Uncut onyxYes167.5N/A
89Zenyte.png ZenyteUncut zenyte.png Uncut zenyteYes200N/A


Silver Jewelry

Silver jewelry can be created by using cut semi precious gems, combined with silver bars. You'll also need the mold of the jewelry to create it.

1Opal ring.png Opal ringOpal.png Opal,Silver bar.png Silver barYes10
16Opal necklace.png Opal necklaceOpal.png Opal,Silver bar.png Silver barYes35
22Opal bracelet.png Opal braceletOpal.png Opal,Silver bar.png Silver barYes45
23Opal amulet (u).png Opal amulet (u)Opal.png Opal,Silver bar.png Silver barYes55
13Jade ring.png Jade ringJade.png Jade,Silver bar.png Silver barYes32
25Jade necklace.png Jade necklaceJade.png Jade,Silver bar.png Silver barYes54
29Jade bracelet.png Jade braceletJade.png Jade,Silver bar.png Silver barYes60
34Jade amulet (u).png Jade amulet (u)Jade.png Jade,Silver bar.png Silver barYes70
16Topaz ring.png Topaz ringRed topaz.png Red topaz,Silver bar.png Silver barYes35
32Topaz necklace.png Topaz necklaceRed topaz.png Red topaz,Silver bar.png Silver barYes70
38Topaz bracelet.png Topaz braceletRed topaz.png Red topaz,Silver bar.png Silver barYes75
45Topaz amulet (u).png Topaz amulet (u)Red topaz.png Red topaz,Silver bar.png Silver barYes80


Gold jewelry

This is the same as silver jewelry with the exception that you're going to use gold bars.

5Gold ring.png Gold ringGold bar.png Gold barNo15
6Gold necklace.png Gold necklaceGold bar.png Gold barNo20
7Gold bracelet.png Gold braceletGold bar.png Gold barYes25
8Gold amulet (u).png Gold amulet (u)Gold bar.png Gold barNo30
20Sapphire ring.png Sapphire ringSapphire.png Sapphire,Gold bar.png Gold barNo40
22Sapphire necklace.png Sapphire necklaceSapphire.png Sapphire,Gold bar.png Gold barNo55
23Sapphire bracelet.png Sapphire braceletSapphire.png Sapphire,Gold bar.png Gold barYes60
24Sapphire amulet (u).png Sapphire amulet (u)Sapphire.png Sapphire,Gold bar.png Gold barNo65
27Emerald ring.png Emerald ringEmerald.png Emerald,Gold bar.png Gold barNo55
29Emerald necklace.png Emerald necklaceEmerald.png Emerald,Gold bar.png Gold barNo60
30Emerald bracelet.png Emerald braceletEmerald.png Emerald,Gold bar.png Gold barYes65
31Emerald amulet (u).png Emerald amulet (u)Emerald.png Emerald,Gold bar.png Gold barNo70
34Ruby ring.png Ruby ringRuby.png Ruby,Gold bar.png Gold barNo70
40Ruby necklace.png Ruby necklaceRuby.png Ruby,Gold bar.png Gold barNo75
42Ruby bracelet.png Ruby braceletRuby.png Ruby,Gold bar.png Gold barNo80
42Gold tiara.png Gold tiaraGold bar.png Gold barYes35
50Ruby amulet (u).png Ruby amulet (u)Ruby.png Ruby,Gold bar.png Gold barNo85
43Diamond ring.png Diamond ringDiamond.png Diamond,Gold bar.png Gold barNo85
56Diamond necklace.png Diamond necklaceDiamond.png Diamond,Gold bar.png Gold barNo90
58Diamond bracelet.png Diamond braceletDiamond.png Diamond,Gold bar.png Gold barYes95
70Diamond amulet (u).png Diamond amulet (u)Diamond.png Diamond,Gold bar.png Gold barNo100
55Dragonstone ring.png Dragonstone ringDragonstone.png Dragonstone,Gold bar.png Gold barYes100
72Dragon necklace.png Dragon necklaceDragonstone.png Dragonstone,Gold bar.png Gold barYes105
74Dragonstone bracelet.png Dragonstone braceletDragonstone.png Dragonstone,Gold bar.png Gold barYes110
80Dragonstone amulet (u).png Dragonstone amulet (u)Dragonstone.png Dragonstone,Gold bar.png Gold barYes150
75Slayer ring.png Slayer ringEnchanted gem.png Eternal gem,Gold bar.png Gold barYes15
75Slayer ring (eternal).png Slayer ring (eternal)Eternal gem.png Eternal gem,Gold bar.png Gold barYes15
67Onyx ring.png Onyx ringOnyx.png Onyx,Gold bar.png Gold barYes115
82Onyx necklace.png Onyx necklaceOnyx.png Onyx,Gold bar.png Gold barYes120
84Onyx bracelet.png Onyx braceletOnyx.png Onyx,Gold bar.png Gold barYes125
90Onyx amulet (u).png Onyx amulet (u)Onyx.png Onyx,Gold bar.png Gold barYes165
89Zenyte ring.png Zenyte ringZenyte.png Zenyte,Gold bar.png Gold barYes150
92Zenyte necklace.png Zenyte necklaceZenyte.png Zenyte,Gold bar.png Gold barYes165
95Zenyte bracelet.png Zenyte braceletZenyte.png Zenyte,Gold bar.png Gold barYes180
98Zenyte amulet (u).png Zenyte amulet (u)Zenyte.png Zenyte,Gold bar.png Gold barYes200