OSRS Commander Zilyana Guide - Saradomin Godwars

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Saradomin Guide OSRS

Greetings, fellow RuneScape enthusiasts! Today, we embark on a journey into the divine realms, exploring the lore and encounters surrounding Saradomin, the god of order and wisdom. Join us as we delve into the history, unravel the mysteries of Commander Zilyana, and understand the strategies to face the challenges in the Saradomin Encampment.

Origins: Saradomin, alongside Guthix and Zamorak, played a pivotal role in the creation of Gielinor during the First Age. While much of his past remains shrouded in mystery, Saradomin's influence is undeniably vast, with numerous churches dedicated to him across Gielinor.

Second Age: Saradomin's arrival on Gielinor during the Second Age marked the beginning of his interactions with mortals. The icyene, a race devoted to Saradomin, conquered parts of Morytania, though his influence faced stiff competition from the mighty Zaros.

God Wars: The God Wars that unfolded in the Third Age witnessed Saradomin actively opposing Zamorak, the god of chaos. Their clashes defined an era until Guthix's awakening, leading to Saradomin's banishment from Gielinor with the Edicts of Guthix.

Wizards' Tower: Allegedly, Saradomin's followers burned the original Wizards' Tower due to a misguided ritual theft, resulting in the loss of magical knowledge.

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Commander Zilyana

Commander Zilyana - OSRS Wiki

Commander Zilyana is the appointed leader of Saradomin's forces in the God Wars Dungeon and one of only two living representatives of the Icyene race in Old School RuneScape, the other being the half-human half-Icyene Safalaan.

To gain access to her chamber within the Saradomin Encampment, players must have killed 40 of Saradomin's followers throughout the dungeon. Furthermore, in addition to an Agility level of 70 (cannot be boosted), players must bring two ropes on their first visit in order to navigate obstacles in the encampment. Note, if this is your first time entering the God Wars Dungeon, you will need a total of three ropes.


Location LevelsMembersSpawns
God Wars Dungeon5961


Encounter Requirements:

1. Completion of Death Plateau and the start of Troll Stronghold to the point where you defeat Dad, OR Ghommal's hilt 1 or higher.

2. One rope is required to access the God Wars Dungeon for the first time.

3. Two (additional) ropes are required to navigate Saradomin's Encampment for the first time.

4. Level 70 Agility is required to access Saradomin's Encampment (cannot be boosted).

5. Level 37 Prayer to activate Protect from Magic.


Starlight (Melee): Starlight the unicorn is a bodyguard of Commander Zilyana, along with Growler and Bree. She uses powerful melee attacks to bring down her enemies, which has a max hit of 15. She is the strongest Unicorn in the game.

Starlight has a special mechanic that allows her to move randomly while underneath Commander Zilyana. This random movement can stack with normal pathing to get to the player, which can result in Starlight effectively running (moving 2 tiles within the same tick).

Bree (Ranged): Bree is the centaur bodyguard of Commander Zilyana, commander of Saradomin's Encampment, along with Growler and Starlight. He uses ranged attacks with a max hit of 16 and has a chance to drop the Saradomin sword.

Growler (Magic): Growler is a bodyguard of Commander Zilyana, along with Starlight and Bree. It attacks using an accurate magic attack which has a max hit of 16.

Growler is not much of a threat while killing Commander Zilyana, as players are usually using the Protect from Magic prayer, making Growler's magic attack useless.

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A group of players fighting Commander Zilyana and her bodyguards.

General Strategy:

Similarly to Kree'arra, many players prefer using an ecumenical key to skip kill count. Although Saradominist kill count is considered to be somewhat quick, this is only partially true if the player has 83 Slayer, as Saradominist spiritual warriors and mages are aggressive towards Zamorakian followers. The remaining Saradominist followers are passive and will only attack in self-defence.

Zilyana attacks with both melee and magic. Although her max hit is relatively low, with her melee attacks dealing up to 27 damage and her magic dealing 10-20 damage, she makes up for this with an attack speed of 2 (1.2 seconds). Combined with her tremendous accuracy, this makes fighting her in melee range extremely dangerous, as the precise attacks and rapid attack speed will cause a swift death for her target. Like Graardor and K'ril however, Zilyana can only attack when in melee distance of a player.

Zilyana has three bodyguards; Bree, Growler and Starlight, who use ranged, magic and melee with maximum hits of 16, 16 and 15 damage respectively. Her bodyguards are significantly weaker compared to the other generals', but they still should not be underestimated.

The most commonly accepted method to battle Zilyana is to bring a crossbow with diamond enchanted bolts (normal or dragon, although the latter is stronger) or a twisted bow, as she has an extremely high Magic level compared to the other generals. Her chamber is larger than the other generals', which allows for an effective use of kiting. In order to kite successfully, the player will need to bring stamina potions to counteract the weight of carried equipment. Attack as often as possible as Zilyana chases after you, but ensure that you keep your distance from her. Protect from Magic should be used by default, since the player's ranged defence will generally be higher than magic; this also protects against Zilyana in case she gets in melee range.

At the start of each kill, wear a serpentine helm and use a toxic blowpipe to quickly tag Bree, Growler, and Starlight once each, to inflict venom on them. Switch to a different helmet once this is done, as the serpentine helm has negative ranged bonuses.

When Zilyana dies, kill Starlight, Bree and Growler in that order. Use the toxic blowpipe to clear the bodyguards, and its special attack as a source of healing. Try to make the three bodyguards attack on different ticks; if this is not possible, then ensure that Starlight attacks on a different tick to Growler as to pray flick 2 of the 3 incoming attacks. Both Starlight and Bree have unusually high health, and so it may not be possible to kill them before Commander Zilyana respawns if using Guthan's or Blood Barrage.

Zilyana and her bodyguards drop bones, so bring bones to peaches tablets to restore 32 health at the end of each encounter. Zilyana also drops Saradomin brews, super restores and prayer potions, while the bodyguards can also drop monkfish and summer pies to help prolong trips.


In a team setting, if Zilyana cannot attack her current target, she will change her aggression to a nearby attacker. This is commonly used by ranging teams to minimise the amount of stamina potions needed, allowing for other supplies to be taken. Team settings also allow for melee, although players will need to be wary of Zilyana shifting aggression when she cannot attack her target.

Instead of attacking Zilyana directly, players (or alternate accounts) can attack Bree and Starlight. If multiple players are in the room, the bodyguards will only attack those who have attacked Zilyana, so this means the only danger for these players is Zilyana's magic attack. If the bodyguards are killed before Zilyana herself is killed, then they are likely to respawn, and so it may be beneficial to limit the damage done to them.

Suggested Skills

combat lvl 100+

agility 70+ (Required)


defence 80+ (90+ Recommended)

hitpoint 70+

prayer 44+ (74+ Rigour)



SlotOption 1Option 2
HeadAncestral hat.png Ancestral hatVirtus mask.png Virtus mask
NeckOccult necklace.png Occult necklaceN/A
BackImbued saradomin cape.png Imbued saradomin capeMax cape.png Max cape
BodyAncestral robe top.png Ancestral robe topVirtus robe top.png Virtus robe top
LegsAncestral robe bottom.png Ancestral robe bottomVirtus robe bottom.png Virtus robe bottom
WeaponTumeken's shadow.png Tumeken's shadow N/A
ShieldElidinis' ward (f).png Elidinis' ward (f)N/A
Ammo/SpellUnholy blessing.png Unholy blessingN/A
handsTormented bracelet.png Tormented braceletN/A
BootsEternal boots.png Eternal bootsN/A
RingMagus ring.png Magus ringLightbearer.png Lightbearer
Special attackEldritch nightmare staff.png Eldritch nightmare staffAccursed sceptre.png Accursed sceptre


SlotOption 1Option 2Option 3Option 4Option 5
HeadMasori mask (f).png Masori mask (f) / Crystal helm.png Crystal helm Justiciar faceguard.png Justiciar faceguardVerac's helm.png Verac's helmSaradomin coif.png Saradomin coifHelm of neitiznot.png Helm of neitiznot
NeckNecklace of anguish.png Necklace of anguishAmulet of fury.png Amulet of furyDragonbone necklace.png Dragonbone necklace Amulet of glory.png Amulet of gloryHoly symbol.png Holy symbol 
BackAva's assembler.png Ava's assemblerMax cape.png Max capeAva's accumulator.png Ava's accumulatorAva's attractor.png Ava's attractorN/A
BodyMasori body (f).png Masori body (f) / Crystal body.png Crystal bodyArmadyl chestplate.png Armadyl chestplateSaradomin d'hide body.png Saradomin d'hide body N/AN/A
LegsMasori chaps (f).png Masori chaps (f) / Crystal legs.png Crystal legsArmadyl chainskirt.png Armadyl chainskirtSaradomin chaps.png Saradomin chapsVerac's plateskirt.png Verac's plateskirtN/A
WeaponTwisted bow.png Twisted bow / Bow of faerdhinen.png Bow of faerdhinenZaryte crossbow.png Zaryte crossbowArmadyl crossbow.png Armadyl crossbowDragon hunter crossbow.png Dragon hunter crossbowDragon crossbow.png Dragon crossbow 
ShieldTwisted buckler.png Twisted bucklerDragonfire ward.png Dragonfire wardOdium ward.png Odium wardCrystal shield.png Crystal shieldN/A
Ammo/SpellDragon arrow 5.png Dragon arrowDiamond dragon bolts (e) 5.png Diamond dragon bolts (e)Diamond bolts 5.png Diamond bolts (e)N/AN/A
handsZaryte vambraces.png Zaryte vambracesBarrows gloves.png Barrows glovesZamorak bracers.png Zamorak bracersN/AN/A
BootsPegasian boots.png Pegasian bootsSaradomin d'hide boots.png Saradomin d'hide boots Ranger boots.png Ranger bootsBoots of brimstone.png Boots of brimstoneN/A
RingRing of suffering (i).png Ring of suffering (i)Ring of endurance.png Ring of enduranceVenator ring.png Venator ringRing of the gods (i).png Ring of the gods (i)Explorer's ring 4.pngExplorer's ring 4
Special attackToxic blowpipe.png Toxic blowpipeArmadyl crossbow.png Armadyl crossbow N/AN/AN/A


1. Toxic blowpipe (to kill minions)

2. Serpentine helm (to venom minions at start of kill)

3. One-click teleport (such as Ectophial or teleport tabs/scrolls)

4. Ecumenical key (optional)

5. Any necessary god items[2] (Saradomin and Zamorak)

2-6 stamina potions or 4-5 super energy potions (2 staminas for lower-level, short trips; maxed accounts use 5 or 6)

8-16 Saradomin brews or sharks (brews & super restores should be brought in a 3:1 ratio)

6-12 super restores or prayer potions

1-2 divine bastion potions

Tablet or runes for Trollheim Teleport[3], or a Ghommal's hilt



Saradomin sword.png: Commander Zilyana drops Saradomin sword with rarity 1/127 in quantity 1 Saradomin sword11/127141,963
Saradomin's light.png: Commander Zilyana drops Saradomin's light with rarity 1/254 in quantity 1 Saradomin's light11/25441,747
Armadyl crossbow.png: Commander Zilyana drops Armadyl crossbow with rarity 1/508 in quantity 1 Armadyl crossbow11/50853,255,331
Saradomin hilt.png: Commander Zilyana drops Saradomin hilt with rarity 1/508 in quantity 1 Saradomin hilt11/50818,864,192
Godsword shard 1.png: Commander Zilyana drops Godsword shard 1 with rarity 1/762 in quantity 1 Godsword shard 111/762152,859
Godsword shard 2.png: Commander Zilyana drops Godsword shard 2 with rarity 1/762 in quantity 1 Godsword shard 211/762154,170
Godsword shard 3.png: Commander Zilyana drops Godsword shard 3 with rarity 1/762 in quantity 1 Godsword shard 311/762156,717