OSRS Colossal Pouch Guide

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Colossal Pouch Guide OSRS 

Embark on a journey of arcane craftsmanship as we explore the enigmatic world of the Colossal Pouch in Old School RuneScape. This essential item, born from the fusion of various pouches, is the pinnacle of essence storage, empowering Runecrafters to wield the arcane forces with unparalleled efficiency. Whether you're a novice in the arts of Runecraft or a seasoned master, the Colossal Pouch beckons you to unravel its secrets and enhance your magical prowess.

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What is the Colossal Pouch?

The Colossal Pouch stands as a testament to the mastery of essence manipulation in the Runecraft skill. Crafted by stitching together smaller pouches with an abyssal needle, this gargantuan container can hold up to 40 rune, pure, daeyalt, or guardian essences. With an unboosted Runecraft level of 85 and Crafting level of 56, aspiring runecrafters can unlock the potential of this fleshy behemoth.

Colossal Pouch

Where Can I Obtain the Colossal Pouch?

To forge the Colossal Pouch, one must venture into the Abyss and use the abyssal needle to stitch together a small, medium, large, and giant pouch. However, obtaining the abyssal needle initially requires interaction with the Rewards Guardian. Beware of degradation, for the Colossal Pouch can hold 320 essence (8 fills) before starting to degrade. Fear not, for repair services are available through the Dark mage or Apprentice Cordelia, with a cost of one abyssal pearl.


Runecraft 85 Runecraft

Crafting 56 Crafting


Abyssal needle.png Abyssal needle1N/A
Small pouch.png Small pouch1N/A
Medium pouch.png Medium pouch1N/A
Large pouch.png Large pouch1N/A
Giant pouch.png Giant pouch1N/A
 Total costCoins 1.png
Colossal pouch.png Colossal pouch1N/A

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The Stats That Shape Essence Mastery

The Colossal Pouch boasts remarkable features:

1. Capacity: Holds up to 40 rune, pure, daeyalt, or guardian essences.

2. Degrading Mechanism: Degrades based on stored essence, starting at 35 after 320 essence (8 fills).

3. Repair: Repairable with one abyssal pearl through the Dark mage or Apprentice Cordelia.

4. Exceptional Resistance: No degradation if wearing a Runecraft cape, abyssal lantern with redwood logs (within Guardians of the Rift), or a max cape.


In the realm of Runecraft, the Colossal Pouch reigns supreme as the ultimate essence container. As you navigate the delicate balance of essence storage and degradation, let this guide empower you to master the arcane forces. May your journeys through Gielinor be fueled by the boundless essence held within the fleshy confines of the Colossal Pouch.

To all aspiring Runecrafters and curious adventurers, may the Colossal Pouch be your beacon of arcane enlightenment. Embrace the challenges, hone your crafting skills, and let the essence of Gielinor flow through you. May your runes be mighty, and your magical exploits legendary. Until next time, weave the arcane threads with the Colossal Pouch as your trusted companion. Safe travels, RuneScape enthusiasts!