OSRS Charged ice Guide

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Charged ice Guide OSRS

In the vast realm of Gielinor, adventurers encounter formidable challenges, among which stands the enigmatic Phantom Muspah. This elusive entity guards its secrets fiercely, but with the right tactics and tools, brave warriors can emerge victorious. Among the spoils of triumph lies the coveted Charged Ice, a tertiary drop with remarkable properties. This guide delves into the art of dispatching the Phantom Muspah swiftly, the utility of Charged Ice, and the riches it bestows upon those who conquer the challenge.

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What is the Charged ice

Charged Ice, a tertiary drop from the Phantom Muspah, holds the promise of metamorphosis for the Muphin, unlocking its formidable melee and shielded forms. A true boon to adventurers, it guarantees a transformation if the Phantom Muspah meets its demise in under three minutes. Once employed in the metamorphosis of a Muphin, it vanishes from the realm, ensuring its rarity and exclusivity. Even subsequent swift victories over the Phantom Muspah yield no more of this precious substance.

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How to Obtain the Chared ice

Achieving victory within the narrow window of three minutes demands precision and strategic prowess. One effective tactic involves wielding a crossbow exclusively, harnessing the potent effects of enchanted bolts tailored to each phase of the Phantom Muspah's onslaught. During melee and ranged phases, enchanted ruby bolts prove invaluable, while the shielded phase calls for the precision of enchanted sapphire bolts. As the shield dissipates, enchanted diamond bolts deliver the decisive blows. For optimal results, adventurers may opt for the Zaryte crossbow or Armadyl crossbow, leveraging their unique attributes to enhance bolt effectiveness. Notably, those in possession of both a tumeken's shadow and twisted bow can circumvent reliance on bolt activation altogether, ensuring swift triumph over the Phantom Muspah.