OSRS Champions' Challenge Guide


Champions' Challenge Guide OSRS

Welcome, adventurers of Gielinor! Today, we delve into the thrilling realm of the Champions' Challenge, a Distraction and Diversion awaiting courageous souls in the basement of the esteemed Champions' Guild. This unique activity unfolds as players traverse the world, battling creatures and, on rare occasions, receiving an invitation to a duel with the champions of various races.

To partake in this epic challenge, one must be on a members server and have earned a commendable 32 quest points. The key to the encounter is the elusive champion's scroll, a highly coveted item dropped with an astonishingly rare chance of 1 in 5,000 during monster slaying escapades.

Upon successfully felling a foe and acquiring the champion's scroll, a distinctive message echoes in the chatbox, announcing the special drop. Should a player already possess a champion's scroll or have triumphed in a previous challenge, a message hints at a missed opportunity.

Champions' Challenge Guide OSRS

A crucial note for adventurers: attempting to teleport out of the Champions' Guild basement is met with a gentle reminder from Larxus, the guild's vigilant caretaker, that "There's a ladder for a reason." Exiting through the portcullis is the only escape route, with the fight persisting until adventurers climb the ladder behind it.

A curious tactic employed by some is dropping the champion's scroll before the duel's conclusion, only to pick it up post-victory. However, caution is advised, as attempting to use the scroll on Larxus after defeating the champion results in its forfeiture.

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Triumphing over a champion yields not only Hitpoints and Slayer experience but also unlocks the potential for more formidable challenges in the future. With eleven champions representing diverse races, each duel introduces specific rules, creating a dynamic and strategic combat experience. The use of a Dwarf multicannon is permitted in certain battles, provided ranged attacks are not restricted.

In the arena, the Champions of Champions await, embodying the spirit of races like Humans, Dwarves, TzHaar, Werewolves, Elves, and Gnomes. Among them, only Leon D'Cour, the Human champion, beckons players to test their mettle directly.

A player duels with Leon d'Cour, the Champion of champions.

Embark on this epic journey, brave warriors, and discover the excitement of Gielinor's Champions' Challenge. Face the champions, overcome the odds, and revel in the glory of triumph as you become a legendary figure in the annals of this fantastical realm. May your blades be sharp, and your spirits indomitable!