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Canoe Guide OSRS

A canoe is a small boat crafted by players at a canoe station, providing a swift mode of transportation along the River Lum. The construction of canoes involves utilizing the Woodcutting skill, with the speed of the process dependent on the quality of the axe used, similar to other woodcutting activities. Each canoe station is equipped with an NPC offering instructions on how to construct a canoe.

It's important to note that canoes have a single-use lifespan and will sink after their initial voyage. To embark on a return journey, players need to employ an axe to shape a new canoe. In the event that a player creates a canoe but delays its use, the canoe will remain at the station until the player logs out. Constructing a canoe at a different station will remove any previously abandoned canoes, while teleportation has no effect on them.

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The River Lum features six canoe stations, each facilitating the construction of canoes for expedited travel. It's essential to have an axe in your possession, either wielded or in your inventory, with the Woodcutting level necessary for its use.

1. Lumbridge Canoe Station:

Lumbridge Canoe Station

- NPC: Barfy Bill

- Noteworthy: Completing a hard Lumbridge & Draynor Diary task allows players to take a waka canoe from Lumbridge to Edgeville.

2. Champions' Guild Canoe Station:

Champions' Guild Canoe Station

- NPC: Tarquin

3. Barbarian Village Canoe Station:

Barbarian Village Canoe Station

- NPC: Sigurd

4. Edgeville Canoe Station:

Edgeville Canoe Station

- NPC: Hari

5. Ferox Enclave Canoe Station:

Ferox Enclave Canoe Station

- NPC: Marten

- Note: Only a waka canoe can be rowed to the Ferox Enclave. Accessible through Clan Wars minigame teleport for a safer journey, considering its proximity to the Wilderness.

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1. Log (12 Lvl): Will take you one stop along the River Lum; cannot be used to travel to the Wilderness.

Log canoe.png

2. Dugout (27 Lvl): Can take you up to two stops along the River Lum; cannot be used to travel to the Wilderness.

Dugout canoe.png

3. Stable Dugout (42 Lvl): Can take you up to three stops along the River Lum; cannot be used to travel to the Wilderness.

Stable Dugout canoe.png

4. Waka (57 Lvl): Can take you to any stop along the River Lum; it is the only canoe that can travel into the Wilderness.

Waka canoe.png