OSRS Blade of Saeldor Guide

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Blade of Saeldor Guide OSRS

Welcome, fellow adventurers, to a realm where magical swords hold the key to unparalleled strength. Today, our focus is on the legendary Blade of Saeldor, a weapon steeped in elven history and power. As we delve into the intricacies of this magical blade, seasoned warriors and aspiring heroes alike will discover the path to obtaining, upgrading, and mastering this formidable weapon.

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What is the Blade of Saeldor?

The Blade of Saeldor, once wielded by the elite elven warrior Saeldor, stands as a testament to the might of ancient craftsmanship. This magical sword, created from an enhanced crystal weapon seed, requires a level 80 Attack to unleash its full potential. Boasting the highest strength and slash bonus for its attack speed, it reigns supreme among one-handed melee weapons, rivaling even the Ghrazi rapier and the Inquisitor's mace.

Blade of Saeldor

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Where Can You Obtain the Blade of Saeldor?

To wield the Blade of Saeldor, one must embark on a journey to combine 100 crystal shards and an enhanced crystal weapon seed at a singing bowl. The process requires a blend of Smithing and Crafting skills, with a minimum level of 82 in each. Seek out Conwenna or Reese if you fall short, though an additional 50 crystal shards will be needed for their assistance. Beware the perils of PvP, for an unprotected death will drop the inactive blade, and all invested crystal shards will be lost.

Singing bowl.png

Singing bowl Location:

Singing bowl Location


Smithing 82 Smithing

Crafting 82 Crafting


ItemQuantityGE Price
Enhanced crystal weapon seed.png Enhanced crystal weapon seed1Coins 10000.png 99,376,913
Crystal shard 5.png Crystal shard100Coins 10000.png 1,327,752.67
 Total costCoins 10000.png 100,704,665.67
Blade of saeldor.png Blade of saeldor1Coins 10000.png 100,276,039.67

Stats and Upgrading

As a wielder of the Blade of Saeldor, prepare to revel in the unmatched stats it bestows. Boasting the highest strength and slash bonus, this magical sword will become a stalwart companion in your adventures. For those seeking even greater power, the blade can be upgraded by corrupting it. With 1,000 crystal shards and a visit to the singing bowl, you can transform the blade into an infinite source of power. Keep in mind that while the infinite version is untradeable, it can be reverted to an uncharged state at any time.

 Attack bonusesStab +55Slash +94Crush +0Magic +0Ranged +0
 Defence BonusesStab +0Slash +0Crush +0Magic +0Ranged +0
 OtherMelee strength +89Magic damage 0%Ranged strength 0Prayer bonus +0Weapon slot table List


The Blade of Saeldor, while lacking specific special effects, is a beacon of power and craftsmanship. It invites warriors to wield the legacy of Saeldor, to feel the resonance of elven might with every swing. As we conclude our journey into the heart of this magical blade, may it guide your adventures, and may the tales of your victories echo through the annals of Old School RuneScape.

To all who dare to dream of wielding a blade steeped in elven history, the path is clear. Seek the crystal shards, embrace the singing bowl, and witness the transformation of the Blade of Saeldor into an instrument of unmatched power. As you tread the trails of Gielinor, may the blade be your ally, and may your journey be filled with triumph and glory!