OSRS Become a Mushroom Task Guide - Trailblazer Reloaded Leagues 4

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Become a Mushroom Task Guide - Leagues 4

Become a Mushroon Task

Among the various and unique tasks available in the Asgarnia region during the Trailblazer Reloaded League, one stands out—the unusual task called "Become a Mushroom." This mission, granting 10 valuable league points, involves a unique interaction with Malignius Mortifer, a necromancer residing northwest of Port Sarim. The peculiarity of this task lies in the unconventional method to complete it: provoking Mortifer's anger by questioning his choice of attire.

Upon inquiring about his clothing and managing to exasperate him enough to lose his temper, Mortifer will unleash an irresistible curse that defies any protection. This curse has the particularity of transforming the intrepid adventurer into a mushroom. The humorous and out-of-the-ordinary narrative of this task adds a playful and distinctive element to the league experience, challenging players to explore unusual paths to earn league points while navigating the confines of Asgarnia.

Note: When interacting with the Malignius Mortifer you will be given these 3 options and to complete the task you must choose the third choice "Where can I get Clothes like those?" and continue the dialogue until it is finished

Where can I get Clothes like those?

Malignius Mortifer.png

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North-west of Port Sarim