OSRS Avernic Defender Guide

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Avernic Defender Guide OSRS

Welcome, brave adventurers, to a realm where strength and resilience collide—the realm of the Avernic Defender. In the enchanting expanse of Old School RuneScape, this formidable defender awaits those daring enough to wield its power. Join us on a journey through the intricacies of this legendary item, exploring its origins, acquisition, potent stats, and the unparalleled advantages it brings to the battlefield. Whether you're a fledgling warrior or a battle-hardened veteran, the Avernic Defender beckons you to embrace its might and become a force to be reckoned with.

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What is the Avernic Defender?

The Avernic Defender, a pinnacle of strength and defense, stands as a testament to the prowess of its wielder. This powerful defender, requiring 70 Attack and Defence, emerges from the fusion of a dragon defender and the coveted Avernic Defender hilt. Boasting unrivaled strength and melee attack bonuses, it takes its place in the shield slot, ready to accompany warriors into the heart of battle.

Avernic Defender

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Where Can I Obtain the Avernic Defender?

Embarking on the quest to possess the Avernic Defender requires a journey through the annals of combat. Combine a dragon defender with the Avernic Defender hilt to forge this legendary item. But beware, once fused, the process is irreversible, and the Avernic Defender becomes an extension of your combat prowess.

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ItemQuantityGE Price
Dragon defender.png Dragon Defender1N/A
Avernic defender hilt.png Avernic defender hilt1Coins 10000.png 75,879,021
 Total costCoins 10000.png 75,879,021
Avernic defender.png Avernic defender1N/A

The Stats That Forge Legends

The Avernic Defender stands tall with impressive stats, setting it apart as a premier shield slot item:

1. Attack and Defence Requirement: 70 Attack and Defence

2. Strength Bonus: Highest among shield slot equipment, surpassing even the dragonfire shield.

3. Melee Attack Bonuses: Unrivaled in the shield slot category.

4. Defensive Bonuses: Comparable to that of an adamant kiteshield.

 Attack bonusesStab +30Slash +29Crush +28Magic -5Ranged -4
 Defence BonusesStab +30Slash +29Crush +28Magic -5Ranged -4
 OtherMelee strength +8Magic damage 0%Ranged strength 0Prayer bonus +0Shield slot table List


As you don the Avernic Defender, you become a force of unyielding strength and indomitable defense. Whether facing mythical beasts, rival adventurers, or the perils of the Wilderness, the Avernic Defender stands as your stalwart companion. Forging your legend in Old School RuneScape, let the Avernic Defender be the catalyst for triumph in the face of adversity.

To the valiant souls entering the realm of Old School RuneScape, the Avernic Defender calls out to you. May your journey be adorned with victories, and may the Avernic Defender be the shield that propels you to glory. Embrace the power, conquer your foes, and let the Avernic Defender be the herald of your triumphs in the vast and magical world of Gielinor.