OSRS Armoured Zombies Guide


Armoured Zombies Guide OSRS

Armoured zombies, formidable adversaries with a level of 85, roam the confines of Zemouregal's Base. Their presence is distinguished by the rare drop they possess: the broken zombie axe. Thriving in a multicombat environment and clustering closely together, they present an ideal opportunity for combat training with weapons capable of hitting multiple targets simultaneously, such as burst spells or the venator bow.

As undead entities, armoured zombies fall under the purview of the Salve amulet's benefits, with all variations of the amulet providing a substantial boost when engaging them in combat. This undead bonus ensures a more effective assault against these resilient foes, enhancing the efficacy of any adventurer seeking to confront them within Zemouregal's Base.

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How to get to Zemouregal's Base

Accessing Zemouregal's Base is conveniently achieved through several teleportation methods. Here are three effective options:

1. Ring of the Elements:

- Utilize the Ring of the Elements to teleport to the Earth Altar entrance.

- Head south to reach the Silvarea gate and then proceed northward to the Wilderness border.

2. Lumberyard Teleport:

- Employ the Lumberyard teleport, which instantly transports you to the Sawmill.

3. Digsite Pendant:

- Make use of the Digsite pendant to teleport to the north end of the Digsite.

- From there, navigate all the way north until you reach the Wilderness border.