OSRS Arceuus Favor Guide

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Arceuus Favor Guide

The Arceuus house constitutes one of the five prominent cities within Kourend. The other cities encompass Hosidius, Piscarilius, Shayzien, and Lovakengj. Each city boasts its distinct expertise, with the Piscarilius residents being proficient in the domains of magic and runecrafting skills.

Arceuus favor

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How to Get to Arceuus House

There exist various expeditious approaches to reach Arceuus:

1. Kourend Castle Teleport: Head north.

2. Fairy Rings: Use the "cis" code (requires a one-time payment of 80,000 coins to Trossa).

3. Arceuus Home Teleport to Dark Altar.

4. Arceuus Library Teleport.

5. Xeric's Talisman: Employ the Xeric's Heart teleport, then proceed north.

6. Games Necklace: Use the Wintertodt teleport, then go south.

7. Transportation by Ship: Travel to Port Piscarilius via Veos from the dock south of the pub in Port Sarim or from Land's End via Captain Magoro.

8. Kharedst's Memoirs or Book of the Dead: Use the "A Dark Disposition" teleport (requires completion of The Ascent of Arceuus). Optionally, utilize The Fisher's Flute teleport (requires completion of The Queen of Thieves) to Port Piscarilius, and then journey west.

A map of the city

Map of the city of arceuus

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How to gain Arceuus favor

There are several ways to earn favor in Arceuus, but the fastest and most efficient method is through the Arceuus Library. We will now provide you with details on how to do it.

librery arceuus

To initiate the process, approach one of the following individuals: Sam, Professor Gracklebone, or Villia. Your task is to scour the bookcases for books or scrolls hidden throughout the library. Your objective is to locate the specific text that has been requested. Successfully uncovering the requested text results in a significant gain of 2.5% favor, accompanied by a coveted book of arcane knowledge.

1. Speak to Biblia: Head to the top floor of the library and converse with Biblia. She'll reveal the specific location of the book you're tasked with finding. This guidance will save you valuable time.

2. Utilize the 'Kourend Library' Plugin: If you're using the Runelite client, consider employing the 'kourend library' plugin. This tool highlights books and swiftly pinpoints their locations, streamlining your search.

3. Preparation is Key: Collect books that aren't currently requested. This will equip you for future tasks. Remember, the drop trick and banking books won't work, so stay proactive in your approach.

4. Duplicate Book Retrieval: After submitting a book to a customer, head back to the same location and retrieve another copy of the book. This ensures readiness for potential future requests.

5. Location Changes: Keep in mind that book and manuscript locations change every 80–100 minutes. Stay vigilant and adaptable.

6. Collaboration is Efficient: Coordinate with fellow players to locate and share book locations. This collaborative effort significantly speeds up the process.

7. Solo Strategy: If you prefer a solo approach, opt for less populated worlds to lengthen the time between location resets. Memorize or note down book locations for better efficiency.

8. Dark Manuscripts at 20% Favor: Once you reach 20% favor, assist Horphis by finding dark manuscripts. These manuscripts are assigned exclusively to you, and Biblia will indicate their location.

9. Dark Manuscript Rooms: Dark manuscript rooms are chosen randomly, but each manuscript has set locations within those rooms. Players assigned the same room may have identical manuscript locations.

10. Optimize Manuscript Collection: When collecting dark manuscripts, talk to Biblia immediately after finding one to quickly ascertain the next manuscript's location.

11. Skill Books Exchange: Horphis collects all manuscripts in your inventory and returns an equal number of skill books upon interaction.

Anothers tips:

Lightweight Attire: Don lightweight gear like a full Graceful outfit. This choice minimizes your energy consumption, enabling you to cover greater distances with ease.

Energize Your Movement: Prepare yourself with a handful of Super Energy or Stamina potions. These elixirs provide a burst of energy, facilitating prolonged running without succumbing to fatigue.

Library location

Arceuus benefits

As your favor with the Arceuus house grows, new opportunities unfold, granting you access to valuable resources and empowering abilities:

1. 20% Favor: Thyria's Wares and Filamina's Wares: Unlock Thyria's and Filamina's stores to access their distinctive goods and services.

2. 60% Favor: Unveil the Arceuus Spellbook: Engage with Tyss located beside the Dark Altar. Here, you can transition to the Arceuus spellbook, housing reanimation spells tailored for ensouled heads, a potent method for Prayer training. Embracing this spellbook also boosts your Arceuus favor.

3. 100% Favor: Empower Your Rune Crafting: Attain the pinnacle of favor at 100% and forge a path towards remarkable advancements:

Dark Essence Blocks: Employ dense essence blocks at the Dark Altar to craft dark essence blocks. Transform these into dark essence fragments using a chisel. These fragments fuel the creation of runecrafting blood runes and soul runes.

Magic Tablets for Swift Teleports: Harness the Ouditor's house's lectern to craft magic tablets, enabling efficient Arceuus spellbook teleports.

Arceuus Signet: Consult Tyss once again to acquire an Arceuus signet, an essential component for constructing dark altars and occult altars in your Achievement Gallery.