OSRS Ancient sceptre Guide

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Ancient sceptre Guide OSRS

The ancient sceptre stands as an enhanced iteration of the ancient staff, requiring a formidable set of skills to wield. To harness its power, one must attain level 70 Magic, 60 Strength, and 50 Attack. Functionally, the ancient sceptre inherits the ability of its precursor to autocast spells from both the Ancient Magicks and the standard spellbook. However, its distinction lies in a passive effect that amplifies the potency of Ancient Magicks by 10%. It's important to clarify that this augmentation doesn't extend to an increase in the magic damage bonus. Nevertheless, the visible 5% magic damage bonus aligns synergistically with the slayer helmet bonus.

With its roots deeply embedded in the Zarosian realm, the ancient sceptre serves as a shield in the God Wars Dungeon, offering protection against Zarosian NPCs. This divine connection adds another layer of significance to those who venture into the heart of the battle.

Ancient sceptre detail.png

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How to create the Ancient sceptre

The forging of the ancient sceptre is a momentous undertaking, requiring the convergence of the ancient icon and staff through a unique process overseen by the enigmatic Eblis. This intricate fusion is not merely a transaction; it represents a commitment, as the melding is irreversible. This irreversible nature underscores the gravity of the decision, as those who embark on this path must be prepared for the permanence of their choice.

The quest for the ancient sceptre begins with the pursuit of the elusive ancient icon, an untradeable treasure that emerges as a rare drop from the formidable Phantom Muspah. Only those who have triumphed over the challenges meticulously laid out in the quest "Secrets of the North" are deemed worthy to undertake the creation of this extraordinary sceptre.

Eblis Location:

Eblis can be found just south-east of the Bandit Camp at the mystical mirrors after Desert Treasure I is completed. If Desert Treasure I is not completed, he can be found in the eastern building in the Bandit Camp.


Eblis Location


Ancient staff.png Ancient staff1Coins 10000.png 61,189
Ancient icon.png Ancient icon1N/A
 TotalCoins 10000.png 61,189
Ancient sceptre.png Ancient sceptre1N/A

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Passive effect and Stats

The ancient sceptre has a passive effect which increases the effects of all Ancient Magicks by 10%:

SpellBuffed effect
Smoke Rush.png Smoke Rush- Poison severity is increased to 11, up from 10.

- (Poison caused by these spells starts with 1 hit of 3 damage,
instead of starting at 2 damage.)

Smoke Burst.png Smoke Burst
Smoke Blitz.png Smoke Blitz- Poison severity is increased to 22, up from 20.

- (Poison caused by these spells starts with 2 hits of 5 damage, instead
of starting at 4 damage.)

Smoke Barrage.png Smoke Barrage
Shadow Rush.png Shadow RushOpponent's Attack level is reduced by 11% instead of 10%.
Shadow Burst.png Shadow Burst 
Shadow Blitz.png Shadow BlitzOpponent's Attack level is reduced by 16.5% instead of 15%.
Shadow Barrage.png Shadow Barrage 
Blood Rush.png Blood RushSuccessful hits heal the caster by 27.5% of the damage dealt instead of 25%
Blood Blitz.png Blood Blitz 
Blood Barrage.png Blood Barrage 
Blood Burst.png Blood Burst
Ice Rush.png Ice RushIce Rush receives no buff from using the sceptre
Ice Burst.png Ice BurstOpponent is frozen for 17 ticks (10.2 seconds) instead of 16 ticks (9.6 seconds).
Ice Blitz.png Ice BlitzOpponent is frozen for 26 ticks (15.6 seconds) instead of 24 ticks (14.4 seconds).
Ice Barrage.png Ice BarrageOpponent is frozen for 35 ticks (21 seconds) instead of 32 ticks (19.2 seconds).


 Attack bonusesStab +20Slash -1Crush +50Magic +20Ranged +0
 Defence BonusesStab +2Slash +3Crush +1Magic +15Ranged +0
 OtherMelee strength +60Magic damage 5%Ranged strength +0Prayer bonus -1Weapon slot table List

Quartz upgrades

The potential of the ancient sceptre extends even further through the infusion of quartz upgrades, obtainable from bosses featured in the Desert Treasure II quest. This transformative enhancement is irreversible, cementing the commitment of those who seek to amplify the power of their sceptre.

The upgraded version of the ancient sceptre demands a heightened level of mastery, requiring a minimum of 75 Magic, 60 Strength, and 50 Attack for effective wielding. This elevated skill threshold reflects the increased potential and complexity brought forth by the quartz upgrades.

SceptreQuartzDropped by  Effect
Blood ancient sceptre.png Blood ancient sceptreBlood quartz.pngBlood quartzVardorvis  Blood magic can now overheal you by 10% of your Hitpoints.
Ice ancient sceptre.png Ice ancient sceptreIce quartz.pngIce quartzDuke Sucellus  Ice magic gains 10% accuracy on unfrozen, freezable targets.
Shadow ancient sceptre.png Shadow ancient sceptreShadow quartz.pngShadow quartzThe Whisperer  Shadow spells also drain Strength and Defence in addition to
  the target's Attack level.
Smoke ancient sceptre.png Smoke ancient sceptreSmoke quartz.pngSmoke quartzThe Leviathan

  Smoke spells reduce healing received by 20% for 10 ticks on
  hit if the target is poisoned.