OSRS Ancient Godsword Guide

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Ancient Godsword Guide OSRS

Greetings, champions of Gielinor! Today, we delve into the legendary realms of weaponry, and our focus is on a masterpiece that resonates with the essence of Zaros – the Ancient Godsword. Crafted from the arcane influence of Nex, this formidable weapon is a testament to both power and sacrifice. Join us as we unveil the secrets and might of the Ancient Godsword in Old School RuneScape.

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Crafting the Might of Zaros

Creation: The Ancient Godsword is a variant of the renowned Godsword, brought to life through the fusion of an ancient hilt, a rare treasure bestowed by Nex, and a completed godsword blade. Only those with a formidable Attack level of 75 can wield this divine weapon.

Design Significance: The hilt's design proudly bears the Zarosian symbol, reflecting the connection to the god of control and fate. Crafted under Nex's command after her escape from the Ancient Prison, the weapon remained incomplete, locked away by the combined forces of the gods.

Divine Protection: As a manifestation of Zarosian power, wielding the Ancient Godsword grants protection against the wrath of Zarosian NPCs within the God Wars Dungeon. Let the might of Zaros shield you as you navigate through the perilous battlegrounds.


Godsword blade.png Godsword blade + Ancient hilt.png Ancient hilt = Ancient godsword.png Ancient godsword

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Special Attack 

1. Blood Sacrifice: The Ancient Godsword, like its godly counterparts, boasts a special attack named Blood Sacrifice. This devastating maneuver combines doubled accuracy with a 10% higher maximum hit than a standard attack, depleting 50% of the player's special attack energy.

2. Marked for Sacrifice: A successful hit with Blood Sacrifice marks the target for sacrifice. The unfortunate victim has a mere 4.8 seconds to flee at least five tiles away from the attacker. Failure to escape results in 25 damage inflicted upon the target, simultaneously healing the wielder for the same amount.

3. Unyielding Power: Notably, the special attack can be stacked on the same target, causing 25 damage before the secondary effect activates. This potential for stacking grants the Ancient Godsword unparalleled potency in the heat of battle.

A player uses Blood Sacrifice,


As we conclude our exploration of the Ancient Godsword, we stand in awe of its Zarosian majesty and the raw power it brings to the battlefield. Crafted in the shadows of Nex's influence, this divine weapon is both a symbol of might and a conduit for sacrifice. Wield it wisely, for its influence is as ancient as the gods themselves.

As you venture forth with the Ancient Godsword in hand, may the god of control, Zaros, guide your path through the challenges that lie ahead. Embrace the power, master the sacrifice, and let the echoes of divine battles resonate in your wake. Until our paths cross again, farewell, brave adventurers of Gielinor!