OSRS Ahrim Equipment Guide

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Ahrim Equipment Guide OSRS 

Venture into the cryptic depths of Barrows, where arcane powers and formidable gear await those brave enough to challenge Ahrim the Blighted. In this guide, we unveil the secrets of Ahrim's set – a coveted ensemble of magical armor and staff that can reshape the tides of battle. Whether you're a seasoned mage or a fledgling adventurer, this guide will equip you with the knowledge to harness the true potential of Ahrim the Blighted's equipment.

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What is Ahrim Equipment?

Ahrim the Blighted's equipment is a set obtained from the Barrows minigame, comprising the robetop, robeskirt, hood, and staff. Tailored for mages, it demands 70 Magic and 70 Defence to wear, with an additional 70 Attack needed for the staff. Renowned for providing exceptional Magic bonuses, Ahrim's robes stand out by offering Melee Defence advantages, a rare trait among magical gear. The set's effectiveness is heightened in high-level PvE encounters, making it a sought-after choice for daring adventurers.

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Where Can You Obtain Ahrim's Equipment?

Embark on a journey through the ominous Barrows minigame to obtain Ahrim's equipment. Each piece requires a combination of magical prowess and combat skill to wear. The robes and staff, when used together, unleash an array of effects, making them essential gear for those seeking to master the arcane arts.

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ItemDrop rateGE Price
Ahrim's hood Ahrim's hoodCasket.png 7 × 1/2,448Coins 10000.png 199,683
Ahrim's robetop Ahrim's robetopCasket.png 7 × 1/2,448Coins 10000.png 3,758,274
Ahrim's robeskirt Ahrim's robeskirtCasket.png 7 × 1/2,448Coins 10000.png 2,736,029
Ahrim's staff Ahrim's staffCasket.png 7 × 1/2,448Coins 10000.png 158,748
Total Coins 10000.png 6,852,734

Stats and Set Effect

Ahrim's set boasts top-tier Magic bonuses, rendering it ideal for taking on high-level monsters. Its unique set effect, the Blighted Aura, grants a 25% chance of lowering the enemy's Strength by five levels with each successful magic attack. This distinctive feature, though dependent on chance, can tip the scales in your favor during intense battles. The cumulative effect, when paired with other strength-reducing abilities, provides a strategic advantage.

A player activating Ahrim's set effect, Blighted Aura.

Components of Ahrim's Set

Ahrim's Hood:

Worn in the headwear slot, the hood is a crucial part of Ahrim's set. While its High Alchemy value may be modest, its set effect, combined with the amulet of the damned, allows autocasting of Ancient Magicks and offers a 25% chance of dealing a hit with 30% increased damage.

Ahrim's Hood

 Attack bonusesStab +0Slash +0Crush +0Magic +6Ranged -2
 Defence BonusesStab +15Slash +13Crush +16Magic +6Ranged +0
 OtherMelee strength +0Magic damage 0%Ranged strength 0Prayer bonus +0Head slot table List


Ahrim's Robetop:

This magical armor, worn in the body slot, completes the set, triggering the Blighted Aura. When combined with the amulet of the damned, it unlocks the power to autocast Ancient Magicks and provides the chance for increased damage on successful hits.

Ahrim's Robetop

 Attack bonusesStab +0Slash +0Crush +0Magic -30Ranged -10
 Defence BonusesStab +52Slash +37Crush +63Magic +30Ranged +0
 OtherMelee strength +0Magic damage 0%Ranged strength 0Prayer bonus +0Body slot table List


Ahrim's Robeskirt:

Worn in the legwear slot, the robeskirt continues the set's magic-focused defense. Like other pieces, it contributes to the Blighted Aura effect and synergizes with the amulet of the damned for Ancient Magicks autocasting and bonus damage.

Ahrim's Robeskirt

 Attack bonusesStab +0Slash +0Crush +0Magic +22Ranged -7
 Defence BonusesStab +33Slash +30Crush +36Magic +22Ranged +82
 OtherMelee strength +0Magic damage 0%Ranged strength 0Prayer bonus +0Legs slot table List


Ahrim's Staff:

As a one-handed magic weapon, the staff requires 70 Magic and 70 Attack to wield. Alongside the other set components, it inflicts the Blighted Aura, lowering the opponent's Strength. When paired with the amulet of the damned, it enables autocasting of Ancient Magicks and enhances damage output.

Ahrim's Staff

 Attack bonusesStab +12Slash -1Crush +65Magic +15Ranged +0
 Defence BonusesStab +3Slash +5Crush +2Magic +15Ranged +0
 OtherMelee strength +68Magic damage 5%Ranged strength 0Prayer bonus +0Weapon slot table List


Barrows equipment degrades as it is used. Equipment received from the Barrows minigame is fully repaired and can be used for 15 hours of combat until it degrades completely and requires repair before it can be used again. Barrows armour degrades even if the player is using protection prayers or not taking damage. Barrows equipment does not suffer in performance as it degrades from fully repaired to fully degraded. Fully repaired Barrows items start out with no numbers in their names, e.g. Ahrim the Blighted's equipment. It will become Ahrim the Blighted's equipment 100 the first time it's used in combat. Eventually it will degrade to Ahrim the Blighted's equipment 75, then 50, then 25 and finally 0 at which point the armour will be unusable until repaired. Additionally, Barrows equipment may only be traded if fully repaired or fully degraded.

When dropped or lost on death, any piece of Barrows equipment will automatically degrade to 0. Players who attempt to drop Barrows equipment will receive a warning message about this. As a bank note, dropping will not break the equipment.

There are two ways to repair Barrows armour. Players can talk to any of the NPCs listed below and they will repair the items for a price, or repair the pieces themselves using an armour stand in any player-owned house. The equipment can be repaired at any stage, and the cost will be adjusted according to how much it has degraded. The repair costs below are as if the equipment has fully degraded.

The following NPCs can repair the armour:

1. Bob - the axe seller in Lumbridge

2. Tindel Marchant - the weapon and armour repairman at Port Khazard

3. Dunstan - the smith in Burthorpe

4. Squire - in the workshop area of the Void Knights' Outpost


Ahrim the Blighted's equipment is a testament to the blending of magic and melee prowess. Whether you're exploring the Barrows minigame or facing formidable foes, this set empowers mages with unparalleled bonuses and strategic advantages. As you venture forth, may the arcane energies of Ahrim guide your path to victory.

To the aspiring mages and courageous adventurers, the journey into Ahrim the Blighted's realm beckons. Equip yourself with the mystic allure of the Blighted set, and let your magic reshape the very fabric of battle. The Barrows await your presence – may your spells be potent, your defenses unyielding, and your victories legendary!