OSRS Agility Pyramid Guide


Agility Pyramid Guide OSRS

The Agility Pyramid, also referred to as the Jaleustrophos Pyramid, which translates to "Tomb of the Agile" in an ancient desert language, is a renowned Agility training spot situated within the vast expanse of the Kharidian Desert, nestled between the settlements of Sophanem and Nardah. Accessible to adept adventurers with a minimum Agility level of 30, this pyramid presents a challenging yet rewarding course for those seeking to enhance their agility prowess.

The objective of the Agility Pyramid is simple yet demanding: ascend from the base to the pinnacle of the pyramid, where awaits the coveted pyramid top. However, accomplishing this feat entails overcoming a series of obstacles strewn across five distinct layers of the pyramid. Each layer poses its own set of hurdles, and failure to surmount them will result in the player being relegated back to the previous tier, adding an element of strategy and precision to the endeavor.

Once triumphant adventurers reach the apex and claim the pyramid top, they can exchange this valuable artifact with Simon Templeton in return for a handsome reward of 10,000 coins. Notably, the pyramid top will regenerate upon the player's subsequent entry through the pyramid's upper doorway, allowing for repeated expeditions and lucrative returns.

For those boasting an Agility level of 75 or higher, a remarkable feat of agility mastery is achieved. With this heightened agility prowess, players can navigate the pyramid's obstacles with unparalleled finesse, eliminating the risk of failure altogether. This affords them the opportunity to complete a maximum of 26 laps per hour, thereby yielding substantial experience gains. At elevated Agility levels exceeding 88, adventurers can accrue a maximum of 44,700 experience per hour, making the Agility Pyramid a coveted destination for those seeking rapid progression in their agility training journey.

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Embark on a challenging journey through the Agility Pyramid, an iconic training ground nestled within the arid expanse of the Kharidian Desert. With a moderate entry requirement of level 30 Agility, this course presents an enticing opportunity for adventurers seeking to hone their agility skills. However, the path to the pinnacle is fraught with obstacles, and success demands a blend of skill and determination.

For those daring to undertake the pyramid climb at level 30 Agility, be prepared for a formidable challenge. The fail rate for obstacles at this stage is notably high, at times bordering on the seemingly insurmountable. Every ascent becomes a test of agility and perseverance.

As agility prowess grows, so does the likelihood of triumph. At level 50 Agility, adventurers can anticipate encountering 3–6 obstacles on average before conquering the pyramid's summit. Progressing further to level 58, challenges persist, particularly with jump gaps experiencing occasional failures (approximately 2–5 per climb), while cross-ledge and cross-gap obstacles prove more resilient (failing roughly 1 per 5–10 climbs).

Upon reaching the milestone of level 60 Agility, the journey becomes slightly smoother, with an expected failure rate of 1 to 4 obstacles on average before reaching the coveted apex. A significant breakthrough occurs at level 70 Agility, where the only remaining failable obstacles are the jump gaps.

Attaining the pinnacle of agility mastery at level 75 renders failure an impossibility for any obstacle. This remarkable achievement enables adventurers to ascend the pyramid with unparalleled grace, completing a maximum of 26 laps per hour and reaping substantial rewards.

Upon conquering the pyramid, claim the valuable pyramid top as your prize. Exchange it with Simon Templeton for a generous reward of 10,000 coins. With dedication and skill, adventurers can amass up to 26 pyramid tops per hour, accumulating a staggering 260,000 in rewards.

Caution is advised, especially for Hardcore Ironmen, as failure on the Agility Pyramid can result in a substantial 10 damage. Additionally, the relentless desert heat poses a constant threat, necessitating the strategic acquisition of waterskins and provisions to endure the rigorous training ahead. Ready yourself for the challenges that lie ahead and emerge victorious from the scorching sands of the Agility Pyramid.

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Getting to the Agility Pyramid


1. Pharaoh's Sceptre Teleport (Jaleustrophos Teleport): Fastest method. Use the Jaleustrophos teleport on the Pharaoh's Sceptre, which will instantly transport you to the Agility Pyramid.

2. Nardah Teleport: Teleport to Nardah using a Nardah teleport, desert amulet 2, 3, or 4, and then head southwest to reach the Agility Pyramid.

3. Camulet Teleport: Utilize the Camulet teleport and run southeast from the teleport location to reach the Agility Pyramid.

4. Player-Owned House in Pollnivneach: If you have a player-owned house in Pollnivneach, cast Teleport to House or use a Scroll of Redirection on a Teleport to House tablet.

Option 1: Take a magic carpet to Sophanem (requires starting the quest "Icthlarin's Little Helper") and run northeast to the pyramid.

Option 2: Run south to the Agility Pyramid.

Option 3: Take a magic carpet to Nardah and walk southwest from Nardah.

5. Fairy Ring System: Use the fairy ring system to teleport to dlq and run south from there.

6. Magic Carpet Travel from Shantay Pass to Pollnivneach: Take a magic carpet from Shantay Pass to Pollnivneach and follow the instructions mentioned in the Player-Owned House section.

7. Run from Ruins of Unkah: Head east from the Ruins of Unkah to reach the Agility Pyramid.

Experience Rates at the Agility Pyramid

Achieving optimal experience rates at the Agility Pyramid requires both skillful navigation and high concentration. The maximum number of laps that can be completed per hour is 26, but this demands focused attention. The following rates provide an estimate of the experience gains, with the maximum rates scaling based on the player's Agility level, reaching a cap at level 88:

- Level 75:
  - Experience: 42,100 per hour.

- Level 88–99:
  - Experience: 44,700 per hour.

Given the variability in fail rates at different Agility levels, predicting exact experience rates for players with lower Agility levels is challenging. However, below are sample rates that provide an approximate range of experience gains:

- Level 55–60:
  - Experience: 25,000–30,000 per hour.
  - Note: This stands as the second-best experience rates for these levels, just below the Wilderness Agility Course.

- Level 67–70:
  - Experience: 33,000–37,000 per hour.
  - Note: This rate assumes no use of stamina potions or energy recovery, translating to approximately 20–22 laps per hour.

Keep in mind that these rates may vary based on individual luck with obstacle failures. Players with a more nuanced understanding of their own fail rates can fine-tune their expectations accordingly. Additionally, these estimates serve as a general guideline, and individual experiences may differ based on player efficiency and focus during the Agility Pyramid training.