OSRS Accursed Sceptre Guide

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Accursed Sceptre Guide OSRS

The Accursed Sceptre is an enhanced version of Thammaron's sceptre, requiring a Magic level of 70 to be wielded.  Functionally, the sceptre mirrors Thammaron's sceptre but boasts superior stats and introduces a unique special attack. Additionally, the sceptre offers a "Swap" option, allowing players to transform it into an Accursed Sceptre (a). This variant possesses the ability to automatically cast offensive combat spells from both the standard spellbook, including Flames of Zamorak, and the Ancient Magicks. Notably, the Accursed Sceptre is classified as a Zamorakian item within the God Wars Dungeon.

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How can You create the Accursed Sceptre?

Crafted by combining Thammaron's sceptre with the Skull of Vet'ion, this process demands a Crafting skill of at least 85. Players lacking the necessary Crafting level can seek the services of Phabelle Bile in Ferox Enclave for a fee of 500,000 coins to perform the combination.


Crafting 85 Crafting or Coins 10000.png 500,000 coins

Phabelle Bile Location:

Phabelle Bile.png

Andros Mai Location


Thammaron's sceptre (u).png Thammaron's sceptre (u)1Coins 10000.png 2,280,193
Skull of vet'ion.png Skull of Vet'ion1Coins 10000.png 80,089
 TotalCoins 10000.png 2,360,282
Accursed sceptre (u).png Accursed Sceptre (u)1Coins 10000.png 2,485,911

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Passive effect and Stats

The Accursed Sceptre boasts a compelling passive effect when charged with revenant ether. Upon activation, the sceptre imparts an impressive 50% boost to both magic accuracy and damage when engaging any NPC within the confines of the Wilderness. However, this enhancement comes at the cost of consuming 1 ether per attack, regardless of whether the player successfully lands the hit.

Notably, the heightened magic prowess isn't limited to melee combat alone. When the Accursed Sceptre is equipped, the increased magic accuracy and damage extend to any combat spells cast by the player. It's important to note, though, that the sceptre cannot autocast these spells in powered staff mode.

Furthermore, the potency of this effect is accentuated when combined with either a Slayer helmet (i) or a Salve amulet (i) and their respective variants. However, it's crucial to bear in mind that these two enhancements cannot be utilized simultaneously. This unique combination makes the Accursed Sceptre the preeminent magic weapon in the Wilderness, surpassing the damage output of formidable alternatives like the trident of the seas or swamp. Additionally, its versatility is underscored by the ability to target hostile players, a capability absent in both tridents.

A player using the accursed sceptre's built in spell.

 Attack bonusesStab +0Slash +0Crush +0Magic +22Ranged +0
 Defence BonusesStab +0Slash +0Crush +0Magic +20Ranged +0
 OtherMelee strength +0Magic damage 0%Ranged strength +0Prayer bonus +0Weapon slot table List

Special Attack

The Accursed Sceptre features a distinctive special attack known as "Condemn." This powerful maneuver requires 50% of the player's special attack energy and one revenant ether, regardless of whether the attack successfully lands or not. Upon activation, Condemn inflicts a devastating blow on the enemy, boasting a 50% increase to both the maximum hit and accuracy.

Notably, the special attack doesn't stop at dealing formidable damage. Upon a successful hit, Condemn also imposes a significant debuff on the target by draining both Defense and Magic stats by 15%. This reduction occurs regardless of the actual damage inflicted by the attack.

However, it's essential to be aware of a nuanced aspect of Condemn's mechanics. If the target's levels are already under the influence of debuffs, the special attack will only drain them up to 15%, with no further reduction. In practical terms, this means that multiple Condemn special attacks do not stack. For instance, if a target has a Defense and Magic level of 80, the stats cannot be lowered below 68 even with successive Condemn attacks. This limitation ensures a strategic balance in the application of the Accursed Sceptre's special attack, preventing an indefinite and overpowering stacking of stat reductions.

How to can you charge the Accursed Sceptre and Death mechanics 

To activate and charge the Accursed Sceptre and manage its death mechanics, follow these steps:

1. Activation:

- To activate the Accursed Sceptre's passive effect, you need to initially invest 1,000 revenant ether.

- This activation costs 176,000 coins.

- It's important to note that the 1,000 ether used for activation does not contribute to the usage of the passive effect.

2. Charging for Increased Damage Output:

- Additional revenant ether, beyond the initial 1,000, can be added to increase the sceptre's damage output.

- The maximum amount of revenant ether the sceptre can store is 17,000.

- You can add ether up to this maximum limit to enhance the sceptre's effectiveness.

- The hourly cost of consistently using the weapon to cast spells is 1,200 ether, equivalent to 211,200 coins. Spells can only be cast every 4 game ticks.

3. Uncharging:

- If needed, you can safely remove the stored revenant ether by selecting the right-click "Uncharge" option on the sceptre.

- After uncharging, the sceptre becomes tradeable again.

4. Death Mechanics:

- In the event of death within the Wilderness, any revenant ether stored within the sceptre will always be dropped.

- This includes cases where the sceptre is one of your protected items, so caution is advised.

- Despite the sceptre's capacity to store up to 17,000 revenant ether, it is recommended to store only the minimum amount required for a Wilderness trip, in addition to the 1,000 ether needed to activate the weapon.