OSRS Abyssal Dagger Guide

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Abyssal Dagger Guide OSRS

Welcome, adventurers, to the dark recesses of Old School RuneScape (OSRS), where shadows conceal the most potent weapons. Among them, the Abyssal Dagger emerges as a formidable choice, striking fear into the hearts of foes. In this guide, we will unravel the mysteries surrounding the Abyssal Dagger, empowering both novice and seasoned players with the knowledge to wield this exceptional weapon.

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What is the Abyssal Dagger?

The Abyssal Dagger, a symbol of lethal finesse, stands as the most powerful dagger in the game. Requiring 70 Attack to master, it offers a deadly combination of accuracy and strength, surpassing even the renowned Staff of the Dead.

Abyssal dagger detail.png

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Where Can You Obtain the Abyssal Dagger?

The path to obtaining the Abyssal Dagger is shrouded in mystery. Venture to the heart of the Abyssal Nexus, using the unsired on the Font of Consumption. The odds are against you, with a 1/492 chance per Abyssal Sire kill. Alternatively, the daring may seek a 1/32,000 chance from the abyssal demons' drops.

Abyssal Sire] Abyssal Sire Guide - Monster Guides - Alora RSPS | Oldschool  MMORPG


An unsired is an untradeable item dropped by the Abyssal Sire.

Unsired detail.png

The Font of Consumption:

The Font of Consumption is found at the centre of the Abyssal Nexus.

The Font of Consumption.png

The Font of Consumption location:

The Font of Consumption location

Drop rate:

Abyssal dagger.png: Unsired drops Abyssal dagger with rarity 26/128 in quantity 1 Abyssal dagger1Casket.png 1/5Coins 10000.png 2,895,942

Stats that Cut Through Darkness

With a +5 Attack bonus and +3 Strength bonus, the Abyssal Dagger outshines its competitors. It specializes in stabbing attacks, offering a unique approach compared to slash-focused weapons like the Staff of the Dead. Upgrade it further with the Abyssal Dagger (bh), exclusively designed for intense PvP encounters in the Bounty Hunter minigame.

 Attack bonusesStab +75Slash +40Crush -4Magic +1Ranged +0
 Defence BonusesStab +0Slash +0Crush +0Magic +1Ranged +0
 OtherMelee strength +75Magic damage 0%Ranged strength 0Prayer bonus +0Weapon slot table List

Special Effects: Abyssal Puncture Unleashed

The Abyssal Dagger's special attack, Abyssal Puncture, delivers a swift, dual strike with a 25% accuracy boost. Though the damage is reduced by 15%, the quick succession of hits compensates, offering a calculated and precise assault. Keep in mind that the Abyssal Dagger's special attack is more accurate but slightly less impactful than its dragon counterpart.


Armed with the Abyssal Dagger, you stand on the threshold of power. Whether you aim to conquer fierce foes or prove your might in PvP battles, this dagger will be your trusted ally. Embrace the shadows, hone your skills, and let the Abyssal Dagger guide you to victory.

As shadows whisper tales of ancient power, remember that the Abyssal Dagger is not merely a weapon but a legacy waiting to be written. May your strikes be true, and may the shadows bow to your newfound prowess. Enter the fray, adventurers, and let the Abyssal Dagger be your silent companion in the ever-evolving world of OSRS. Safe travels!