OSRS A Kingdom Divided Quest Guide

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A Kingdom Divided Quest Guide OSRS

"A Kingdom Divided" is an exciting continuation of the Great Kourend quest series in the world of Old School RuneScape. This quest unravels hidden corruption within the Kourend Council, revealing a centuries-old conspiracy that threatens the kingdom. First announced at RuneFest 2019, this mission promises intriguing challenges and shocking discoveries.

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Quest Requirements:

  • The Depths of Despair
  • The Queen of Thieves
  • The Ascent of Arceuus
  • The Forsaken Tower
  • Tale of the Righteous
  • Additionally, the following preliminary quests must be completed:
  • Client of Kourend
  • X Marks the Spot
  • Architectural Alliance miniquest

Skill Requirements:

Agilidad 54 Agility
Robar 52 Thieving
tala de madera 52 Woodcutting
herblore 50 Herblore ​​​​​​​
Minería 42 Mining ​​​​​​​
Elaboración 38 Crafting ​​​​​​​
magia 35 Magic

Required Items:

  • Standard spellbook and runes to cast a fire spell (fire bolt or higher)
  • Melee/Ranged combat equipment (weapons/armor/potions/food) to defeat a level 239 enemy and a level 168 creature that can only be damaged with melee combat.
  • Any axe
  • Defence potion (3 or 4 doses)
  • Volcanic sulphur
  • Molten glass
  • Either a dark essence block or a pickaxe and chisel (the latter is found in the mine) to obtain one


  • Combat level 70
  • Prayer 43 for protection prayers
  • Energy or stamina potions
  • Antidote
  • Kharedst's Memoirs
  • Xeric's Talisman or access to it
  • Games necklace to teleport to Wintertodt
  • Skills necklace to teleport to Woodcutting Guild
  • Rada's Blessing 3+ to teleport to Mount Karuulm, or Rada's Blessing 1+ to teleport to Kourend Woodland
  • Access to fairy rings
  • A lockpick

Start Point:

start point

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Quest Start:

The mission begins by speaking with Martin Holt, located east of Kourend Castle in Kingstown. Martin reveals that the Kourend Council has taken control, and the previous king's daughter was supposed to take the throne. He agrees to help, and Martin will guide you on how to proceed. He instructs you to talk to Commander Fullore in the castle.

Conversation with Commander Fullore:

Commander Fullore explains that the Council is beneficial to Kourend and will accept your help in finding Sophia Hughes as long as you follow her orders. Saying "Let's go" triggers a scene where Tomas Lawry claims authority to lead the investigation. After the scene, enter the house to the north and search for clues about Hughes' whereabouts.

Places to Search:

- First Floor: 4 shelves, 2 tables, 4 wardrobes, roses.

- Second Floor: Bathtub, desk, dresser, bed, 3 drawers, 2 wardrobes.

- Third Floor: Table, skeleton (beware of the level 82 lesser demon).

Available Clues (Optional):

1. Rose.
2. Kourend map.
3. Demonic enchantments.
4. Order form.
5. Shipment confirmation.
6. Bloody knife.
7. Receipt.
8. Bone.
9. Cultist robe.


It's not necessary to find all the clues to progress; however, if you search for all of them, make sure to check the drawers next to the bedroom door on the second floor to obtain the receipt.


Be cautious of the lesser demon on the third floor. It is level 82 and can pose a challenge.

Facing the Judge

Recommended Items:
It is suggested to bring food and suitable combat equipment to confront the Judge of Yama, a level 168 melee opponent.

Meeting with Cabin Boy Herbert:

he player and Commander Fullore confront Sophia Hughes.

Head to Veos's ship in Port Piscarilius and speak with cabin boy Herbert, who has taken Veos's place. Herbert will inform you that Veos is in a trance since the earthquake. Inquire about the councilor and discover that the ship is about to set sail. A scene will unfold where you confront Hughes, who reveals his collaboration with the council and summons the Judge of Yama to eliminate both of you.

Progression of the Fight:

The player is challenged to a fight by the Judge of Yama.

The Judge of Yama is immune to magic and ranged damage, making him vulnerable only to melee combat. The fight takes place on a narrow dock that is 4 squares wide. The demon will launch three waves of fire towards you, and you must use the spaces without waves to approach and attack him. Note that if you get teleported away, you must repeat the process.

Combat Strategy:

1. The Judge of Yama attacks in melee when close.
2. Occasionally, he will teleport you away and launch waves of fire.
3. Utilize wave-free spaces to get close and attack.
4. If you cross the waves, you'll take moderate damage and a minor burn.
5. Ensure you have enough food to sustain your health.

Battle Reset:

In case of death or teleportation during the fight, there is a portal near Veos's ship in Port Piscarilius to re-enter. If you die, your gravestone will appear next to this portal.

Important Note:

Players with higher hitpoints (70+) may find it easier to run through the waves to the Judge and absorb the damage. The strategy varies based on player preferences and levels.

The Last Princess of Kourend

Required Items:

- Axe.
- Runes to cast a spell of fire higher than Fire Strike (Fire Bolt works).

Recommended Items:

- Xeric's Talisman or Kharedst's Memoirs for fast transportation.
- Games necklace.
- Food and combat equipment to defeat a level 132 Assassin.

Previous Outcome:

After the confrontation with the Judge of Yama, the scene shifts to Councilor Andrews thanking you for your help. He asks you to report to Martin Holt about resolving the issue with Sophia Hughes and for the protesters to disperse. However, before that, Commander Fullore asks you to meet her outside the castle.

Councillor Andrews expresses his gratitude for dealing with the demon.

Revelations and New Mission:

Fullore reveals information about Rose, the daughter of the old king, and asks you to investigate the council's conspiracy. Start the quest by talking to Martin Holt, the leader of the Royal Society of Kourend. Martin guides you about Rose's connection to Kharedst's Memoirs and suggests talking to Archeio in the Arceuus Library to teleport to the Archive.

Recovery of Rose's Diary:

In the Archive, steal the blue key from Istoria to open the violet display case and obtain Rose's diary. Read it and, upon finding a note on the cover, return to Martin. When talking to him while holding the diary, you'll find another note on the cover. Martin will ask you to find the location suggested by the note.

Search for the Location:

With an axe, head to the ruins of Forthos and talk to Martin north of the western entrance. Decipher the number combination on the stone piles around and cut the vines to get a new note. Then, search for the panel key in the ruins, melting the ice and picking it up from the shards. Inspect the panel and get another note.

Encounter with the Assassin:

The player and Martin are ambushed by an assassin.

Travel to the Settlement Ruins and talk to Martin. You will face a level 132 Assassin. Defeat the assassin with suitable food and equipment. After the fight, Martin will explain more about the conspiracy and corruption in Kourend's government.

Deciphering the Final Riddle:

Travel to The Legless Faun pub in Port Piscarilius and talk to Martin again. Climb the pillar and find the correct combination of the cities. Descend and touch the statues in the indicated order on the panel. Inspect the panel again to receive the last note.

Final Revelation:

The final location is revealed in the small house south of Mount Karuulm. Search for Rose's diary and learn more about her story. A scene shows Martin being arrested, and after a confrontation in the house, it is revealed that Rose is alive, and Councilor Liam Orson confesses his involvement in the council's conspiracy.

The Mysterious Mage

Required Items:
Weapon and armor to face Xamphur.
Food and prayer potions.

Preparations for the Final Battle:

Prepare for the final battle against Xamphur, a level 239 enemy with special mechanics. It is recommended to use a ranged weapon like a toxic blowpipe to make the fight easier. If you prefer melee combat, bring an abyssal whip or better, and make sure to have armor with good magic defense, such as Dragonhide armor. Bring enough high-healing food, like sharks, and prayer potions. Also, bring an emergency teleport, such as a teleport tab.

Location and Conversation with Kaht B'alam:

Head to the Lizardman Temple in Molch, using a skills necklace to teleport to the Farming Guild. Speak with Kaht B'alam in the northern room of the temple. Ask for help in finding the wizard Yo'kal ahk and agree to retrieve his last egg.

Recovery of the Egg:

Leave the temple and head west into the swamp. Go south across the stone bridge and look for piles of Lizardman eggs. Upon finding the correct stack, you will be attacked by a level 75 Brutal Lizardman. Kill the brute or escape from it and return to Kaht, delivering the egg to him.

Access to Xamphur's Chamber:

Kaht will give you a damp key, which opens the small door on the north wall of the temple hallway. Use it to reach a small room and open the door that leads to Xamphur's chamber.

Start of the Fight with Xamphur:

The player fights against Xamphur, one of Xeric's closest comrades.

Begin the fight with Xamphur, who will attack with magic. Use Protect from Magic to reduce the damage caused by his basic attacks. Avoid walking on the Dark Marks on the floor, as they will increase the effectiveness of his basic attack and the frequency of corruption.

Xamphur's Special Mechanics:

Xamphur has two special mechanics that he uses every ten attacks. Stay alert and avoid the Dark Marks. Turn off auto-retaliate and run to dodge his attacks.

Resetting the Fight:

If you leave the fight, either by dying or teleporting, you can return by entering through the door to continue the battle. If you die, your gravestone will be outside the door.

After defeating Xamphur, his connection to the events of the "The Ascent of Arceuus" quest is revealed. A scene shows Xamphur unleashing a powerful magic beam, seemingly killing you. However, you are still alive, and a note on the table reveals more details about Xamphur and his past actions. Return to Fullore in the basement of the hut to report your findings.

Houses of Kourend

Meeting at the Xeric's Lookout:

After the confrontation with Orson and learning the truth about Rose, speak with Fullore in the hut's basement. Once you have explained what happened, Fullore suggests talking to the leaders of the five Chambers, as they have the power to overthrow the council. Visit each of the five cities to ask the leaders to meet you at Xeric's Lookout.

1. Lord Arceuus:
   - Location: Tower of Magic, northwest of Arceuus.
   - Travel Method: Teleport to the Arceuus Library or fairy ring (code c i s).

2. Lord Hosidius:
   - Location: Family mansion in Hosidius, northwest of the vineyard.
   - Travel Method: Teleport with Xeric's Talisman or fairy ring (code c i s).

3. Lady Lovakengj:
   - Location: Lovakengj Assembly in Lovakengj.
   - Travel Method: Teleport with Xeric's Talisman or Kharedst's Memoirs.

4. Lady Piscarilius:
   - Location: The Warrens below Port Piscarilius.
   - Travel Method: Kharedst's Memoirs (teleport "The Fisher's flute").

5. Lord Shayzien:
   - Location: War Tent in Shayzien Encampment.
   - Travel Method: Fairy ring (code d j r) or Kharedst's Memoirs.

Conversation with the Leaders:

After speaking with each leader, return to Xeric's Lookout and talk to Fullore. A scene will play out where the leaders, Fullore, Orson, and the player discuss the situation and confront Orson with his actions. Lord Kandur Hosidius will present the Royal Accord of Twill as a proposed solution.

Interactions with the Leaders:

Visit each leader on different floors of the lookout and talk to them before performing their tasks to complete them all at once. Each leader will share their opinions on the Royal Accord.

1. Lady Lovakengj:
   - Speak with Martin Holt to uncover Unkar's connection to the conspiracy.
   - Go to the Shayzien Prison and talk to Martin Holt.

2. Lord Hosidius:
   - Investigate Lord Shayzien's involvement in a barbarian camp south of the lookout.
   - Head to the barbarian camp in Kourend Woodlands and talk to Phileas Rimor.

3. Lord Shayzien:
   - Find King Shayzien VII's diary in Lord Hosidius's private office.
   - Access Lord Hosidius's private office in Hosidius Vinery and retrieve the Shayzien diary.

4. Lady Piscarilius:
   - Halt the Yama cult by interfering with its connection to the Abyss of Fire.
   - Speak with Mori in the Arceuus church and follow his instructions to place the dark nullifier in the Abyss of Fire.

5. Lord Arceuus:
   - Investigate whether Xamphur is truly the same wizard who served Xeric long ago.
   - Go to the Tasakaal on Mount Karuulm and show the broken redirector to obtain information.

After completing each leader's tasks, return to Xeric's Lookout and talk to Fullore. A scene will play where the leaders discuss their findings and agree to sign the new accord. Lord Kandur Hosidius will showcase the Royal Accord of Twill as a solution.

Leaders' Reactions:

After the leaders have signed the new accord at Xeric's Lookout, a discussion will take place about future actions. Each leader will express their opinions on following the Royal Accord. Make sure to talk to each of them and listen to their perspectives.

Lady Lovakengj:
- Request evidence regarding Councilor Unkar's involvement.
- Speak with Martin Holt and discover Unkar's connection to the conspiracy.
- Bring the note back to Lady Lovakengj to convince her of Unkar's involvement.

2. Lord Hosidius:
- Investigate Lord Shayzien's involvement in a barbarian camp.
- Talk to Phileas Rimor in the barbarian camp and gather information.
- Report to Lord Hosidius about Shayzien's involvement.

3. Lord Shayzien:
- Find King Shayzien VII's diary in Lord Hosidius's private office.
- Access Lord Hosidius's private office and retrieve the Shayzien diary.
- Present the diary to Lord Shayzien to reveal Shayzien's connection.

4. Lady Piscarilius:
- Halt the Yama cult by interfering with its connection to the Abyss of Fire.
- Speak with Mori in the Arceuus church and place the dark nullifier in the Abyss of Fire.
- Inform Lady Piscarilius of the mission's success.

5. Lord Arceuus:
- Investigate whether Xamphur is truly the same wizard who served Xeric.
- Go to the Tasakaal on Mount Karuulm and show the broken redirector to obtain information.
- Report to Lord Arceuus about Xamphur's connection to the past.

After completing all tasks and talking to each leader, return to Xeric's Lookout and talk to Fullore. A scene will play where the leaders, Fullore, Orson, and the player discuss their findings. Lord Kandur Hosidius will present the Royal Accord of Twill as a.

The End of the Council

Return to Xeric's Lookout:

After completing the tasks assigned by each leader and obtaining their signatures for the new agreement, return to Xeric's Lookout. Speak again with each of the five leaders to finalize their tasks and gather their insights on the discoveries made during the mission.

Discovery of Orson's Body:

Councillor Orson's body is discovered outside Xeric's Lookout.

Talk to Fullore at Xeric's Lookout. She reveals that Orson's body is at the bottom of the watchtower, having either jumped or been pushed.

Signing of the Rose Accord:

After the revelation about Orson, all leaders will gather in the basement of the lookout and sign the agreement. Despite initial reluctance from Lord Shayzien, they all agree to make Lord Hosidius the new king of Kourend. The agreement will be called the Rose Accord, in honor of Rose's passing.

Conversation with Lord Hosidius:

After signing the agreement, Lord Hosidius will wish to speak with you. He explains how he managed to convince Lord Shayzien not to bid for the throne, revealing details about the cover-up attempt of King Shayzien VII's diary and the capture of Phileas Rimor.

Final Scene and Coronation:

Speak with Fullore again to initiate a long final scene. The remaining council members are arrested, and Lord Hosidius is crowned as the new king of Kourend. A banquet is celebrated with guests from various regions, and you will have conversations with Lord Arceuus and Fullore during the event.

Assassination of the New King:

The king is killed by an assassin.

After a conversation with the new king Hosidius, another assassin appears and murders him. The assassin claims that the king has been marked for death and teleports away. The scene concludes with a private conversation with Commander Fullore.

Speak with Fullore one last time. She expresses surprise at how quickly they buried one king and started another coronation ceremony for his son. She will give you a reward for your work and the book that Lord Arceuus mentioned he would provide you.

Congratulations! Quest Completed!

quest completed