[OSRS] 1-99 Magic Guide


Magic Guide 1-99 OSRS

Magic in Old School RuneScape can be trained almost entirely while performing other activities. This feature makes it a passive skill that can be trained with "zero time." However, some passive training methods may become tedious or expensive before unlocking the "High Level Alchemy" spell, leading players to seek low-effort or more economical alternatives during the early levels.

As players reach higher Magic levels, they have the option to train much faster by casting burst or barrage spells on multiple targets using Ancient Magicks. The most efficient strategy for this is to combine Magic training with Slayer tasks since certain monsters assigned in Slayer, such as Dust Devils and Greater Nechryaels, can be hit with these types of spells for fast experience in the skill. By extensively using this technique while training Slayer, players can passively obtain considerable amounts of Magic experience.

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Efficient Methods for Training Magic in OSRS

Levels 1–34: Questing

The efficient method to train Magic in the early levels is to complete quests that grant Magic experience. To start, you can complete the quests "Witch's Potion" and "Imp Catcher," which together grant 1200 Magic experience, enough to reach level 10. These quests are quick to complete and have no requirements, making them ideal for any player level.

Next, you have the option to complete more quests to advance to level 34. However, it is recommended to skip to the "Enchant Bolt" spells at this point. This is because the following quests are usually of medium length, and some have prerequisite requirements. To reach level 34 solely through quests, you can complete the quest "Fairytale I - Growing Pains" or "The Grand Tree," which will grant an additional 20,900 Magic experience, taking the player to level 34.

Levels 4–55/99: Enchanting Bolts with Gem Tips

Enchanting bolts with gem tips using the "Enchant Crossbow Bolt" spell is considered the fastest method to train the Magic skill in intermediate and advanced levels. The best part is that this process can be done while performing other activities, such as running or completing quests. Each casting of the spell enchants a set of 10 bolts and is automatically performed every 3 ticks for 10 sets. However, players can significantly speed up this process by holding the spacebar and rapidly clicking the spell, allowing them to cast the spell on every tick and considerably increase the experience gained.

This method is particularly efficient because both the bolts and runes are stackable, allowing for easy enchanting of gem-tipped bolts while engaging in other activities like Agility training or questing, without interrupting those actions.

It's important to note that this method can be expensive in terms of resources, so it is primarily recommended for players who want to level up quickly and are willing to invest a significant amount of money in the process. However, for players who prefer a more economical option to train Magic while performing other activities, switching to the "Low-Level Alchemy" spell at level 21 is suggested. Once level 55 is reached, players can opt for the "High-Level Alchemy" spell, which can also be performed while doing other activities and provides a decent amount of experience per cast.

Levels 21–55: Low-Level Alchemy

Once level 21 in Magic is reached, players can opt for the "Low-Level Alchemy" spell (also known as "low alching") to convert items into coins. Each casting of the spell grants 31 experience points and can be done every 3 ticks. This training option can be carried out while performing other activities, such as quests, Agility training, or simply while on the move.

To perform "Low-Level Alchemy," it is recommended to cast the spell on highlighted items or stacks of items purchased from the Grand Exchange. It's convenient to use more economical items, such as rune arrows, to maximize efficiency and avoid significant financial losses. Casting the spell on more expensive items, like pieces of rune armor, may result in significant losses as the high alchemy value is associated with the price of those items. Therefore, it is preferable to opt for more economical items to minimize losses.

Another option for training "Low-Level Alchemy" is to carry out this spell at the Mage Training Arena.

This method offers a more economical option for training Magic compared to enchanting gem-tipped bolts and can be a preferred alternative for players who want to train Magic more passively while engaging in other activities in the game. Choose the option that best fits your playstyle and goals in the game!

Other Methods

Levels 1–55: Killing Crabs

Killing crabs with combat spells is a viable option for training Magic in the lower levels. This method requires very little attention and offers relatively fast experience. It is recommended to use the highest-level combat spell available to maximize the damage dealt. However, for players looking to save on Magic training, it is possible to continue using the "Fire Strike" spell instead of opting for more expensive spells like those of wind and burst.

To achieve a maximum hit close to that of "Fire Blast" and increase experience rates without increasing costs, players can use the "Chaos Gauntlets" (requires completing the quest "Family Crest" and having 59 Magic) along with "Fire Bolt."

There are three types of crabs that players can train their Magic on. All of them have high hit points, low defense, and deal little damage. They become aggressive when walked close to and remain aggressive for 10 minutes. After that, their aggression must be reset by running far enough, usually the length of a minimap. It is advisable to select a spot that allows two or three crabs to be aggressive at the same time to increase training efficiency.

-Ammonite Crabs on Fossil Island have 100 hit points but can be very crowded. Besides providing Magic experience, they also drop unidentified fossils, which can be turned into experience lamps at the Varrock Museum after cleaning. To face them, it is recommended to use "Wind Blast" or a higher-level spell, unless the "Chaos Gauntlets" are used.

-Sand crabs in Hosidius have 60 hit points and do not have quest requirements but are also usually crowded.

-Rocks crabs in Rellekka have no quest requirements and are usually less crowded than sandy crabs and abyssal crabs, but only have 50 hit points.

It is recommended to have at least level 30 Defense before starting Magic training on these monsters to mitigate damage received. Lower-level players may consider wearing defensive gear that does not penalize magic accuracy too much and bringing some food for healing.

For equipment, it is suggested to equip a staff that can auto-cast combat spells. Elemental staves are a recommended option as they also provide unlimited elemental runes corresponding to their type (e.g., an air staff provides unlimited air runes). From level 30 Magic and Attack, the use of a smoke battlestaff is recommended if the player can afford it. This staff provides a 10% increase in accuracy and damage when casting spells from the standard spellbook, which will improve experience rates.

Additionally, a "Hidden" or "Hidden" "Hidden" necklace can be used to increase magic damage by 10%. This will increase the effectiveness of combat spells while training Magic on the crabs.

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Levels 1–55: Splashing Combat Spells

For training Magic in the lower levels, an option is to use splashing combat spells on weak monsters. Although this technique offers very slow experience, it has the advantage of requiring little player involvement, just once every 20 minutes. To carry out this strategy, it is necessary to attack an NPC while using equipment that grants at least -64 Magic attack bonus. Although no damage is dealt to the enemy, players will still receive the base experience when casting the spell. To do this, simply equip a staff that can automatically cast the desired combat spell, such as an elemental staff, activate "Auto Retaliate," and every 20 minutes, interact with the game client to continue splashing the opponent.

It is important to note that experience rates vary depending on the spell used, ranging from 6,600 to 37,800 experience points per hour.

While this technique is slow, it can be useful for players who want to train Magic more passively while devoting time to other activities in the game. However, for faster and more effective training, it is recommended to use other methods, such as enchanting gem-tipped bolts or the "Low-Level Alchemy" spell mentioned above. The choice of method will depend on each player's preferences and goals in the game. Choose the option that best fits your playstyle and training goals!

Levels 45–55: Camelot Teleport

An efficient way to train Magic from levels 45 to 55 is by using the "Camelot Teleport" spell. To carry out this method, players should equip an air staff and have approximately 1,895 law runes in their inventory. Then, simply repeatedly cast the "Camelot Teleport" spell.

Each casting of "Camelot Teleport" grants 55.5 experience points, meaning you can get around 80,000 experience points per hour using this method.

It is important to ensure you have enough law runes to teleport continuously. You can obtain law runes by buying them from magic shops, the Grand Exchange, or through the Runecrafting skill.

This method is fast and relatively straightforward to perform, making it an effective option for leveling up in Magic at intermediate levels. However, as you advance in Magic levels, you may want to explore other more advanced methods to train the skill.

Passive Training Methods

From level 55 onwards, Magic can be trained passively while doing other activities, meaning constant attention is not required. Passive training methods offer slow real-time Magic experience per hour, making them ideal for players who want to progress in Magic without devoting all their attention to this skill. However, if you seek a more active experience gain in Magic, it is recommended to consider the faster methods mentioned below.

Level 55+: High-Level Alchemy

From level 55, players can cast the "High-Level Alchemy" spell (commonly known as "alching") to convert various items into coins. This spell can be cast every 5 ticks and grants 65 experience points per cast. It is one of the best methods for passive Magic experience since it can be done while performing other activities and generally breaks even or even slightly benefits in financial terms.

To cast "High-Level Alchemy," it is recommended to focus on highlighted items or stacks of items purchased from the Grand Exchange. To decide which items to alch, it is helpful to use a "High-Level Alchemy" calculator for more details. It is essential to have additional capital to buy a large number of items and nature runes at once to avoid having to constantly buy them when they run out. Cheaper items require less capital, but they generally offer lower profits. By engaging in other activities such as quests, Agility training, melee combat, or farm runs, maximum efficiency can be achieved by searching for items and placing them in the third or fourth row, completely to the right, eliminating the need to move the mouse.

Players can obtain up to 78,000 experience points per hour if they remain in one place. When casting "High-Level Alchemy" while performing other activities, lower experience rates can be expected, usually between 20,000 and 50,000 points per hour.

Level 65+: Bake Pie

To use this method, players must have completed the "Lunar Diplomacy" quest to learn the "Bake Pie" spell in the Lunar spellbook. Baking pies offers relatively fast Cooking experience with little effort and also provides a decent amount of passive Magic experience. However, it is important to note that this method can be expensive due to the limited supply of raw pies, and some options may not be viable due to low trade volumes.

Players can obtain up to 113,000 points of passive Magic experience per hour using this method. For more information on cooking costs and experience rates, it is helpful to consult the "Pay-to-play Cooking Training" guide.

Level 82+: Magic Imbue

To use this method, players must have completed the "Lunar Diplomacy" quest to learn the "Magic Imbue" spell in the Lunar spellbook. Magic Imbue is useful when training Runecrafting by crafting lava runes or other combination runes, as it negates the need to use talismans. By training Runecrafting in this way, players gain a good amount of passive Magic experience over time.

Similar to "High-Level Alchemy," Magic Imbue can also be cast passively while performing other activities, such as fishing. However, it can only be cast once every 21 ticks (12.6 seconds), has a monetary cost, and offers slow Magic experience by itself.

Players can obtain between 20,000 and 24,000 points of passive Magic experience per hour. The cost per experience when casting Magic Imbue is -1.40, assuming the player uses a smoke battlestaff or an equivalent combination of a staff with a fire tome or water tome.

Levels 62–99: Multi-target spells in Ancient Magicks

Once the "Desert Treasure" quest is completed, players unlock Ancient Magicks and can access the powerful burst and barrage spells in this spellbook. These spells allow players to kill multiple monsters at once in multi-combat areas, providing very fast Magic experience. However, it can be somewhat costly depending on the spell used and the monster faced.

The most accessible spell starting from level 62 is "Smoke Burst." However, many players prefer to wait until level 70 to use "Ice Burst," which offers better damage output and is more effective with improved gear, such as the "Occult Necklace." At higher levels, the highest-level multi-target spell, "Ice Barrage," becomes an even more powerful option, though it is also more expensive.

It is highly recommended to use a weapon that can autocast Ancient Magicks spells. While not an absolute requirement, manually casting these spells can be laborious and tedious over time. The "Kodai Wand" is the best choice due to its 15% Magic damage bonus, rune-saving effect, and provision of unlimited water runes. The "Nightmare Staff" is a valid alternative that also offers a Magic damage bonus but lacks the rune-saving effect and does not provide water runes. If these weapons are not available, the "Ancient Staff" and the "Master Wand" can be used temporarily, but they do not grant any Magic damage bonus and are, therefore, recommended for short-term use.

Slayer Training

The task of training Slayer becomes highly efficient when combined with burst or barrage spells. Many Slayer monsters can be quickly dispatched using these spells in multi-combat areas, resulting in significant experience gains in both Slayer and Magic. Commonly bursted or barraged monsters during the task include dust devils, greater nechryaels, twisted banshees, and smoke devils. It is even possible to use alternate accounts to lure additional monsters and kill abyssal demons, TzHaar, and mutated Bloodvelds.

To get the maximum performance from this method, it is recommended to train Magic to level 94 through previous passive training methods. This will allow the use of "Ice Barrage" from the start for faster experience. However, as Slayer training often provides a lot of passive Magic experience, some players may opt to start Slayer training even at level 70 Magic and use weaker spells until reaching level 94. Although this approach will be slightly slower, it avoids the extra effort of training Magic passively while training other skills.

Killing Maniacal Monkeys

For real-time training, killing maniacal monkeys in Kruk's Dungeon is the fastest and most viable option. However, this requires having progressed in the "Monkey Madness II" quest until reaching Kruk's Dungeon. Maniacal monkeys spawn in large quantities, have a wide aggression range, and possess very low Magic defense, making them ideal for being annihilated with burst or barrage spells. It is important to note that this method has an economic cost, and the exact expense will depend on the gear used by the player.

To optimize performance, it is recommended to use equipment that increases Magic damage bonus. This will significantly increase damage output and reduce rune costs by inflicting more damage for the same expenditure. If no such equipment is available, maximizing Prayer bonus is crucial, as maniacal monkeys already have very low Magic defense.

Using two alternate accounts to group monkeys can make this method even more effective.

Experience rates vary depending on the specific method, the equipment used, and the type of spell selected. With "Ice Burst," players can obtain up to 310,000 experience points per hour, while with "Ice Barrage," it is possible to reach around 400,000 experience points per hour.


In conclusion, we have covered various methods for training the Magic skill in the popular game Old School RuneScape (OSRS). From lower to higher levels, we have explored different strategies for training Magic both actively and passively.

Starting with passive training methods, we recommend completing quests that grant Magic experience to quickly advance in the early levels. Then, from level 4, the "Enchanting Bolts" method allows training Magic while doing other activities, although it is a costly approach. From level 21, players can opt for casting "Low-Level Alchemy" for passive Magic experience at a lower cost.

Starting from level 45, "Camelot Teleport" offers decent experience while earning money, making it a viable option for intermediate levels. However, from level 55, we recommend switching to "High-Level Alchemy," which provides efficient experience and can be done while performing other activities.

For higher levels, from level 62, multi-target spells in the Ancient Magicks spellbook offer very fast Magic experience but can be costly. Players can use "Ice Burst" or "Ice Barrage" to train both Magic and Slayer simultaneously, which is especially efficient and profitable.

We have also mentioned options like killing maniacal monkeys for real-time and efficient training, as well as other alternatives like training in the Catacombs of Kourend.