Morchie Boss Guide in Dawn of the Infinite Dungeon

Morchie Boss Guide in Dawn of the Infinite Dungeon

Morchie is the intriguing alternate form of Chromie, born from a divergent timeline where Murozond ascended to power, and the infinites held sway over reality. Unlike her counterpart, Morchie finds herself surprisingly content within the true timeline and is determined to safeguard its continuity. However, her noble intentions often clash with the valiant heroes of Azeroth, who inadvertently disrupt her carefully laid plans time and again.

With a cunning mind and a penchant for strategic manipulation, Morchie navigates the complexities of temporal flux with a deft touch. Despite her allegiance to the true timeline, she is not above employing devious tactics to achieve her objectives, often leaving adventurers puzzled by her enigmatic motives.

Though her origins lie in a realm of chaos and uncertainty, Morchie's presence in the true timeline serves as a constant reminder of the precarious balance between order and chaos, fate and free will. As she continues to weave her intricate schemes, one thing remains certain: the heroes of Azeroth must remain ever vigilant against the subtle machinations of this enigmatic temporal guardian.

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Morchie abilities

1. Sand Blast Sand Blast: Morchie launches a projectile made of sand, dealing 1,008 Physical damage to players in a line directly in front of her.
2. More Problems! More Problems!: Morchie summons alternate versions of herself from different timelines, concealing herself among them.
- Dragon's Breath Dragon's Breath: Morchie takes on her infinite dragon form and releases a powerful breath attack, causing 454 Arcane damage to players in front of her. This attack also inflicts them with the Sand Buffeted debuff.
-  Sand Buffeted Sand Buffeted: Players hit by Morchie's Dragon's Breath suffer from lingering sand remnants, causing 111 Nature damage every second.
5. Familiar Faces Familiar Faces: Morchie summons minions from her timeline to assist her in combat.

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6. Familiar Face

- Fixate: Morchie's summoned minions fixate on their current timeline self, likely focusing their attacks on them.
- Anachronistic Decay Anachronistic Decay: Morchie inflicts 71 Arcane damage to players within 5 yards every second, representing the decay caused by temporal disruptions.
8.  Time Traps: Morchie creates traps at random locations that activate upon contact with players or her summoned minions.
 Time Stasis: A trap triggered by players or Morchie's minions, causing an explosion that deals 35 Arcane damage to all players and an additional 8 Arcane damage every second for 5 seconds. This represents the destabilizing effects of temporal manipulation.

Tips and Strategy

Morchie, a master of temporal manipulation, weaves a complex battlefield by summoning alternate versions of herself, introducing More Problems! for players to contend with. Additionally, she employs Familiar Faces from different timelines, creating a dynamic challenge. Morchie's strategic use of Time Traps adds an element of unpredictability to the encounter.


- Be wary of Sand Blast, a potent frontal attack that deals heavy damage in a line. Positioning is crucial to minimize its impact.

- Identify the original Morchie to prevent confusion during Dragon's Breath. The genuine caster is the only one capable of unleashing this powerful ability.

- Keep a vigilant eye to distinguish the original Morchie from her alternate versions during the summoning of Familiar Faces. Alternate versions focus solely on the corresponding player in the current timeline.

Damage Dealers:

- Stay alert during Dragon's Breath, as only the true Morchie can execute this devastating attack. Distinguishing her from the impostors is key.

- When facing Familiar Faces, focus on the version of Morchie that corresponds to your timeline, as these minions target the player they align with in the current reality.


- Mitigate the damage from Temporal Backlash triggered by Time Traps. Healing priority should be given to players affected by this debuff.

- Similar to Damage Dealers, recognize the original Morchie during Dragon's Breath to anticipate and manage the burst damage.

- When healing through Familiar Faces, attend to the players targeted by minions from alternate timelines. Direct your efforts to those specific individuals to optimize healing efficiency.