Moas in Ravendawn

Moas in Ravendawn

Moas stand as the quintessential mounts in the expansive world of Ravendawn. These majestic birds boast exceptional strength and speed. While you'll acquire your first Moa at the outset of your Ravendawn explorations, your journey may lead to the possession of numerous Moas over time. Despite a player possibly owning dozens of different Moas, only one can be used at a time. Additional Moas can be obtained through breeding or purchasing from other players engaged in breeding activities. 

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Moas Stats

The stats of your Moa are determined by its Tier, which is obtained through breeding. Higher-tier Moas have the potential for increased Strength, Speed, Height, and Weight.

1. Strength: Your Moa's strength directly influences the speed at which you can pull a Tradecart. A stronger Moa excels in moving tradepacks and fishing at a heightened pace.

2. Speed: The speed stat of your Moa determines your travel speed when riding it.

3. Height: The height of your Moa is purely cosmetic and does not impact its performance. It's a visual aspect for customization.

4. Weight: The weight of your Moa is also cosmetic and does not affect its performance. This feature adds to the visual variety without influencing gameplay.

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Moa Abilities

Moas possess the ability to acquire unique skills, including but not limited to Dash, Sprint, and more. The likelihood of a Moa obtaining these abilities is influenced by its Tier. Furthermore, higher-tier Moas have an increased chance of obtaining a superior rank for these abilities, consequently enhancing their overall performance. 

These abilities add an extra layer of depth to the gameplay, allowing players to customize and optimize their Moas based on their preferred playstyle. As you explore the world of Ravendawn, discovering and mastering these abilities will undoubtedly contribute to a more dynamic and engaging gaming experience.

Moa Color 

The coloration of your Moa is a result of the breeding process. Ravendawn offers a myriad of potential color combinations, each with its unique rarity. The palette includes dozens of possibilities, with certain colors being exceptionally rare, with odds as slim as 1 in 100,000. 

The chance of obtaining a rare Moa color can be influenced by the breeder's skill level. A higher breeding skill increases the likelihood of producing a Moa with a rare and coveted coloration. This adds an exciting and unpredictable element to the breeding aspect of the game, encouraging players to hone their breeding skills for a chance at acquiring truly exceptional Moa colors.

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Moa Equipment 

Enhance your Moa's capabilities with specialized equipment to boost speed, strength, or resilience against enemy attacks. Moa Equipment offers diverse customization options, allowing you to tailor your Moa's performance to suit your playstyle. Whether you aim for increased speed, heightened strength, or improved stability when faced with adversaries, the array of available equipment ensures a personalized touch to each of your Moas, adding depth to your gameplay experience in Ravendawn.

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