Moa Breeding in Ravendawn

Moa Breeding in Ravendawn

Welcome, adventurers, to a captivating corner of our digital universe dedicated to unraveling the secrets of a profession that has enchanted many: Moa breeding. In this brief blog, we will delve into the intricacies of this laborious practice, where each effort and ounce of patience culminate in the acquisition of unique and stat-boosted Moas in Ravendawn.

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The First Step in Moa Breeding

The initial step to enter the world of Moa breeding is to obtain land. At the moment, breeding is not allowed on communal land, so it is essential to acquire plots, but this is about to change since in future updates the possibility of being able to breed moas on the community farm will become a reality.

Community Land Update

The Moa Stable

Once you've obtained your plot of land, head to the housing editing screen and establish your Moa stable. This will serve as the epicenter where your Moas embark on their journey to greatness.

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The Key to Initiating Your Breeding

At the southern edge of Ravencrest, you'll encounter Jebediah, the NPC who will guide you on this journey. Acquire a male and female Moa from his inventory, each costing 7500 Silver. These will be the progenitors of your future Moa generations.

The Key to Initiating Your Breeding

Awakening the Potential of Your Moas

Return to the Moa stable and select the breeding option with your Moa pair. Now, commence the 36-hour countdown. Once this time elapses, initiate a new 24-hour timer. From this point on, you must tend to your Moas every 2 hours for 6 turns.

Trading and Commerce

The Moas resulting from your efforts can be traded on the market with other players or reused for breeding. Be mindful of breeding limitations and the possibility of obtaining a lower-tier Moa, even when crossing two level 2 Moas.

Key Aspects in Moa Breeding

When breeding Moas, seek essential characteristics:

- Higher Tier: Moas of higher tiers boast improved statistics.

- Rare Color: Some Moa colors are exceptionally rare, with a 1/10000 chance of occurrence.

- Speed: The swiftness of your Moa's movement, with higher speeds being desirable.

- Strength: This factor affects the speed at which your Moa can pull a cart.

Armed with these insights, adventurers, I encourage you to immerse yourselves in the exciting world of Moa breeding. May your efforts be rewarded with legendary Moas and unmatched feats in Ravendawn. Good luck on your journey!