Magmatusk Boss Guide in the Neltharus Dungeon


The Djaradin, in their relentless pursuit of power and knowledge, stumbled upon a trove of secrets hidden within the depths of Neltharion's lair. Among their discoveries was an experimental potion, a concoction veiled in mystery and danger. It was in their reckless experimentation with this elixir that Magmatusk was born.

Magmatusk emerged as a colossal force of nature, a towering behemoth whose very presence seemed to ignite the air around it. With each thunderous step, the ground quaked beneath its immense weight, leaving a trail of devastation in its wake.

Driven by an insatiable thirst for chaos and destruction, Magmatusk roamed the land with a singular purpose: to unleash its fury upon anything unfortunate enough to cross its path. Entire villages trembled as the mammoth monstrosity laid waste to everything in sight, leaving behind a scorched landscape devoid of life.

But amidst the chaos, whispers circulated among the wise and the brave, tales of a prophecy foretelling the downfall of Magmatusk. Heroes from distant lands took up arms, their hearts filled with courage and determination to confront the creature that threatened their world.

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Magmatusk Abilities

1. Volatile Mutation Volatile Mutation: When Magmatusk accumulates 100 Magma, it undergoes a volatile mutation, triggering Magma Eruption and applying a Magma Tentacle.

Magma Eruption Magma Eruption: Magmatusk erupts with lava, causing 4,181 Fire damage initially and 2,090 Fire damage every 4 seconds to all players. The duration of Magma Eruption is extended for each application of Magma Tentacle.

Magma Tentacle Magma Tentacle: Magma Tentacles grow from Magmatusk's back, enhancing various abilities:

Increases Lava Spray damage by 100%.

Increases the number of Lava Waves released by Blazing Charge.

Extends the duration of Magma Eruption.

2. Magma Lob Magma Lob: Magmatusk's tentacles launch globs of lava at players, inflicting 8,368 Fire damage to players within 4 yards of impact and creating a pool of Liquid Hot Magma.
Liquid Hot Magma Liquid Hot Magma: Causes 4,181 Fire damage every second to players standing within it.

3. Lava Spray Lava Spray: Magmatusk sprays a cone of lava at a player, dealing 557 Fire damage.

4. Blazing Charge Blazing Charge: Magmatusk charges forward, dealing 9,755 Fire damage and knocking back all players in its path. At the end of the charge, Magmatusk releases one Lava Wave for each Magma Tentacle present.

Lava Wave Lava Wave: Magmatusk unleashes a wave of fire, dealing 8,361 Fire damage to anyone it collides with.

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Tips and Strategy

In the heat of battle, Magmatusk accumulates Magma energy, unleashing devastating effects upon reaching 100 Magma and triggering Volatile Mutation. With each Volatile Mutation, Magmatusk grows stronger, sprouting additional Magma Tentacles that enhance its formidable abilities.


- Blazing Charge: For every Magma Tentacle present, Magmatusk releases a Lava Wave at the end of its charge, posing additional threat to the tank and surrounding allies.

- Magma Eruption: The duration of Magma Eruption extends with each Magma Tentacle, requiring vigilant tanking to withstand the prolonged assault.


- Blazing Charge: Healers must be prepared for the increased Lava Wave output based on the number of Magma Tentacles present, as it poses a significant spike in damage to the raid.

- Magma Eruption: The extended duration of Magma Eruption demands sustained healing output to keep the raid alive through the escalating fire damage.

Damage Dealers

- Blazing Charge: Damage dealers should be wary of the Lava Waves unleashed by Blazing Charge, especially as their frequency increases with each Magma Tentacle, necessitating swift reactions to avoid catastrophic damage.

- Magma Eruption: The prolonged duration of Magma Eruption amplifies the urgency for damage dealers to swiftly defeat Magmatusk before the relentless onslaught becomes overwhelming.