Leymor Boss Guide in The Azure Vault Dungeon

Leymor Boss Guide in The Azure Vault Dungeon

Leymor was born from a humble seedling that Malygos discovered in a pool of ley energy. Once merely a small sprout in Sindragosa's garden, over millennia Leymor has grown rapidly, much like an unstoppable weed. Left unchecked, the towering giant would inevitably overrun the entirety of the Azure Vault.

Its origins trace back to a time when the energies of the ley were still shaping the world, and Malygos, with his keen eye for potential, nurtured Leymor's growth. From its unassuming beginnings, Leymor's ascent has been nothing short of remarkable. Its towering presence now commands respect within the Azure Vault, a testament to the power and resilience of the natural world.

Despite its humble origins, Leymor stands as a symbol of strength and endurance, reminding all who behold it of the unstoppable force of nature and the limitless potential found within even the smallest of seeds.

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Leymor Abilities

1. Ley-Line Sprouts Ley-Line Sprouts: Leymor summons several Ley-Line Sprouts to emerge and flourish nearby, harnessing the raw energy of the ley.

- Stinging Sap Stinging Sap: Magical roots extend from Leymor, causing 2,508 Arcane damage every second to players within a 5-yard radius, delivering a painful sting to intruders.

2. Explosive Brand Explosive Brand: Leymor pounds the ground forcefully, unleashing a blast of 11,149 Arcane damage to players within a 12-yard radius, propelling them backward. A mystical brand afflicts all players, detonating after 6 seconds, obliterating nearby Ley-Line Sprouts and dealing 11,149 Arcane damage to players within 15 yards.

3. Erupting Fissure Erupting Fissure: Leymor ruptures the earth before it, dealing 13,936 Arcane damage and forcefully pushing back any players caught in its path. Additionally, any Ley-Line Sprouts caught in the rupture are eradicated.

4. Consuming Stomp Consuming Stomp: Leymor absorbs the energy of all nearby Ley-Line Sprouts, channeling it into a powerful stomp that inflicts 6,271 Arcane damage to all players in the vicinity.

- Arcane Power Arcane Power: The presence of Ley-Line Sprouts augments the potency of Leymor's Consuming Stomp, increasing its damage by 20% for each living sprout.

5. Infused Strike Infused Strike: Leymor targets a player with a surge of magical energy, causing 11,149 Arcane damage initially, followed by 2,508 Arcane damage per second for 10 seconds, leaving a lingering mark of arcane power on the unfortunate victim.

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Tips and Strategy

Leymor employs a disruptive strategy against intruders, cultivating Ley-Line Sprouts that pose a threat to nearby players. The surviving Ley-Line Sprouts bolster Leymor's subsequent Consuming Stomp, emphasizing the need for effective management.


- Stay alert as Consuming Stomp's damage escalates with each remaining Ley-Line Sprout.

- Prepare to mitigate the substantial damage from Erupting Fissure, targeting players in front of Leymor.

- Be ready to address the high Arcane damage inflicted by Infused Strike on Leymor's primary target.

Damage Dealers

- Monitor the number of remaining Ley-Line Sprouts, as Consuming Stomp's power increases accordingly.

- Be prepared for Erupting Fissure's significant damage to players positioned in front of Leymor.


- Expect heightened damage from Consuming Stomp as long as Ley-Line Sprouts persist.

- Be ready to heal through the substantial damage dealt by Erupting Fissure to players in front of Leymor.

In summary, coordination and awareness are vital in facing Leymor. Tanks should manage Ley-Line Sprout numbers and mitigate incoming damage, damage dealers must control Ley-Line Sprouts and handle Erupting Fissure damage, while healers must maintain the health of the party through intense periods of damage.