Last Epoch: Shade Of Orobyss Boss Guide


In Last Epoch, players will soon notice the enigmatic presence of the Shade of Orobyss as they delve into the Monolith of Fate. Accessing this battle may seem daunting at first, but as you progress and farm Empowered Monoliths, defeating the Shade of Orobyss becomes an expectation.

This boss is the primary source of Corruption in the game and drops powerful Unique items when slain. Strategy is key as the Shade of Orobyss unleashes a variety of challenging attacks.

Despite the difficulty, overcoming this foe yields significant rewards, including a substantial amount of Corruption and valuable Unique items. In summary, facing the Shade of Orobyss is crucial for progression in Last Epoch, and with skill and perseverance, players can reap great benefits and advance in their adventure in the Monolith of Fate.

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How to Find The Shade of Orobyss

The Shade of Orobyss lurks within the depths of the Monolith of Fate, an endgame activity in Last Epoch. As you traverse through timeline Echoes and explore outward, keep an eye out for tiles labeled "Echo of a World." These tiles present a moderate chance of initiating the Orobyss boss encounter upon entry.

Successfully defeating the Shade of Orobyss not only rewards you with a Unique item from its loot table but also augments the Corruption stat of your timeline. To maximize your chances of encountering the Echo of a World, focus your exploration towards the edges of your timeline web. Nodes situated farther from the epicenter of your web grant greater Corruption upon Orobyss's demise.

Additionally, vanquishing Orobyss resets your Echo web, although your Stability and Corruption levels remain unchanged for that particular timeline. This cycle of exploration and confrontation forms a crucial aspect of progression within Last Epoch's endgame content.

Last Epoch End Of A World Echo

Shade of Orobyss Encounter

Upon entering the Echo of a World, prepare to face the Shade of Orobyss as it emerges from the remnants of an ancient Monolith, shrouded in a chosen element. A crucial aspect of this encounter is the variability in the boss's moveset, dictated by its randomly assigned element at the start of the battle. Thus, each confrontation with the Shade of Orobyss presents a unique challenge.

Elemental Attacks:

1. Fire: Engulfs foes in a wide cone of flames; summons lingering fireballs that detonate.

2. Lightning: Unleashes a potent laser attack; generates erratic moving static orbs.

3. Cold: Projects multiple orbiting projectiles; launches an expanding frozen orb.

4. Physical: Spawns a stationary copy of itself dealing escalating damage; summons blood orbs that explode on impact.

5. Poison: Releases a wide cone of poisonous breath; spawns damaging poison pools.

In addition to these elemental assaults, the Shade of Orobyss employs three Void attacks and executes melee swipes throughout the encounter. It is imperative to prioritize maximizing Void and Physical resistances before engaging in this battle. Enhancing your survivability significantly eases the challenge presented by this formidable adversary. Prepare thoroughly, adapt swiftly, and emerge victorious against the ever-changing threats posed by the Shade of Orobyss.

Shade of Orobyss Attacks

1. Basic Attacks:

Last Epoch Shade of Orobyss Melee Attack

- When in close proximity, the Shade of Orobyss employs melee strikes, inflicting moderate Physical damage. Maintain distance to evade these attacks effectively.

- At a distance, the boss launches Void projectiles, causing moderate Void damage. These projectiles lack tracking, enabling evasion through lateral movement.

2. Meteor Slam:

Last Epoch Shade of Orobyss Meteor Slam Attack

- Following a brief animation, the Shade summons a colossal meteor, slamming it into the ground and dealing significant Void damage to targets below.

- Evade by swiftly moving away from the meteor upon its appearance. Utilize movement skills if mobility is limited to dodge this devastating attack.

- A faster variant employing a meteorite exists, necessitating the same evasive measures despite reduced damage output.

3. Void Cascade:

Last Epoch Shade of Orobyss Void Cascade Attack

- The Shade generates three distinct lines of stationary black holes, unleashing substantial damage to those within their confines.

- Black holes emanate from both the front and rear of the boss. Immediate evasion upon their formation is crucial to avoid catastrophic harm.

- Exercise caution, as the black holes escalate in damage over time, potentially resulting in lethal consequences under certain circumstances.

4. Black Hole Mines:

Last Epoch Black Hole Mine Spawn

- Multiple stationary black holes materialize throughout the arena, akin to mines, gradually expanding in size before detonating.

- Upon detonation, the black holes discharge a barrage of projectiles inflicting low Fire damage. Beware, as the explosion itself carries immense destructive force.

- Maintain a safe distance from the black holes to evade both the projectiles and the ensuing explosion.

Additional Void Abilities

In our encounters with Orobyss, we've only scratched the surface of its extensive arsenal, with over a dozen Void abilities at its disposal. While the Shade typically utilizes only three of these abilities in any given encounter, the variety ensures that each battle presents unique challenges. Here are the remaining Void attacks we've yet to mention:

1. Eye Gaze: Orobyss summons five eyes that emit Void projectiles in straight lines. Eliminate the eyes swiftly to halt the attack's onslaught.

2. Void Circle: The Shade channels a sequence of Void circles that detonate after a brief delay, inflicting massive damage. Evade by remaining close to the boss and employing movement skills to escape the final explosion.

3. Black Hole (Meteor Variant): Orobyss summons a black hole that attracts Void meteors from the arena's periphery, causing damage along their trajectory as they converge towards the black hole.

4. Black Hole (Seeking): Eight black hole projectiles track your character's movements, exploding upon contact after a brief delay. Evade these projectiles to avoid the ensuing detonation.

5. Void Rift: A variant of the Shade's ranged projectile that immediately casts a second time, catching unsuspecting foes off guard.

6. The End Comes: Orobyss declares "The end comes" before hurling a massive meteor across the arena, resulting in instant death upon impact.

7. Diagonal Blast: Three cones of Void energy emanate from the Shade, expanding in width before exploding and inflicting significant Void damage.

8. Tentacles: The boss summons three tentacles reminiscent of the Lagon fight, delivering blows that combine Physical and Void damage.

Rewards from Defeating the Shade of Orobyss

The aftermath of vanquishing the Shade of Orobyss brings about significant alterations to your timeline's Corruption status and Echo web configuration, thereby influencing the rewards obtainable from subsequent Echoes. Notably, the location of the Shade's demise on your timeline web dictates whether Corruption is gained or lost:

- If the Shade met its end at the periphery of your web, an increase in Corruption is incurred.

- Conversely, if the Shade was defeated near the central Monolith, a reduction in Corruption occurs instead.

Moreover, the defeat of the Shade yields access to a selection of five exclusive Unique items. Unlike conventional drop tables, the acquisition of certain items is contingent upon the Corruption level:

1. Apathy's Maw: Requires a Corruption level of 50 or higher to be eligible for dropping.

2. Shattered Chains: Available as a drop when Corruption surpasses 120.

3. Omnis: Only obtainable with a Corruption level exceeding 200.

These Unique items serve as coveted rewards for daring adventurers who dare to challenge the Shade of Orobyss, offering powerful enhancements to aid in their ongoing quest within the Monolith of Fate.

Note: You do not get to choose a Blessing upon killing the Shade of Orobyss, as it is not a timeline boss.