Last Epoch Merchant's Guild Guide


In the realm of Last Epoch, where loot reigns supreme and treasures abound, the inevitable surplus of unwanted items often leaves adventurers pondering their fate. But fear not, for the solution lies within the bustling hub of the Merchant's Guild. Here, amidst the clinking of coins and the hum of eager traders, your unwanted gear transforms into coveted riches or newfound power for another.

The Merchant's Guild stands as a beacon of commerce, facilitating the exchange of items between players with the simplicity of Gold and the allure of Favor. Picture this: that helm that doesn't quite fit your playstyle, or those boots that clash with your class instead of languishing in obscurity, they find purpose anew within the Guild's bustling marketplace.

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Now, let's delve into the mechanics. Gold serves as the currency of trade, the tangible embodiment of value exchanged between hands. However, before your transaction can be sealed, a tribute of Favor must be paid a small tax for the privilege of trading within the Guild's hallowed halls.

And what of the source of this Favor? Fear not, for it flows plentifully through the veins of Last Epoch's world. Whether vanquishing foes or unraveling the mysteries of the land, every deed brings its own reward. So, venture forth with purpose, knowing that each battle won and quest completed brings you one step closer to the treasures that await within the Guild's embrace.



In the sprawling cityscape of Last Epoch's Act 9, nestled within the Upper District of Mak'elka, lies the elusive entrance to the Merchant's Guild. As you traverse the bustling streets, your eyes may catch the shadowy figure of Zerrick, a mysterious individual with fingers in every pie and secrets in every corner.

Approaching Zerrick, you'll find him to be a character of dubious repute, yet possessing a wealth of connections within the city's myriad factions. Among them, his ties to the Merchant's Guild are particularly notable. With a nod of recognition, he beckons you closer, offering a quest of intrigue and opportunity: "Merchants and Fortune Tellers."

This quest serves as your gateway to the Guild, guiding you towards the heart of commerce within Mak'elka—the renowned Bazaar in Maj'elka. It is there, amidst the vibrant tapestry of stalls and traders, that the true essence of the Merchant's Guild reveals itself.

How to Join the Merchant's Guild

Joining the esteemed ranks of the Merchant's Guild within Last Epoch is a straightforward endeavor, devoid of cumbersome prerequisites or arduous trials. Upon your arrival at The Bazaar, that bustling hub of commerce and intrigue nestled within Maj'elka, your path converges with destiny.

Here, amidst the kaleidoscope of vendors and traders, your gaze falls upon Nama, the esteemed Faction Leader of the Merchant's Guild. With a demeanor as welcoming as it is shrewd, Nama stands ready to impart knowledge and extend an invitation to those who seek the treasures and opportunities that the Guild affords.

Approach Nama with confidence, for there are no hoops to jump through, no tributes to pay, nor adversaries to vanquish before you can claim your rightful place among the Guild's ranks. Simply express your desire to join, and Nama, ever astute, will guide you through the process with ease.

Indeed, whether you be a seasoned adventurer seeking new avenues of trade, or a novice embarking on your maiden voyage, the Merchant's Guild welcomes all who dare to dream of fortune and glory.



Within the bustling nexus of commerce known as The Bazaar, the Merchant's Guild operates as a beacon of straightforward trade mechanics in Last Epoch. Here's a breakdown of how it all works:

browsing listings for gloves at a stall at the bazaar

1. Buying and Selling: As you navigate The Bazaar, you'll encounter various trade stalls, each offering a distinct array of items ranging from weaponry to adornments. Interacting with these vendors allows you to peruse their wares and make purchases using Gold and Favor.

2. Purchase and Listing: Want to acquire that gleaming sword or intricate piece of armor? Simply expend your Gold and Favor to secure the desired item from the vendor's inventory. Conversely, if you wish to sell your own treasures, it's as simple as listing them at your trade stall though remember, it requires a nominal cost in Favor to do so.

3. Earning Favor: The lifeblood of the Merchant's Guild, Favor is earned through the demise of foes and the completion of quests, its quantity influenced by the potency of your adversaries. Be it a lowly minion or a towering monstrosity, each fallen enemy contributes to your growing pool of Favor. Furthermore, undertaking side quests, particularly in the later stages of the game, yields bountiful Favor rewards.

4. Advancing through Ranks: With a substantial stockpile of Favor at your disposal, return to Nama, the Guild's esteemed leader, to exchange it for Reputation. As your Reputation within the Guild flourishes, so too does your standing, unlocking successive Ranks and their associated perks. These rewards range from enhanced item selection to specialized services, providing tangible benefits for your burgeoning reputation.

Merchant's Guild Reputation Rewards


Within the esteemed echelons of the Merchant's Guild, your reputation serves as a testament to your prowess and standing within the bustling trade community of Last Epoch. As you ascend through the ranks, each milestone unlocks a wealth of new features and enhancements, ensuring that your journey towards greatness is met with ample rewards.

In essence, as you ascend through the ranks of the Merchant's Guild, the world of commerce unfolds before you, offering ever-greater opportunities to acquire the treasures and artifacts that will shape your destiny within the realm of Last Epoch. So, venture forth with confidence, for the path to greatness awaits those who dare to seize it within the illustrious halls of the Merchant's Guild. Here's a glimpse into the bountiful offerings awaiting those who rise through the ranks of the Merchant's Guild:



You can sell all items, and you can buy Normal, Magic, and
Rare items from other players.


You can buy Set items from other players.


You can buy Unique items with no Legendary Potential
from other players.


You can buy Idols from other players.


You can buy Exalted Weapons from other players


You can buy Unique Weapons with Legendary Potential
from other players.


You can buy all Exalted items from other players.


You can buy all Unique items, including those with
Legendary Potential from other players.


You can buy Legendary Weapons from other players.


You can buy all Legendary items from other players.