Last Epoch Erza's Ledger Quest


Embarking on your journey through Last Epoch opens up a world of possibilities, including the discovery of numerous potent Unique items scattered throughout the game. Even in the early stages of your adventure, you may chance upon formidable leveling Uniques that can carry you through to the endgame.

Among these treasures, two stand out: Gambler's Fallacy and Avarice, both integral to the Erza's Ledger questline. Entrusting the ledger to a specific character will grant you access to one of these powerful leveling items. This guide aims to illuminate the path to initiating the Erza's Ledger quest, pinpointing the ledger's location, and delineating the array of rewards awaiting you upon completion.

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How To Get Erza's Ledger

How To Get Erza's Ledger

To obtain Erza's Ledger in Last Epoch and initiate the corresponding quests, "Erza's Ledger" and "Artem's Offer," you must venture into The Council Chambers during the Ruined Era. This area is an essential part of the main storyline and cannot be missed as you progress through the game.

Upon arriving in town within The Council Chambers, seek out either Erza or Artem, two NPCs situated on the western edge of the chamber. Engage in conversation with either of them, and they will task you with retrieving Erza's ledger from his study. 

To locate the ledger, head to Erza's Chambers and navigate to the northern corner, indicated by a circle icon on your minimap. The ledger should be easily identifiable in this area. Make sure to collect it before returning to town.

Once you have the ledger in your possession, the next crucial step is determining which NPC you wish to entrust it to. Your choice here will dictate your quest reward. If you opt to hand the ledger over to Erza, you'll receive the Avarice gloves. Conversely, should you decide to deliver it to Artem, you'll be rewarded with the Gambler's Fallacy amulet.

Choose wisely, as your decision will impact the item you receive and potentially influence your gameplay experience.

Erza Ledger Reward

Last Epoch Avarice Unique Gloves

If you choose to hand over Erza's Ledger to Erza, your reward will be the Avarice Unique gloves. These gloves offer a substantial boost to your elemental resistances, covering fire, lightning, and cold elements, while also enhancing your leech rate.

However, the standout feature of these gloves lies in their ability to leech a percentage of all elemental damage you deal as HP. This encompasses elemental damage inflicted through both weapons and spells, providing most character classes with a reliable form of HP sustain during the early stages of the game.

The HP leech effect conferred by these gloves is remarkably potent and significantly facilitates the leveling process for most characters. Although investing in elemental resistances and HP remains crucial for survival in later levels, these gloves undeniably ease the challenges encountered throughout the Last Epoch campaign, making progression notably smoother.

Artem's Offer Reward

Last Epoch Gambler's Fallacy Unique Amulet

Opting to deliver Erza's Ledger to Artem results in the reward of the Gambler's Fallacy Unique amulet. This remarkable amulet ensures a critical hit if you haven't landed one within the past four seconds. Additionally, you'll receive healing for each instance of critical damage you deal.

While the potency of this amulet is undeniable, it does come with a significant drawback: following a critical hit, your critical chance is effectively halved for the subsequent four seconds. This limitation diminishes the efficacy of critical hit-focused builds during the leveling process, rendering the amulet better suited for endgame builds capable of converting critical chance into a more consistent damage output. Notably, Mage Disintegrate builds utilizing Ignivar's Head exemplify such builds, benefiting from the amulet's attributes in their pursuit of optimized damage strategies.

Should You Give The Ledger To Erza Or Artem?

In general, it's recommended for most builds to give the ledger to Erza. This choice grants you the Avarice gloves, a formidable Unique item that significantly enhances early-game survivability. The guaranteed elemental damage leech and additional elemental resistances provided by these gloves make them a valuable asset.

While Gambler's Fallacy isn't without its merits, it typically requires a more optimized build to truly maximize its potential. Therefore, for most players, the benefits of the Avarice gloves outweigh those of the Gambler's Fallacy amulet.

If you're concerned about potentially missing out on a valuable item for your build, there's no need to worry. Both Avarice and Gambler's Fallacy have stronger variants available in Last Epoch's endgame content. Additionally, it's worth noting that neither of these Unique items can be upgraded to Legendary quality in the late game due to their lack of Legendary Potential. Consequently, you'll eventually replace them as your character progresses.