Last Epoch Dungeon Guide


In Last Epoch, dungeons offer players the opportunity for repeatable adventures, akin to similar games in the genre. These dungeons, once discovered, can be revisited at any time by utilizing the closest waypoint. However, entry into these dungeons requires a specific key, which is consumed upon use.

Each dungeon in Last Epoch presents a unique challenge, featuring varying levels and daily modifiers. These modifiers dynamically alter the dungeon experience, ensuring both novelty and excitement for players of all skill levels. Upon defeating the boss, players are rewarded with access to a special vendor or room offering additional treasures. The nature of these rewards varies depending on the specific dungeon.

Last Epoch Temporal Sanctum Dungeon: How To Enter, Complete & Rewards -  GINX TV

How to Access Dungeons?

To access the dungeons in Last Epoch, you'll need specific keys corresponding to each dungeon: the Icono de llave del Bastión del Fuego del Alma Soulfire Bastion Key, Icono de llave del Santuario Temporal Temporal Sanctum Key, and Icono de llave de cenador sin luz Lightless Arbor Key. Obtaining these keys can be accomplished through various means, each offering its own advantages:

1. Monolith of Fate: This method stands out as the most efficient means of acquiring keys, as it not only provides keys but also rewards you with substantial experience and other valuable items. By venturing into the Monolith of Fate, you can farm keys efficiently. Dungeon keys are often dropped by timeline bosses encountered within the Monolith of Fate.

2. Killing Enemies: As you engage in combat throughout the game, keys have a chance to drop randomly from slain enemies. This method offers a more passive approach to obtaining keys while progressing through the game's content.

3. Arena of Champions: While keys can occasionally drop from the Arena of Champions, it's not the most reliable method for acquiring them. Drops in the arena are not guaranteed, and it may take considerable time and effort to obtain a key using this method. As such, it's generally not recommended to solely rely on the Arena of Champions for acquiring dungeon keys.

In addition to these primary methods, there's an alternative way to acquire the Lightless Arbor Key:

4. Vault of Uncertain Fate: Occasionally, the Vault of Uncertain Fate may reward you with a Lightless Arbor Key. While not as reliable as other methods, it provides an additional opportunity to obtain this specific dungeon key.

Dungeon Difficulty

Last Epoch dungeons offer players the flexibility to adjust the difficulty according to their preference through two distinct systems: Tiers and Modifiers. Here's an overview of both:



Each dungeon features four tiers of difficulty. To access higher tiers, players must first complete a run in the lower tiers. Tier 1 serves as the entry level, offering a relatively manageable challenge for players with sufficient level and gear. In Tier 1, dungeons do not feature any modifiers upon entry. However, as players progress to Tier 2 through Tier 4, the difficulty escalates. With each tier, enemies become more formidable, but the rewards also become more lucrative. Additionally, upon entering dungeons from Tier 2 onwards, players receive a modifier, further influencing the gameplay experience.



In addition to tier-based difficulty, dungeons from Tier 2 onwards feature modifiers that change daily. Upon entering the dungeon, players are presented with the first modifier, which provides a small bonus that can aid in traversing the dungeon or increase end-of-dungeon rewards. Inside the dungeon, players encounter a second modifier at the first door and a third modifier at the second door. These modifiers offer strategic advantages but come with the caveat of heightened enemy damage and health. It's essential to choose modifiers carefully, as some may double rewards while significantly increasing enemy difficulty.

For a comprehensive list of each modifier and its effects, players can refer to specific dungeon guides, where these modifiers are detailed.

Dungeon Layout

Dungeon Layout

The layout of dungeons in Last Epoch follows a consistent pattern. Upon entering, players encounter the initial map, where their objective is to navigate to the first door. Beyond this door awaits a modifier, granting bonuses for the duration of the dungeon or during the ensuing boss encounter. Progressing through the dungeon leads to subsequent maps, each culminating in a door bearing another modifier. Finally, players reach the boss room, where they must overcome formidable adversaries to emerge victorious.

Special Mechanics

Last Epoch dungeons feature unique mechanics integral to successfully navigating and completing each dungeon. Understanding and utilizing these mechanics are essential for adventurers aiming to conquer the challenges within. Here's a concise overview of each mechanic:

1. Burning Amber (Lightless Arbor): The Lightless Arbor dungeon is enveloped in darkness, requiring adventurers to rely on a Burning Amber to illuminate their path. This Amber follows the player, lighting the surroundings and providing visibility. Players can send the Amber ahead to scout, call it back, or use it to ignite Pyres. Specific enemies can recharge the Amber. Additionally, enemies within the light are weakened. The Burning Amber is crucial for the boss fight within this dungeon.

2. Soulfire Shield (Soulfire Bastion): Within Soulfire Bastion, players have the ability to collect the souls of defeated enemies. These Souls can be utilized to craft a protective shield known as the Soulfire Shield. This shield offers both Fire and Necrotic protection, with the ability to switch between them as needed. Furthermore, Souls collected throughout the dungeon can be traded with the enigmatic Soul Gambler at the dungeon's conclusion.

3. Temporal Shift (Temporal Sanctum): The Temporal Sanctum presents a realm where two distinct timelines intersect. To navigate this temporal anomaly, players must utilize the Temporal Shift ability. This ability enables adventurers to transition between the overlapping timelines, facilitating evasion of enemies, circumvention of obstacles, and other strategic maneuvers crucial for progress within the dungeon.

No Deaths Dungeon Strategy

No Deaths Dungeon Strategy

Unlike some other games, Last Epoch doesn't offer the luxury of retrying a dungeon after death. If you perish during a dungeon run, all progress is lost, and you're ejected from the dungeon, requiring a fresh key for re-entry. This can pose a significant challenge, particularly for players struggling to clear dungeons efficiently. Even teaming up with others doesn't guarantee safety, as there's no revival mechanic—once you're out, you're out.

Navigating dungeons in Last Epoch demands careful attention and strategic planning. Here are some essential tips to help you succeed:

1. Choose Appropriate Difficulty: Opt for a difficulty level that aligns with your character's capabilities. It's not the time to push yourself too hard select a difficulty where you can comfortably manage the challenges.

2. Assess Risk vs. Reward: Consider whether the potential rewards justify the risk of traversing the dungeon. Decide if you aim to complete the entire dungeon for access to special content or if exploration of a portion suffices.

3. Stay Alert and Focused: Vigilance is key. Maintain awareness of your surroundings, including daily modifiers, enemy behavior, and environmental hazards.

4. Manage Enemy Encounters: Be cautious not to let numerous small enemies overwhelm you. Even seemingly insignificant foes can pose a threat in large numbers.

5. Equip Proper Resistances: Ensure your character's resistances align with the dungeon's predominant damage types. Neglecting resistance to prevalent damage types, such as poison, can prove fatal due to lingering damage over time effects.

6. Exercise Patience: Prioritize a methodical approach over haste. It's better to progress steadily and cautiously than to rush ahead and risk premature demise before reaching the boss encounter.

Dungeon Descriptions

Temporal Sanctum

Temporal Sanctum Dungeon - Julra Boss Guide - Last Epoch Maxroll.gg

- Key: Temporal Sanctum Key

- Boss: Chronomancer Julra

- Dungeon Mechanic: Temporal Shift allows players to switch between two Timelines, aiding in bypassing obstacles, uncovering hidden passages, and even circumventing boss mechanics.

- Special Dungeon Reward: The Eternity Cache enables players to combine a Unique with Legendary Potential and an Exalted item into a Legendary.

- Uniques: Julra's Stardial, Somnia, Julra's Obsession, Vessel of Strife

Soulfire Bastion

Last Epoch Soulfire Bastion Dungeon: How To Enter, Complete & Rewards -  GINX TV

- Key: Soulfire Bastion Key

- Boss: Fire Lich Cremorus

- Dungeon Mechanic: Soulfire Shield allows players to spend Souls to toggle between Fire and Necrotic damage immunity.

- Special Dungeon Reward: Souls can be used to purchase items from the Soul Gambler, whose stock is influenced by dungeon modifiers. Some modifiers offer powerful enhancements.

- Uniques: Ashes of Mortality, Lich's Envy, Immolator's Oblation, Pyre of Affliction

Lightless Arbor

Last Epoch Dungeons Lightless Arbor Guide - Last Epoch Guide - IGN

- Key: Lightless Arbor Key

- Boss: The Mountain Beneath

- Dungeon Mechanic: Burning Amber provides illumination, weakening enemies within its light radius. It's also essential for destroying Pyres, a crucial dungeon mechanic.

- Special Dungeon Reward: The Vault of Uncertain Fate offers players the chance to spend gold on powerful modifiers, enhancing rewards. However, gold costs escalate with each chosen modifier, and options are limited.

- Uniques: Peak of the Mountain, Foot of the Mountain, Face of the Mountain, Core of the Mountain