Last Epoch Circle of Fortune Guide


In the realm of Last Epoch, players encounter a pivotal decision upon completing the main storyline at Chapter 9: the choice between two influential factions, the Circle of Fortune and the Merchant's Guild. While both factions offer unique benefits, committing to one significantly impacts your gameplay experience. This guide focuses on the Circle of Fortune faction, delving into its mechanics and advantages.

Opting for the Circle of Fortune faction marks a departure from conventional item trading via the Marketplace. However, this sacrifice grants access to the Prophecy system, a powerful tool for targeted loot acquisition.

At the heart of the Circle of Fortune faction lies the Prophecy system, a mechanism designed to tip the scales of chance in your favor. Whether you're seeking elusive Exalted Amulets, coveted Rare Rings, or the perfect Unique item to complement your build, the Prophecy system offers tailored opportunities for acquisition.

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Circle of Fortune Location

In Maj’elka's northern district during the Divine Era, uncover the Circle of Fortune. Galila awaits as your initial contact, doubling as a vendor. Deeper within the headquarters, encounter Sandrak, the group's leader, and a Sapphire Nagasa. Sandrak elucidates the Prophecy system, wherein completing challenges yields valuable loot.


How to Join

To enlist in the Circle of Fortune, follow these steps:

1. Speak with Zerrick: Locate Zerrick in Maj’elka Upper District and engage him in conversation. He will assign you the side quest "Merchants and Fortune Tellers" and direct you to the Maj’elka Observatory.

2. Head to the Observatory: Journey to the Maj’elka Observatory as directed by Zerrick. Once there, approach the entrance and interact with the first NPC, Galila.

3. Initiate Dialogue: Engage Galila in conversation to learn more about the Circle of Fortune. She will provide insights into the faction's purpose and how they can assist you on your journey.

4. Express Interest in Joining: Upon learning about the Circle of Fortune's offerings, express your desire to join the faction by selecting the appropriate dialogue option.

5. Confirmation: Confirm your decision to join the Circle of Fortune by concluding the dialogue with Galila.


Circle of Fortune’s Faction Mechanics

The Circle of Fortune caters perfectly to solo adventurers and casual groups seeking a more hands-on approach to acquiring loot and progressing through Last Epoch. Here's how it operates:

For those preferring targeted gameplay challenges over traditional gold-based transactions, the Circle of Fortune offers a tailored experience. Engage in bounties, crafting endeavors, and loot acquisition through Prophecies instead of relying on marketplace purchases.

Earning Favor

Accumulate Favor with the Circle of Fortune by dispatching monsters, completing quests, and taking on challenges presented by the Observatory's telescopes. Utilize Favor to procure Prophecies and Lenses, enhancing your loot acquisition capabilities.

Advancement through Ranks

Progression within the Circle of Fortune involves ascending through various ranks within the organization. By accruing Favor and investing in Reputation, you unlock higher ranks, each offering unique benefits such as increased loot drops, superior item affixes, and enhancements to crafting capabilities.

Unlocking Reputation

Reputation serves as the key to advancing through the ranks of the Circle of Fortune. Acquire Reputation by exchanging Favor, enabling you to climb the organization's hierarchy and access increasingly rewarding opportunities.

Unlocking Prophecies

Unlocking Prophecies

Prophecies serve as a cornerstone of the Circle of Fortune faction, offering a pathway to targeted loot acquisition. Here's how it works: Accrue Faction Favor by defeating monsters, completing quests, and engaging in endgame activities like Monoliths, Dungeons, and Arenas.

Head to the Observatory in Maj'elka to unlock Prophecies using your accumulated Favor. Quick travel to the Observatory through the faction menu by pressing Y and selecting "Travel To The Observatory."

Selecting Loot Categories

At the Observatory, utilize different lenses to choose the type of item you wish to acquire:

- Idols
- Armor (Body, Legs, Helmets, Gloves)
- Weapons (All types)
- Accessories (Relics, Rings, Amulets)

Navigating the Prophecy Screen

Choosing a lens opens the Prophecy Screen, where you can:

- Select specific Prophecies to unlock
- Reroll to access different types of Prophecies

All actions on the Prophecy Screen require Faction Favor.

Factors Influencing Prophecies

Various factors determine the types of Prophecies available:

1. Difficulty: Some Prophecies necessitate defeating challenging enemies like Diamond Matrons multiple times in story zones or Monoliths.

2. Unlock Conditions: Better Prophecies may require achieving milestones such as clearing Tier 4 Dungeons or reaching specific Monolith corruption levels. Others might mandate defeating Bosses or Arena champions.


Rerolling Prophecies is cost-effective, so feel free to do so multiple times until you find the desired type of Prophecy.


As you progress within the Circle of Fortune faction, you unlock various rewards and refine your Prophecy selection process. Here's how it works:

Lens Purchases and Refinement

Visit the vendor at the Observatory entrance to purchase lenses, which refine the types of Prophecies available in the Lens. Acquiring new lenses increases the likelihood of specific items appearing in Prophecies. As you accumulate Favor, higher-ranked lenses unlock, reducing the frequency of Dungeon, Monolith, or Arena Prophecies according to your preferences.

Tailoring Prophecies to Your Preference

Customize your Prophecy selection by investing in lenses tailored to your playstyle. For example, if Dungeon runs aren't your forte, invest in the 100% reduction in Dungeon Prophecies lens to minimize their occurrence.

Strategic Looting in Monoliths

Each Monolith presents unique loot opportunities, aligning with specific themes:

- Blood, Frost, and Death: Unique or Set Body Armor

- The Black Sun: Unique or Set Helmets and Shields

- Ending the Storm: Unique or Set Gloves

- Fall of the Empire: Unique or Set Belts

- Reign of Dragons: Unique or Set Swords, Axes, Maces, Daggers, and Spears

- The Stolen Lance: Unique or Set Wands, Scepters, Staves, and Catalysts

- The Last Ruin: Unique or Set Relics

- The Age of Winter: Unique or Set Rings, Amulets

- Fall of the Outcast: Unique or Set Bows, Quivers

- Spirits of Fire: Unique or Set Boots

Utilize this information to optimize your looting strategy and complement the types of Prophecies you're unlocking. Since specific mobs spawn in designated locations, prioritizing targets aligns with your desired loot objectives.

Faction Ranking


In addition to the potent Prophecy System, advancing your standing within the Circle of Fortune faction significantly amplifies your chances of obtaining rare loot.


Rank 1

Enemy Item Drop Chance

Enemies have a 35% chance of dropping twice as
many items.

Rank 2

Upgraded Rune of Ascendance

45% chance for Runes of Ascendance to be
preserved when used on an item that requires
at least Circle of Fortune Rank 1.

Rank 3

Idol Drop Chance

Whenever an Idol drops, there is a 25% chance
for Two more to drop at the same time.

Rank 4

Exalted Affix Chance

Affixes are 50% more likely to be exalted.

Rank 5

Monolith Echo Reward Upgrade

35% chance for double rewards from Monolith

Rank 6

Legendary Potential Chance

Uniques are twice as likely to have Legendary

Rank 7

T7 Affix Chance

T7 Affixes are twice as common.

Rank 8

Rare To Exalted Chance

Items that would drop as Rare have a 25%
chance of becoming Exalted.

Rank 9

Full Set Drop Chance

When a Set item would drop, the whole set
drops instead.

Rank 10

Prophecy Reward Upgrade

Items from Prophecies are duplicated.