Last Epoch Arena Guide


The Last Epoch Arena is a challenging instance where you face waves of enemies, with rewards increasing as you survive longer. To triumph, you need to understand the game mechanics and strategies. Prepare your build, know your enemies, and prioritize survival. Equip yourself with the best available gear, focusing on increasing defense and damage. Hone your gameplay mechanics, adapting to each wave and learning from each attempt. Patience is key; don't rush and rest between waves. Adjust your strategy as needed and always seek improvement. The Arena rewards skill and perseverance. With practice and determination, you can climb the rankings and join the elite players who master the Endless Arena.

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How to access the Arena

To access the Arena in Last Epoch, head to the Divine Era, located west of Heoborea. Travel through the Heoborean Forest, Nomad Camp, Wengari Fortress, Kolheim Pass, and finally reach Champions' Gate, where the Arena awaits.

You'll need an Arena Key to enter. While these keys can drop from any enemy, the most reliable method is completing specific Monolith Echoes marked by a Key symbol. These echoes guarantee an Arena Key as a reward.

Once you consume the Arena Key to enter, it's gone for good. If you perish before completing the Arena, you'll be ejected immediately and will require another Arena Key to re-enter. So, strategize wisely and make each attempt count.

champions gate arena on the map


In the Arena, combat unfolds in waves of enemies, with their strength escalating every five waves. After each set of five waves, there's a brief respite allowing you to collect loot and decide whether to advance to tougher challenges or opt for an escape.

Every ten waves, the battle halts again, granting you the opportunity to select a modifier before proceeding. These modifiers alter the loot dropped by the final boss, while also enhancing the enemy stats you'll encounter.

Progressing through waves also entails transitioning to a new Arena stage every ten waves, introducing fresh maps and adversaries. Most stages feature Shrines along their perimeters, offering temporary benefits that don't carry over to subsequent maps.

Upon reaching wave 40, the ultimate challenge emerges in the form of the Arena's final boss. Three distinct boss types await, each resembling one of the playable classes:

1. Alfrig Wolfmaw - Primalist

2. The Crimson Blade - Rogue

3. Vaion the Arsenal - Sentinel

Familiarity with these classes provides insights into what to expect when facing their corresponding boss. Upon vanquishing the Arena boss, you can retrieve all acquired loot from modifiers before departing the instance.

falconer fighting the crimson blade arena boss at wave 40

Endless Arena

The Endless Arena in Last Epoch offers a relentless battle against infinite waves of enemies, challenging players to persist until they either retreat or meet their end in combat.

Each wave comprises four enemy groups spawning at designated points on the Arena map. The number of enemies in each group increases with both the wave number and the player's level, typically favoring larger numbers of weaker enemies over stronger ones.

Upon defeating all but one enemy from the current wave's groups, the next wave automatically spawns. However, every fifth wave is an exception, where instead of automatic progression, barrels, the Wandering Blacksmith, and the Stash appear. To proceed, players must manually initiate the next wave.

Progressing through waves boosts enemy health, damage, speed, and experience rewards. Dying or exiting the Arena concludes the run, with players' progress tracked on the ladder, showcasing their performance against other Endless Arena participants.

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1. Infinite Scaling: Endless Arena enemies scale uniquely, with their own ramps for attributes like Health, Damage, and Movement Speed. These ramps incorporate both %Increased and %More modifiers, rapidly escalating enemy threat levels.

2. Spawn Points: Each Arena map features multiple spawn points where enemy groups emerge. Some maps have four, while others vary, introducing randomness to enemy spawn locations.

3. Enemy Aggro: Enemies automatically target players upon spawning, requiring constant engagement as they approach from all directions.

4. Positioning: Familiarize yourself with Arena map layouts and spawn points to strategically position yourself. Identifying advantageous spots allows for focused engagement with enemy groups, minimizing the risk of being overwhelmed.

5. Wave Management: Understand that each wave comprises four enemy packs, and new waves won't spawn until at least two enemies from the current wave remain. Prioritize eliminating high-threat enemies first, strategically timing eliminations to control wave progression.

6. Terrain: Utilize terrain features such as choke points and obstacles to funnel enemies and block projectiles. Familiarize yourself with terrain nuances to leverage them to your advantage.

7. Adaptability: Arena randomness demands quick adaptation to varying wave compositions. Stay vigilant, avoiding complacency even during seemingly safe stretches, as unexpected challenges can arise at any moment.

8. Playstyle Adjustment: Tailor your playstyle to your build's strengths and weaknesses. Utilize early waves for practice and habit development, continually testing and refining your approach.