Kyrakka and Erkhart Stormvein Boss Guide in Ruby Life Pools Dungeon

Kyrakka and Erkhart Stormvein Boss Guide in Ruby Life Pools Dungeon

Kyrakka and Erkhart Stormvein, the formidable duo of aerial predators, command the skies above the Ruby Life Pools with unmatched ferocity. Their synchronized assaults on the shrine below are executed with deadly precision, leaving chaos and destruction in their wake. No interference from rival dragons goes unchallenged, for these two possess a mastery of the elemental forces that rivals the very gods.

Left unchecked, their wrath knows no bounds. With searing flames and howling winds, they reduce the sacred grounds of the Life Pools to ash, obliterating all traces of life in a cleansing inferno. The once tranquil sanctuary is engulfed in a tempest of elemental fury, as the remnants of the shrine are scattered to the winds, a grim testament to the power of Kyrakka and Erkhart Stormvein.

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1. Infernocore Infernocore: Kyrakka unleashes a relentless onslaught of fire, igniting targets with her Roaring Firebreath and Flamespit. This fiery assault inflicts 223 Fire damage every half-second for 3 seconds, with each stack increasing the intensity. Upon removal, these flames explode, dealing 1,812 Fire damage to nearby players within 5 yards and leaving behind pools of Flaming Embers.

2. Flaming Embers Flaming Embers: Kyrakka scorches the ground with intense flames, creating areas of burning terrain that inflict 1,394 Fire damage every second for 25 seconds.

3. Flamespit Flamespit: Kyrakka expels a searing gout of fire at targeted players, inflicting 2,787 Fire damage and applying the Infernocore effect to affected targets.

4. Roaring Firebreath Roaring Firebreath: Kyrakka breathes forth a torrent of flames in a frontal cone, searing targets with 1,394 Fire damage every second for 6 seconds. This ability also applies the Infernocore effect to affected players.

Erkhart Stormvein's:

1. Winds of Change Winds of Change: Erkhart conjures a localized hurricane, causing 279 Nature damage every second for 4 seconds. This tempestuous wind also forcefully pushes players and Kyrakka's Flaming Embers in a specific direction.

2. Cloudburst Cloudburst: Erkhart summons a massive torrent of elemental energy, dealing 2,787 Nature damage to all players caught within its path.

3. Stormslam Stormslam: Erkhart delivers a devastating strike to a single player, inflicting 13,935 Physical damage along with 8,363 Nature damage, crushing foes with the combined fury of the storm and the earth.

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Tips and Strategy

In the battle against Kyrakka and Erkhart Stormvein, players must contend with a dynamic and deadly duo. Kyrakka initially takes to the skies, unleashing fiery attacks from above, while Erkhart engages players directly. When either of them reaches half health, Kyrakka lands to allow Erkhart to mount atop her, intensifying the confrontation.


- Erkhart's Stormslam: This ability inflicts significant damage and must be carefully mitigated by the tank.

- Kyrakka's Infernocore: Tank positioning is crucial to avoid the very high Fire damage inflicted by this ability. Additionally, Erkhart's Winds of Change can push players and Kyrakka's Infernocore, making proper positioning even more challenging.

Damage Dealers:

- Kyrakka's Flamespit and Roaring Firebreath: These abilities apply the Infernocore effect, which complicates movement choices within the battlefield. Players must carefully manage their positioning to avoid excessive damage.

- Erkhart's Winds of Change: This ability not only deals damage but also pushes both players and Kyrakka's Infernocore in the direction of the wind, further complicating movement and positioning.


- Erkhart's Stormslam: Healers must be prepared to counter the high damage inflicted by this ability, ensuring that the tank and other players remain topped off.

- Kyrakka's Flamespit and Roaring Firebreath: Similar to damage dealers, healers must contend with the Infernocore effect, which complicates movement choices. Additionally, Erkhart's Winds of Change can further disrupt positioning and increase the need for reactive healing.