Kokia Blazehoof Boss Guide in Ruby Life Pools Dungeon

Kokia Blazehoof Boss Guide in Ruby Life Pools Dungeon

In the midst of the relentless onslaught by Primalist forces upon the sacred Ruby Life Pools, the responsibility of securing vital eggs amidst the chaos falls upon none other than Kokia Blazehoof and her loyal Blazebound lieutenants. With determination burning as fiercely as the flames they wield, they charge into the heart of battle, weaving through overwhelmed defenders with a singular purpose. Their mission: to seize the precious eggs, ensuring the survival of their cause, while leaving behind a trail of scorched earth and havoc in their wake.

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Kokia Blazehoof Abilities

1. Ritual of Blazebinding Ritual of Blazebinding: Upon accumulating 100 energy, Kokia summons a Blazebound Firestorm near a player's location, unleashing searing flames upon players within a 12-yard radius, dealing 12,542 Fire damage.

2. Blazebound Firestorm:

- Burnout Burnout: Upon depletion of its health, the Blazebound Firestorm detonates, causing a fiery explosion that inflicts 18,117 Fire damage to players within a 20-yard range.

- Roaring Blaze Roaring Blaze: Engulfs all players in flames, dealing 4,459 Fire damage.

- Inferno Inferno: Radiates flames, dealing 4,459 Fire damage to all players and an additional 1,449 Fire damage every 2 seconds for 6 seconds.

3. Molten Boulder Molten Boulder: Kokia hurls a molten boulder forward, causing it to crash into the ground, inflicting 11,149 Fire damage to any player it touches. This impact knocks back and stuns affected players for 3 seconds. The boulder then rolls forward up to 40 yards before exploding, dealing 16,723 damage to players within a 12-yard radius.

4. Searing Blows Searing Blows: Kokia delivers a rapid series of strikes, hitting her target 4 times over 3 seconds, each blow inflicting 100% weapon damage. Additionally, each strike applies Searing Wounds.
5. Searing Wounds Searing Wounds: Each strike from Searing Blows causes the target's skin to blister and bleed, dealing 836 Physical damage every 1 second for 4 seconds. This effect can stack.

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Tips and Strategy

Throughout the encounter, Kokia employs a dynamic combination of abilities, alternating between hurling Molten Boulder at players and unleashing devastating Searing Blows upon her primary target. Additionally, when Kokia accumulates 100 energy, she summons a Blazebound Firestorm, which triggers Burnout upon defeat.

Tank Responsibilities:

- Be vigilant in interrupting Roaring Blaze to prevent widespread damage to the party.

- Manage Searing Blows, as each hit applies additional Searing Wounds to the tank, requiring consistent healing attention.

Damage Dealer Priorities:

- Prioritize interrupting Roaring Blaze to mitigate damage to the party.

- Be prepared to mitigate and handle the heavy Fire damage inflicted by Molten Boulder, while also avoiding being stunned by its impact.

Healer Duties:

- Ensure Roaring Blaze is promptly interrupted to minimize party-wide damage.

- Stay attentive to healing the tank, particularly during periods of sustained Searing Blows, as they can rapidly escalate damage.

- Be ready to provide healing support for players affected by Molten Boulder's heavy Fire damage and subsequent stun.