Knight Waves Guide OSRS


Knight Waves Guide OSRS

Knight Waves is an exhilarating activity situated on the top floor of Camelot Castle within the Camelot training grounds. To access it, adventurers must ascend the ladder located on the southwestern tower. However, participation in this challenge requires completion of the King's Ransom quest. A vigilant squire stationed outside the training room door provides an overview of the Training Grounds' mechanics to eager contenders.

OSRS Knight Waves Minigame

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What are Knight Waves?

Once inside, participants are tasked with confronting a formidable lineup of eight knights, all exceeding level 100 in strength. Each knight possesses the ability to drain specific combat stats, presenting a formidable challenge. Notably, the usage of Prayer, Ranged, or Magic is prohibited within the Training Ground.

A popular strategy for conquering this minigame involves employing a poisoned dragon dagger, preferably coated with P++. By methodically poisoning each knight and strategically positioning oneself behind the dummies, players can effectively weaken or dispatch the knights as the poison takes its toll. Seasoned adventurers boasting a combat level of 100 or higher may opt for a more direct approach, utilizing a full Guthan's set coupled with stat restore potions to endure the onslaught with minimal reliance on sustenance.

Given the rapid depletion of Defence stat by certain knights, stat restore potions play a crucial role in maintaining combat effectiveness. It's imperative to note that as Defence dwindles, the likelihood of additional stat reductions increases, necessitating swift action and adaptability.

It's worth highlighting that the Camelot training room, including the Knight Waves Training Ground, provides a safe haven for Hardcore Ironmen, offering a risk-free environment to hone their skills and tackle formidable adversaries.

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Knight Waves Strategy

Successfully navigating the challenges of Knight Waves requires a well-thought-out strategy, considering the limited time allotted for each encounter and the inability to use Magic, Ranged, or Prayer. Here are two effective approaches to triumph over the formidable knights:

1. Flinching Technique: Utilize the environment to your advantage by hiding behind the dummy while positioning the knight diagonally across from you.

- When the knight's health bar disappears, it's your cue to run up and deliver your blows, using the Dragon dagger (p++) special for added effectiveness.

- Swiftly retreat behind the dummy to avoid retaliation, employing a hit-and-run tactic (commonly known as flinching).

- Be mindful of the time constraints, as knights may despawn if the battle prolongs excessively.

2. Head-On Confrontation: Equip yourself with monkfish, sharks, or superior healing items, as the knights can deliver formidable blows, with the final knight reaching up to 29 damage.

- Given your stats (70 Attack, 65 Strength, and 65 Defence), a balanced loadout is recommended:

- Whip for melee attacks.
- 2 Combat potions to enhance offensive capabilities.
- 4 Saradomin brews for substantial healing.
- 4 Restore potions to counteract stat reductions.
- Dragon dagger for a powerful special attack.
- The remaining inventory space filled with monkfish or shark for sustained sustenance.

- Prioritize the appropriate potions based on the type of knights encountered (Defence-lowering, Strength-lowering, or Attack-lowering).

- Exercise caution and strategic thinking, especially when facing Defence-lowering knights, as they can deplete your defensive capabilities rapidly.


OSRS Knight Waves Minigame

WaveKnightLevelHitpointsWeak againstStats lowered
1Sir Bedivere11090Slash, Stab attacksStrength
2Sir Pelleas11299Slash, Crush attacksDefence
3Sir Tristram115105Slash, Stab attacksStrength
4Sir Palomedes118100Crush attacksAttack
5Sir Lucan120105Crush, Slash attacksDefence, Attack
6Sir Gawain122110Stab, Slash attacksAttack
7Sir Kay124110Stab, Crush attacksDefence
8Sir Lancelot127115Slash attacksDefence, Strength


Attack 20,000 Attack experience

Strength 20,000 Strength experience

Defence 20,000 Defence experience

Hitpoints 20,000 Hitpoints experience

Chivalry.png Chivalry (requiring 60 Prayer & 65 Defence)

Piety.png Piety (requiring 70 Prayer & 70 Defence)

Ability to change one's spawn point to Camelot