How to Splashing OSRS

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How to Splashing OSRS

Greetings, adventurers of Gielinor! As you embark on your journey through the diverse lands of Old School RuneScape, mastering the arcane arts is crucial. In this comprehensive guide, we unravel the intriguing practice of splashing—a unique method of training magic that involves casting spells without dealing damage. Join us as we explore the intricacies of splashing, providing valuable insights for both new and experienced players seeking magical prowess in OSRS.

OSRS Splashing Guide

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Equipment Setup

To delve into the world of splashing, one must first assemble the appropriate equipment. The key lies in wearing items that significantly reduce the Magic Attack bonus to -64 or lower. This ensures that your spells won't hit the target, allowing for continuous casting without dealing damage.

A typical splashing setup involves donning a full set of metal melee armor, from bronze to rune, including a full helm, platebody, platelegs or plateskirt, and kiteshield. Additionally, various accessories such as metal boots, dragonhide vambraces, and an elemental staff are essential components.

Whether you're exploring the free-to-play realms or venturing into the expansive members' territories, this guide covers equipment variations to suit your needs.


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Selecting Spells

Choosing the right spell is crucial for effective splashing. Strike spells, especially the first tier, are recommended for their favorable gp/xp ratio. Fire strike stands out as a popular choice due to its experience yield and cost efficiency.

Equip yourself with the corresponding elemental staff, such as a fire staff, to unleash the chosen spell. Rune pouches can be handy for rune storage, optimizing your inventory space during extended splashing sessions.

You start with the wind strike spell until you reach level 13 to be able to use the fire strike and from there you will jump to the fire bolt, then if you have a large budget you can use the highest level fire spells

Selecting Spells

Standard Spellbook

LvlIconNameRunesBase exp/castExp/hr
1Wind Strike.pngWind Strike1Air 1Mind5.56600
5Water Strike.pngWater Strike1Air 1Water 1Mind7.59000
9Earth Strike.pngEarth Strike1Air 2Earth 1Mind9.511400
13Fire Strike.pngFire Strike2Air 3Fire 1Mind11.513800
17Wind Bolt.pngWind Bolt2Air 1Chaos13.516200
23Water Bolt.pngWater Bolt2Air 2Water 1Chaos16.519800
29Earth Bolt.pngEarth Bolt2Air 3Earth 1Chaos19.523400
35Fire Bolt.pngFire Bolt3Air 4Fire 1Chaos22.527000
41Wind Blast.pngWind Blast3Air 1Death25.530600
47Water Blast.pngWater Blast3Air 3Water 1Death28.534200
53Earth Blast.pngEarth Blast3Air 4Earth 1Death31.537800
59Fire Blast.pngFire Blast4Air 5Fire 1Death34.541400
62Wind Wave.pngWind Wave5Air 1Blood3643200
65Water Wave.pngWater Wave5Air 7Water 1Blood37.545000
70Earth Wave.pngEarth Wave5Air 7Earth 1Blood4048000
75Fire Wave.pngFire Wave5Air 7Fire 1Blood42.551000
81Wind Surge.pngWind Surge7Air 1Wrath44.553400
85Water Surge.pngWater Surge7Air 10Water 1Wrath46.555800
90Earth Surge.pngEarth Surge7Air 10Earth 1Wrath48.558200
95Fire Surge.pngFire Surge7Air 10Fire 1Wrath50.560600

Locations and Execution

Once equipped, the world becomes your training ground. Seek out creatures that pose no threat in return, such as rats, spiders, and seagulls. Prime locations for splashing include Port Sarim, Port Piscarilius, or the chickens between the East Ardougne bank and Captain Barnaby.

Notably, Lumbridge is an exception, as Jagex has restricted experience gain in this area to maintain a newcomer-friendly environment.

Initiate the splashing process by clicking on your chosen creature, ensuring that auto-retaliate is enabled. Your character will tirelessly cast spells every 20 minutes, requiring minimal interaction from you.

Locations and Execution


As we conclude our journey through the art of splashing in OSRS, remember that this method offers an efficient means of leveling your magic skill. Whether you're a new player seeking a unique approach to magic training or a seasoned adventurer exploring alternative methods, splashing is a valuable addition to your arsenal of skills.

To all aspiring mages and curious newcomers, the world of Gielinor beckons with mysteries and magical wonders. Splashing is but one facet of the vast tapestry that Old School RuneScape weaves. Join the community, hone your skills, and let the magic within you shape the destiny of your OSRS adventure. Embrace the arcane, unravel the secrets, and embark on a journey where every spell cast leaves its mark. Welcome to OSRS, where magic is both an art and a science!