How To Shoot in FIFA 23




Welcome to the ultimate guide on how to shoot the ball in FIFA 23! If you're passionate about football and this exciting video game, you've come to the right place. In this guide, we will show you all the secrets to becoming an expert in shooting and leading your team to victory in every match.

FIFA 23 has taken the virtual football experience to a whole new level, offering more precise and realistic controls than ever before. From powerful and accurate shots to surprising effects, you will learn all the necessary techniques to leave your opponents in awe and win in any situation.

Remember that mastering the art of shooting the ball not only requires skill but also tactical understanding and timing. Throughout this guide, we will walk you through the process of perfecting your shots, from preparation to execution, so you can become a true master of shooting in FIFA 23.

Get ready to score stunning goals from any angle and distance. It's time to take your virtual football skills to the next level! Let's kick off the excitement with the ball at your feet and your eyes fixed on the opponent's goal!

How to shoot

Mastering the art of shooting in this game requires pressing a combination of several buttons. It could be as simple as O/B or as complex as L1 + O/LB + B, and the duration of button presses also influences the shot. Each combination yields a different type of shot, varying in power, accuracy, and relevance to specific in-game situations.

In FIFA 23, every player possesses individual abilities that significantly impact their behavior on the field and their shooting performance. Below, we have compiled and described the key attributes that directly affect the shooting mechanics in the game. Understanding and utilizing these attributes will help you unleash the full potential of your players' shots, making you a formidable force on the virtual pitch.






Shoot / Volley / Header


Time Your Shot

◯ + ◯ [Timed]

B + B [Timed]

Power Shot

L1 + R1 + ◯

LB + RB + B

Driven Shot

R1 + ◯ then L1

RB + B then LB

Chip Shot

L1 + ◯

LB + B

Flair Shot

L2 + ◯

LT + B

Finesse Shot

R1 + ◯

RB + B

Fake Shot (Cancel)

◯ then X + direction

B then A + direction

Free Kick: Curled Shot


Free Kick: Driven Shot

L1 + ◯

LB + B

Penalty: Finesse Shot

R1 + ◯

RB + B

Penalty: Chip Shot

L1 + ◯

LB + B


Shooting types:


Normal shot: A standard or normal shot in FIFA 23 is executed by pressing the shoot button once. This type of shot is versatile and can be taken from various distances and angles. When properly aimed, it boasts good accuracy, increasing your chances of hitting the target and scoring goals.

Timed finishing: Introducing a new shooting mechanic called "Timed Finishing" in FIFA 23, which allows you to control the timing of your shots more precisely. To perform a Timed Finish, you need to hit the shoot button twice. The key lies in the timing between each tap, hence the name "Timed Finishing."

Perfecting this technique involves pacing your shots and nailing the timing of your second tap. Hitting it too early or too late can result in a less accurate shot. To assist you, the FIFA Trainer can be enabled, displaying a colored bar with sliders above your player's head. Your second tap should occur precisely when the sliders hit the green zone in the center. If executed successfully, you'll receive a short message above the bar that reads, "Great Timing!"

Timed Finishing can be utilized in various open-play scenarios, including headers, volleys, finesse shots, and even bicycle kicks. Mastering this skill will elevate your shooting precision, enabling you to score from tight angles that were previously difficult with the classic shooting style.

Flair shot: The Flair Shot sacrifices some accuracy for added power. It can be a useful option when you are confident that the ball will hit the target, and the shot merely requires more power.

Finesse shot: The success of the Finesse Shot relies on your player's preferred foot. It excels at medium to close range, providing finesse and curve to the ball. Be mindful of your player's foot preference to maximize the effectiveness of this shot.

Long shot: The Long Shot in FIFA 23 is a captivating strike that can even score a goal from the middle of the field. To execute this impressive shot, hold down the shoot button (O/B). A strength bar will appear, indicating the power of the shot. The longer you hold the button, the stronger the strike will be. Additionally, you can adjust the angle of impact by turning the camera.

Low driven shot: Perfect for a more deliberate and accurate playstyle, the Low Driven Shot is ideal for one-on-one situations with the goalkeeper. It ensures precision in your shots when you value accuracy the most.

Driven shot: The Driven Shot is a special kick commonly used during free kicks to maneuver past the opponent's defensive wall. It provides a powerful, low trajectory shot that can be challenging for goalkeepers to save.

Signature shot: Players who possess specific skills can perform Signature Shots (L2 O / LT B). These unique kicks include the overhead kick, bicycle kick, volley, and even the scorpion kick. Additionally, shots using the outer part of the foot also fall under the Signature Shot category, requiring the combination L2 O / LT B.

Chip shot The Chip Shot elevates the ball into the air, allowing you to bypass opponents and the goalkeeper with finesse. It's a valuable skill to have in your arsenal for delicate touches over defenders.

How to do a Power Shot in FIFA 23:

The Power Shot is a highly significant feature in FIFA 23, allowing you to strike the ball with incredible force and accuracy, often leaving the goalkeeper with little time to react. To execute this powerful shot, follow these steps:

  1. For PlayStation: Hold down L1 and L2 simultaneously, and then press the shoot button (O). For Xbox: Hold down LB and RB together and then press the shoot button (B).
  2. When you correctly press the necessary buttons, the camera will zoom in on the main player, and a cone will appear from the ball. This cone represents your aim. It is essential to note that there is no aim assist here, meaning you have to manually choose the trajectory for the ball.
  3. Keep in mind that the Power Shot animation takes longer to execute than other shots. Therefore, it is best to use it when there is no immediate threat of an opponent stopping you.

By mastering the Power Shot, you can unleash an unstoppable force and become a potent goal-scoring threat in FIFA 23. Use it wisely and strategically to catch your opponents off guard and find the back of the net with sheer power and precision.


our ultimate guide on how to shoot the ball in FIFA 23! We hope this comprehensive information has provided you with all the necessary tools to become a master of shooting and lead your team to glory on the virtual pitch.

Remember to practice each technique, master the art of timing and precision, and, above all, enjoy the thrill and fun that FIFA 23 has to offer.

Whether it's with a spectacular Long Shot from the middle of the field, a precise Low Driven Shot in one-on-one situations, or an awe-inspiring Power Shot that leaves everyone amazed, your skill and knowledge will guide you to victory.

Now is the time to step onto the virtual playing field and showcase your abilities! May each goal be a masterpiece, and each victory, a rewarding achievement.

Good luck and may you have an exciting and successful journey in FIFA 23! See you on the pitch!