How to Get to Sand Crabs OSRS

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How to Get to Sand Crabs OSRS

In the vast realm of Old School RuneScape (OSRS), where monsters of all kinds roam, Sand Crabs stand out as formidable adversaries, perfect for honing combat skills. These creatures, reminiscent of the iconic Rock Crabs, offer a unique training experience with minimal interaction requirements. As we delve into the secrets of accessing these powerful foes, both new and seasoned players will find valuable insights, unveiling the multitude of paths to the elusive Crabclaw Isle, the realm of Sand Crabs.

sand crabs

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Unlocking Crabclaw Isle

Before venturing to the shores of Crabclaw Island you must reach the kingdom of Great Kourend and head south along the coast. The Island itself requires a fee of 10,000 coins, or a reduced amount for those who have completed specific achievement dailies.

Crabclaw Isle

Pathways to Crabclaw Isle

1. Boat from Port Sarim: Speak to Veos in Port Sarim after completing the "X Marks the Spot" quest, a short and easy introduction to the clue scroll mechanic.

Pathways to Crabclaw Isle

2. Fairy Rings: Unlock Fairy Rings through the quest "Fairy Tale Part II: Cure a Queen" and use code DJR to get close to the Chasm of Fire, then run to the southern shores.

fairy rings

3. Xeric’s Talisman: Obtain a Xeric’s Talisman from Lizardman variants and charge it with lizardmen's fangs to teleport to Xeric’s Glade, near Hosidius.

Xeric’s Talisman

4. Skills Necklace: Craft or buy a skills necklace, enchant it, and teleport to the Woodcutting Guild. Run east to reach Crabclaw Isle, but note that you need to start "The Depths of Despair" quest.

Skills Necklace

5. Kharedst’s Memoirs: Obtain Kharedst’s Memoirs as a reward from the quest "Client of Kourend" and use the teleport to Hosidius, then run east and south (requires "The Depths of Despair" quest).

Kharedst’s Memoirs

6. Minigame Teleports: Use a minigame teleport to the Tithe Farm after achieving 100% Favor with Hosidius.

Lovakengj Minecart Network: Requires at least 65% favor with the Lovakengj house. Use the minecart network after obtaining a certificate.

Kourend Teleport: Requires 69 Magic and proper runes. Unlock the spell through the "Transportation Incantations" book in the Arceuus Library.

House Teleport: If your player-owned house is in Hosidius, use the House Teleport spell or tablet to reach Crabclaw Isle.


In the realm of OSRS, Crabclaw Isle beckons, and Sand Crabs await those seeking to refine their combat prowess. With diverse paths leading to this training ground, adventurers can choose their preferred method of arrival. Whether it's the simplicity of a boat ride or the arcane teleportations of Kharedst’s Memoirs, each journey promises encounters that will mold heroes and forge legends.

To all aspiring heroes and curious wanderers, the shores of Crabclaw Isle extend an invitation. OSRS invites you to embark on a journey where the sands echo with the challenges posed by Sand Crabs. Seize the opportunity to sharpen your combat skills, uncover the versatility of teleportation methods, and become part of the ever-growing community that thrives in the magical world of Old School RuneScape. Adventure awaits, and Sand Crabs are but the beginning – will you heed the call?