How to Get the Cozy Sleeping Bag in Season of Discovery

How to Get the Cozy Sleeping Bag in Season of Discovery

WoW Season of Discovery Cozy Sleeping Bag Guide Effects Well Rested

Are you tired of wandering around Azeroth without a cozy spot to rest? Look no further! In this guide, we'll walk you through the steps to obtain the coveted Cozy Sleeping Bag, whether you fight for the Horde or swear allegiance to the Alliance.

What's so special about the Cozy Sleeping Bag, you ask? Well, it allows you to curl up and catch some Z's no matter where you are in the world, granting a bonus to the experience earned. Plus, this bonus stacks up to three times, making it a must-have for any adventurer seeking to level up swiftly.

Horde Players:

1. Begin your quest in The Barrens.
2. Follow the designated path until you reach Westfall.

Alliance Players:

1. Start your journey in Westfall.
2. Traverse the terrain until you arrive in The Barrens.

Burned-Out Remains, The Barrens (46, 74)

As you venture to the southern reaches of The Barrens, seek out the Burned-Out Remains situated at coordinates 46, 74. Here, amidst the remnants of a forgotten tale, you'll stumble upon the starting point of your adventure.

Upon discovering the Burned-Out Remains, you'll trigger the commencement of the quest titled "...and that note you found." This intriguing questline will beckon you to journey forth to Westfall, unlocking a series of trials and discoveries along the way.

Note: If you're an Alliance player, this step will be reversed, with Westfall being your starting point.

Location: Burned-Out Remains

step 1

Alexston Farmstead, Eastern Westfall (37, 50)

Now that you've successfully traversed the lands from The Barrens to Westfall, your next destination is the Alexston Farmstead located in the eastern part of Westfall. As you arrive at this humble abode, keep a keen eye out for a Nailed Plank, conveniently situated at coordinates 37, 50.

Upon discovering the Nailed Plank, you'll not only bring the quest you initiated in The Barrens to a fulfilling conclusion but also receive valuable rewards. Prepare to be rewarded with a Swiftness Potion and a Strong Troll's Blood Potion, essential assets for the adventures that lie ahead.

But the journey doesn't end here. The completion of this quest will seamlessly lead you into the next chapter of your expedition, marked by the initiation of the quest "Stepping Stones." Be ready to step into the unknown, navigate through challenges, and uncover the secrets that Westfall has in store for you.

Location: Alexston Farmstead

Stepping Stones

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Stonetalon Mountains, near Sun Rock Retreat

As your journey unfolds and you find yourself amidst the rugged terrain of Stonetalon Mountains, seek out a hidden path in the hills near Sun Rock Retreat. This clandestine route will guide you to a secluded camp, where a crucial turn in your adventure awaits.

At this camp, be vigilant and spot the elusive Pocket Litter. Once you've located it, interact by clicking to turn in your quest. Your efforts will be rewarded with a bounty including Flint and Tinder, Simple Wood x3, a Sturdy Lunchbox, and a crucial choice between a Mining Pick or a Farmer's Shovel.

With your new equipment in tow, the quest "Scramble" will unfold before you, urging you to venture a bit to the east. Follow the trail and discover a Mound of Dirt nestled into the side of the hill. Here, you'll conclude the "Scramble" quest, reaping rewards such as Student Fodder x3, Feathered Arrow x200, Exploding Shot x200, and the opportunity to select Silver Star, Moonsight Rifle, or Precision Bow.

Prepare for what lies ahead as you seamlessly transition into the next chapter of your adventure with the initiation of the quest "Wet Job."

Location: Stonetalon Mountains

The camp with the litter players must pick up during the stepping stones quest in wow sod

step 2

Stonewrought Dam, North of Loch Modan (49, 12)

As your adventure unfolds, your next destination beckons you to the north of Loch Modan, where the imposing Stonewrought Dam stands tall. Navigate your way to this monumental structure and keep a sharp eye out for a Carved Figurine, strategically positioned at coordinates 49, 12. To reach it, be prepared to make a daring leap down onto a ledge on the dam.

For Horde players, be forewarned that this leg of the questline may present additional challenges due to the long-distance travel and the presence of level 30 guards in the area.

Upon successfully locating the Carved Figurine, turn in your quest to receive a well-deserved reward. You'll be granted a Hickory Pipe, perfect for moments of reflection, and some Rumsey Rum Light to lift your spirits. With this leg of your journey completed, a new quest, "Eagle's Fist," will unfold before you. 

Stonewrought Dam, North of Loch Modan

step 3

Thoradin Wall, Eastern Border of Hillsbrad Foothills

Your epic journey is nearing its conclusion as you venture to the eastern border of Hillsbrad Foothills, marked by the formidable Thoradin Wall. Here, your agility and parkour skills will be put to the test as you seek out a leaning cart against a gap in the northern part of the wall.

Summon your inner acrobat and ascend the cart with finesse, proceeding to traverse the topside of the wall until you reach a platform holding a Messenger Bag. Click on this bag to bring your current quest to a satisfying conclusion.

But the adventure doesn't end here. Direct your attention to the Hastily Rolled-Up Satchel situated beneath the Messenger Bag. Click on it to complete the quest "This Must Be the Place" and bask in the rewards that await you. Receive a coveted Cozy Sleeping Bag, providing you with the comfort of a good night's rest wherever your journey may take you. Additionally, you'll be granted 5 more Student Fodder, ensuring you're well-prepared for future endeavors.

step 4


A screenshot of the compleyed cozy sleeping bag questline in WoW SoD