Holy Grail Quest OSRS


Holy Grail Quest OSRS

holy grail

In this quest, players help King Arthur search for the holy grail. The grail is missing from its original location in Entrana and is protected by the Fisher King in the Fisher Realm. Throughout the quest, players will encounter various challenges and puzzles as they work to retrieve the holy grail.

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Start point

Speak to King Arthur in Camelot

map start quest camelot


Completion of the following quests: Merlin's Crystal

 20 Attack

Must be able to defeat a level 120 Black Knight Titan (can be safespotted or flinched)

Items required


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In the "Holy Grail" quest in Old School RuneScape, players begin by speaking to King Arthur in Camelot. He informs you about the ancient artifact, the Holy Grail, which has been moved into the realm of RuneScape, and his Knights of the Round Table are searching for it.

After speaking to King Arthur, you need to find Merlin, who is located on the 1st floor of Camelot Castle. To reach him, go up the staircase in the main part of the castle and head to the south-east room (not the tower). Once you enter that room, Merlin will appear and provide you with further instructions.

Merlin will advise you to go to a "holy island," which is Entrana. To reach Entrana, you need to take a boat from Port Sarim. However, there are specific item restrictions when traveling to Entrana, and you must leave behind any weapons, armor, and other restricted items before boarding the boat.

Additionally, you are also directed to seek out Sir Galahad, who resides somewhere west of McGrubor's Wood. You'll need to find him during your quest to continue your search for the Holy Grail.

talk king arthur

The Island of Entrana

After speaking to King Arthur and Merlin in Camelot, you head to Port Sarim to sail to Entrana. Remember not to bring any weapons or armor, as the monks on the pier will not grant you access to the island if you do so. There is a bank deposit box next to the monks where you can store your gear if needed.

Upon arriving on Entrana, speak to the high priest of the church who will inform you that the Holy Grail is no longer on the island. However, a strange old crone will appear and tell you that the Fisher King is in trouble and you must help him by finding where the six stone heads around the world point to and blow a magic whistle there.

Next, return to Camelot (you can teleport there or use a combat bracelet to teleport to the Ranging Guild) and find Sir Galahad, who resides in a house west of McGrubor's Wood. Let him know that you're searching for an item from the Fisher Realm, and he will reluctantly give you a holy table napkin, a souvenir he took from the Fisher Realm.

With the holy table napkin in your possession, head to the top floor of Draynor Manor and enter the southern room. There, you'll find two magic whistles that you need to pick up. Make sure you have the holy table napkin with you, or you won't be able to see the whistle respawn. Keep in mind that the magic whistles may despawn if you wait too long, but you can make them respawn by exiting and re-entering the room. Once you have the magic whistles, exit the manor through the back door in the south-eastern ground floor room.

map entrana island

Black Knight Titan

after obtaining the magic whistles and being ready to confront the Fisher King, you need to head to Brimhaven. There are several methods to reach Brimhaven:

  1. Fastest way (if you have access to a house with a teleport focus): Use a scroll of redirection on a teleport to house tablet and direct it to Brimhaven.
  2. Teleport to Ardougne and speak to Captain Barnaby in southern Ardougne, on the docks. He will take you to Brimhaven.
  3. Take a charter ship from Port Sarim to Brimhaven (costs 1,600gp).
  4. Take a charter ship from Catherby docks to Brimhaven (costs 480gp).
  5. Use the Fishing Trawler minigame teleport to reach a charter ship to Brimhaven (costs 1,600gp).
  6. Use your amulet of glory to teleport to Musa Point and then run west to Brimhaven.
  7. Use the fairy ring code "blp" to reach Brimhaven.
  8. Use the TzHaar Fight Pit minigame teleport to go to Mor Ul Rek and then find your way to Brimhaven.
  9. Pay 30 coins to take a ship from Port Sarim to Musa Point and then walk to Brimhaven.

Once you arrive in Brimhaven, head northwest of the town to the goldmine, and look for a guard tower north of the gold rocks. Under the tower, use one of the magic whistles you obtained earlier, and you will be teleported to the Fisher King's Realm.

In the Fisher King's Realm, be cautious of level 20 poisonous scorpions, especially if your Combat level is below 41. It's recommended to bring antipoison to protect yourself during your exploration

map  tute brimhaven

once you have made your way to the Fisher King's Realm and encountered the Black Knight Titan blocking your path, you must defeat the titan to proceed. Here's a summary of the steps to progress through this part of the quest:

  1. Prepare for the battle: The Black Knight Titan can hit up to 15, so be sure to come prepared with appropriate food, armor, and weapons. While it is recommended to use Melee attacks, you can use other weapons to bring down the titan's health, but the finishing strike must be from the Excalibur blade.
  2. Kill the Black Knight Titan: Engage the titan in combat and reduce its health using your chosen weapons. Once it's low on health, switch to the Excalibur and deliver the final blow to defeat the titan. If you fail to use the Excalibur for the finishing strike, you'll have to fight the titan again.
  3. Cross the bridge and find the Fisherman: After defeating the titan, cross the bridge and head south along the river until you find a Fisherman. Speak to him and ask how to enter the castle.
  4. Obtain the grail bell: The Fisherman will tell you that you need to ring a bell to enter the castle. Head to the castle, located southwest from the fisherman, and you'll find the grail bell on the ground in front of the entrance. Ring the bell to progress through the dialogue and gain access to the castle. Pick up the magic whistle on the floor (you'll need it later).
  5. Speak to the Fisher King: Head upstairs in the castle and speak to the Fisher King. Make sure to choose every chat option to avoid any issues. The Fisher King is very sick and wants to see his son, Percival, one last time. Percival is a knight of the Round Table.
  6. Complete the quest: After conversing with the Fisher King, blow your whistle again to be teleported out of the Fisher King's Realm. Alternatively, if you have the necessary runes, you can use a teleport spell to return directly to Camelot.

Finishing up

speak to King Arthur in Camelot. He will give you a magic gold feather that points towards Sir Percival's location.

Use the feather to guide you to Goblin Village. Find Percival in the east house and inform him that his father wishes to see him. Give him a magic whistle.

Return to the Fisher King's Realm. You can now teleport there using fairy rings (code: "bjr"). Percival is now the new king.

Go upstairs in the castle, take the holy grail, and blow your whistle.

Head back to King Arthur in Camelot and report your progress.

By following these steps, you will have completed the "Holy Grail" quest and helped Percival become the new Fisher King.

ticket complete quest holy grail