Hackclaw's War-Band Boss Guide in Brackenhide Hollow Dungeon

Hackclaw's War-Band Boss Guide in Brackenhide Hollow Dungeon

Rira Hackclaw, alongside her formidable allies Gashtooth and Tricktotem, commands a notorious war-band within the treacherous depths of Brackenhide Hollow. The cunning strategies employed by this trio are responsible for the caution observed by tuskarr travelers, who wisely opt not to venture alone. The sheer might of Hackclaw's war-band has earned them the esteemed role of guardians at the gateway to the Hollow, a position of strength granted by the formidable Wratheye. As adventurers navigate the challenges within the dungeons of Brackenhide Hollow, understanding the tactics and capabilities of Hackclaw's War-Band becomes paramount for survival. Stay vigilant, for these skilled warriors are not to be underestimated in their quest to protect the secrets hidden within the heart of the Hollow.

Hackclaw's War-Band Boss Guide in Brackenhide Hollow Dungeon

Hackclaw's War-Band Abilities

Rira Hackclaw

1. Savage Charge: Rira initiates a potent charge targeting a player. After a 14-second wind-up, she charges towards her selected target, dealing 80 Physical damage upon impact.

2. Bladestorm: Rira unleashes a whirlwind of steel, spinning towards random players at 70% reduced speed for 10 seconds. This tumultuous assault inflicts 20 Physical damage to all players within an 8-yard radius every 5 seconds while in motion.

3. Cleave: Rira's melee attacks have a sweeping effect, striking all players positioned within 0 yards in front of her.


1. Decayed Senses: Gashtooth hurls an alchemical bag of decay at a target, causing 10 Nature damage and temporarily blinding them. Additionally, the target suffers a 150% increase in Physical damage taken for 15 seconds.

2. Gash Frenzy: Gashtooth swiftly shadowsteps between players five times, dealing 15 Physical damage with each strike. Players hit by this ability bleed for 8 Physical damage every second for 45 seconds. This bleeding effect is removed if the player's health is restored to over 90%.


1. Hextrick Totem: Tricktotem summons a totem that channels Hextrick, incapacitating a player for 15 seconds.

2. Greater Healing Rapids: Tricktotem provides substantial healing to a friendly target, restoring 60 health instantly and an additional 6 health every second for 15 seconds.

3. Bloodfrenzy: When an ally's health drops below 15%, Tricktotem boosts the haste and damage output of all fellow gnolls by 30% until the conclusion of the encounter.

4. Earth Bolt: Tricktotem propels a mass of earth at her current target, causing 13 Nature damage upon impact.

Tips and Strategy

The formidable war-band, led by Rira Hackclaw alongside Gashtooth and Tricktotem, launches coordinated assaults on players within Brackenhide Hollow. When any member of the war-band reaches a perilous 15% health, Tricktotem triggers Bloodfrenzy. At 100 energy, Rira Hackclaw orchestrates a deadly combined attack, unleashing Hextrick Totem, Decayed Senses, and Savage Charge in a relentless sequence.

Damage Dealers:

- Be wary of Tricktotem's attempts to heal the war-band with Greater Healing Rapids.

- Hextrick Totem can incapacitate a player for the duration of its existence.

- Tricktotem activates Bloodfrenzy when any member of the war-band falls below 15% health.


- Players marked for butchery will sustain intense damage.

- Gash Frenzy induces bleeding on the target until their health is restored above 90%.

- Decayed Senses inflicts massively increased Physical Damage on the target.


- Prepare for Rira's severe physical damage when she executes Savage Charge.

- Tricktotem aims to support her allies with Greater Healing Rapids.

- Bloodfrenzy is cast by Tricktotem when any member of the War-Band drops below 15% health.