Gutshot Boss Guide in Brackenhide Hollow Dungeon

Gutshot Boss Guide in Brackenhide Hollow Dungeon

Gutshot, the adept gnoll sharpshooter, has honed her skills in the intricate arts of hunting, trapping, and dispatching prey. The Decatriarch, recognizing her unparalleled abilities and strategic cunning, has entrusted Gutshot with the crucial role of supervising and training fellow hunters within the domain of Brackenhide. Apart from her instructional duties, Gutshot is tasked with eliminating any trespassers who dare to encroach upon the territory. Her lethal precision and instinctual prowess make her an invaluable asset in maintaining order and safeguarding the boundaries of Brackenhide against unwelcome interlopers.

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Gutshot Abilities

1. Call Hyenas Call Hyenas: Gutshot summons 2 Rotfang Hyenas to her aid during battle.

Rotfang Hyena - Bounding Leap: The Rotfang Hyena leaps towards a random target, dealing 20 Physical damage and stunning all players within 3 yards for 4 seconds.

2. Huntleader's Tactics Huntleader's Tactics: Gutshot enhances the damage output of allies within 15 yards by 15% and reduces their cooldowns by 25%.

3. Ensnaring Trap Ensnaring Trap: Gutshot deploys a trap towards random players. When triggered, it ensnares all creatures and players within 5 yards, causing 6 Physical damage every 2 seconds for 6 seconds.

4. Meat Toss Meat Toss: Gutshot hurls a bloody meat chunk at a random target, causing them to emit a "Smell Like Meat" aura.

- Smell Like Meat: The lingering scent of fresh meat attracts the attention of Rotfang Hyenas for 10 seconds.

- Feeding Frenzy: Rotfang Hyenas enter a frenzy, relentlessly chasing the target affected by "Smell Like Meat" for 10 seconds. While enraged, their damage output increases by 100%.

5. Master's Call Master's Call: Gutshot commands her Rotfang Hyenas, freeing them from any ensnaring effects. The hyenas gain temporary immunity to such effects, and their movement speed increases by 15% for 5 seconds.

6. Gut Shot Gut Shot: Gutshot takes aim with her crossbow and fires a potent shot, dealing 60 Physical damage and forcefully knocking the target back.

Tips and Strategy

Gutshot relies on her innate hunter instincts, utilizing [Gut Shot] and [Ensnaring Trap] to control and distance players. Periodically, she will hurl [Meat Toss], triggering a [Feeding Frenzy] among her ferocious hyenas. When her energy reaches 100, Gutshot summons reinforcements with [Call Hyenas].

Damage Dealers:

- Beware, the Rotfang Hyenas summoned by [Call Hyenas] can swiftly overwhelm the party.

- [Ensnaring Trap] ensnares all nearby players and hyenas upon activation by any creature.

- [Meat Toss] directs all hyenas to fixate on the targeted player.


- [Meat Toss] causes all hyenas to fixate on the target, necessitating focused healing.

- [Feeding Frenzy] amplifies Rotfang Hyenas' damage output by an additional 100%.

- [Ensnaring Trap] entangles both players and hyenas within its range when triggered.


- Brace for impact as Gutshot unleashes [Gut Shot], firing a massive bolt that inflicts substantial Physical damage and knocks the target back.

- [Ensnaring Trap] ensnares all nearby players and hyenas if triggered by any creature. Maintain control to avoid chaos in the battlefield.