Gundrak Dungeon Guide in WotLK

Gundrak Dungeon Guide in WotLK

Welcome to Gundrak, the capital city of the Drakkari Empire. This guide will provide you with an overview of the dungeon, including essential details such as minimum requirements, entrance location and dungeon quests.

Gundrak Dungeon Guide - WotLK Classic - Icy Veins


Gundrak, once a majestic city, now stands besieged by the Scourge. The prophets of the Drakkari Empire, in their desperation, have turned to dark magic, even sacrificing their loa for power, leading them to madness.

To reach the final boss, it's crucial to activate three altars. Each altar is situated behind one of the regular bosses: Slad'ran, Drakkari Colossus, and Moorabi. Failure to activate these altars will necessitate a backtrack through the dungeon.

Shortcuts and Hazards: Gundrak features shortcuts that involve swimming. While your group may take to the water, be cautious as these are perilous waters. Swift navigation is advised.

On Heroic mode, access to Eck the Ferocious's area is barred until Moorabi is defeated. Following Moorabi's defeat, the door to Eck the Ferocious will open behind your group. Exercise vigilance, as overlooking this detail is common, particularly if your group opts for a shortcut through the water.

Special Encounters: During the Lunar Festival, players can encounter the Lunar Festival Elder, Ohanzee the Elder, positioned behind the second boss on both Normal and Heroic difficulties. This encounter is essential for the completion of the Elders of the Dungeons achievement and is exclusively available during the Lunar Festival event.

Prepare yourself for the challenges that lie within Gundrak's ancient halls, and may fortune favor your endeavors.


Minimum Level to Enter: 71

Minimum Level to Queue: 74

Levels: 76-78

Dungeon Entrance: Gundrak, Zul'Drak

Nearest Flight Point: Gundrak Flight Point

Bosses: Moorabi, Gal'darah, Slad'ran, Drakkari Colossus, Eck the Ferocious (Heroic only)

How to get to Gundrak Dungeon

Gundrak, situated in Northwest Zul'Drak, is a formidable dungeon awaiting brave adventurers. Here's a guide on how to reach this ancient citadel.


- Zone: Northwest Zul'Drak

- Nearest Flight Point: Gundrak Flight Point at Dubra'jin


1. From the Gundrak Flight Point, head east towards the main structure.

2. Note that the dungeon entrance is not in the main structure but in a smaller structure to the east.

3. The summoning stone is conveniently located just outside this smaller structure, providing a gathering point for your group.

Prepare your party for the challenges that await within Gundrak's halls, and may your journey be filled with glory!

Gundrak Dungeon entrance

Gundrak Quests

For Posterity

Minimum level: 74

Quest Starts/Ends: Chronicler Bah'Kini, Dubra'jin, Zul'Drak

Item Rewards: Lion's Head Ring,  Ring of Foul Mojo,  Solid Platinum Band,  Voodoo Signet

Gal'darah Must Pay

Minimum level: 74

Quest Starts/Ends: Tol'mar, Dubra'jin, Zul'Drak

Item Rewards: Sly Mojo Sash,  Strange Voodoo Belt,  Ranger's Belt of the Fallen Empire,  Clasp of the Fallen Demi-God

One of a Kind

Minimum level: 74

Quest Starts/Ends: Chronicler Bah'Kini, Dubra'jin, Zul'Drak

Item Rewards:  Fur-lined Moccasins,  Rhino Hide Kneeboots,  Scaled Boots of Fallen Hope,  Slippers of the Mojo Dojo, Trollkickers

Proof of Demise: Gal'darah

Minimum level: 80

Quest Starts/Ends: Archmage Lan'dalock, The Violet Hold, Dalaran

Reputation Gains: Kirin Tor, 75 points