Gulping Goliath Boss Guide in Halls Infusion Dungeon

Gulping Goliath Boss Guide in Halls Infusion Dungeon

Within the recesses of the Halls of Infusion resides the Gulping Goliath, progenitor of countless hornswogs. Nourished by the pristine waters of the wellspring, this colossal creature and its offspring thrive in the shadows. Fueled by an insatiable appetite, the Goliath voraciously devours any creature approaching its lair. The caverns resonate with the relentless echoes of its consuming gulps, embodying the ceaseless hunger that propels this mythical beast. In the heart of darkness, the Gulping Goliath stands as a testament to nature's unforgiving cycle, an eternal predator in the ever-churning tapestry of the Halls of Infusion.

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Gulping Goliath Abilities

1. Gulp Gulp: The Goliath attempts to swallow players and creatures within a 10-yard radius for 2 seconds, causing 10 Nature damage every 2 seconds. While inside the Goliath's gullet, the target accumulates 3 stacks of Gulp Swog Toxin. If the Goliath fails to consume a player, it becomes Hangry.

2. Gulp Swog Toxin Gulp Swog Toxin: This deadly toxin inflicts 0 Nature damage every 2 seconds for 10 seconds. It culminates in instant death upon reaching 20 applications.

3. Hangry Hangry: When hungry, the Gulping Goliath becomes enraged, boosting Physical damage by 50% for 1 minute. This effect accumulates with subsequent instances.

4. Overpowering Croak Overpowering Croak: The Gulping Goliath releases a massive croak, dealing 8 Physical damage to all players every second for 2 seconds. The cavern-shaking croak rains down rocky debris and Curious Swoglets.

5. Cave In Cave In: Falling rocks cause 15 Physical damage to players within 6 yards of impact and unleash 2 Curious Swoglets from above.

6. Curious Swoglet:

- Gulp Swog Toxin: Deadly toxin causing 0 Nature damage every 2 seconds for 10 seconds. Instantly fatal at 20 applications.

- Belly Slam: The Gulping Goliath leaps, crashing down on a designated area, inflicting 35 Physical damage to all players within range.

7. Toxic Effluvia Toxic Effluvia: The Gulping Goliath blankets all players with 6 Nature damage every 2 seconds for 4 seconds, spreading a toxic aura throughout the encounter.

Tips and Strategy

The Gulping Goliath, utilizing its immense size and the devastating [Overpowering Croak], seeks to dominate its adversaries. Beware of Cave Ins, triggered by dislodged stones, which release Curious Swoglets into the arena. The Gulp ability, coupled with melee attacks from Curious Swoglets, administers the deadly Gulp Swog Toxin.

Damage Dealers:

- Should the Gulping Goliath miss with Gulp, it enters a rage, becoming Hangry.

- Curious Swoglets' melee attacks pose a dual threat, inflicting damage and applying the perilous Gulp Swog Toxin.


- Curious Swoglets' melee strikes not only deal damage but also introduce the lethal Gulp Swog Toxin.

- Toxic Effluvia emanates significant Nature damage to the entire party.


- Prevent the Gulping Goliath from missing with Gulp to avoid triggering its enraged state, Hangry.

- Exercise caution with Curious Swoglets, as their melee attacks carry the potentially fatal Gulp Swog Toxin.