Guide to Obtaining the Rolling Thunder Rune in WoW SoD Phase 3

Rolling Thunder Rune Rolling Thunder Rune

Lightning Bolt and Chain Lightning have a 30% chance to add an additional charge to your active Lightning Shield, up to a maximum of 9 charges.

Earth Shock now releases all Lightning Shield charges above 3 to deal damage to the target and give you 2% of your maximum mana per charge released

Steps by Steps Guide

To obtain the Rolling Thunder Rune in Tanaris, follow these steps:

1. Head to the south end of a giant skeleton ribcage in Tanaris.

2. Look for the Odd Totem located there. You can use the coordinates /way 43 41 to locate it precisely.

Odd Totem located there

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3. Interact with the Odd Totem by clicking on it. This action will trigger the Totem Challenge event.

Odd Totem

4. During the Totem Challenge event, you'll receive the Ghost Wolf form, but be aware that it also increases the damage you take by 50%. Therefore, try to avoid getting hit by enemies during this time.

5. After activating the first Odd Totem, quickly make your way to the opposite end of the skeleton.

6. Locate the second Odd Totem at the other end of the skeleton.

7. Interact with the second Odd Totem by clicking on it.

8. This action will spawn a Chest beside the second Odd Totem.

9. Open the Chest to obtain the Rolling Thunder Rune.