Grubbis Boss Guide in Season of Discovery

Grubbis Boss Guide in Season of Discovery

Grubbis is the initial challenger found within Gnomeregan, accompanied by his loyal pet basilisk, Chomper. This enormous Trogg will seek to end your adventure in the least imaginable ways.

Grubbis Boss Guide Season of Discovery

Grubbis's Primary Abilities

1. Radiation: Grubbis emits a backward frontal cone of radiation, dealing damage and knocking back any unfortunate targets caught within its range. Players must be mindful of their positioning to avoid being hit by this ability and potentially knocked into further danger.

2. Trogg's Wrath: Grubbis becomes enraged, significantly increasing his physical damage output. Tanks should be prepared to mitigate this extra damage while healers ensure the tank's survivability during this phase.

3. ¡Furious Grubbis!: Grubbis unleashes his fury with an area-of-effect spell that damages all players regardless of their distance from him. While individually not overly potent, this ability can prove fatal if healing is insufficient, particularly during intense moments of combat.

4. Petrify: Chomper, Grubbis's loyal companion, may intermittently cast Petrify on the tank, causing them to become stunned for 8 seconds. It is crucial for healers or dispellers to promptly remove this debuff to ensure the tank can resume their duties effectively.

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Grubbis Strategy

The Grubbis fight starts with a short gauntlet-style encounter. Troggs will spawn in small waves, followed by Poison Clouds. You should kite the Troggs into the Poison Clouds, causing them to explode and kill the Troggs before despawning.

After a few waves, Grubbis spawns alongside his basilisk pet - [Chomper]. Due to his pet, this fight is easier to manage with two tanks, although it's not required if damage dealers are disciplined and focus on the pre-selected target, making threat more manageable.

Once Grubbis spawns, waves of Troggs and Poison Clouds continue to spawn. These can be managed in the same way as during the gauntlet, by kiting the mobs into the clouds. It's possible to ignore the clouds for uptime and cleave, or ignore the adds while focusing on the boss, but it's not recommended for the average raid.

Using Nature Protection Potions can be helpful during the first one or two clears if the group isn't confident in their damage and healing output. These potions reduce some of the damage taken and, subsequently, the mana used for healing.

Grubbis Tips for Gnomeregan

1. Tips for Tanks: If you have two tanks, ensure that each tank pre-selects one of the two bosses at the beginning to secure a safe threat lead from the start.

2. Tips for Healers: Healers should focus on mana conservation throughout the fight due to constant ticking nature damage from the poison clouds. Pay attention to the boss's casts, particularly the "Ira de trogg," as it can cause spikes in tank damage. Topping up raid health slightly when the AoE spell "¡Grubbis furioso!" is cast can prevent random deaths when combined with the ticking damage.

3. Tips for Melee: Melee players should closely watch the boss's casts, especially the "Radiation" spell. Being hit by it can result in a loss of uptime and damage since it knocks the player back slightly and inflicts damage. Ideally, move to the side once you see the spell being cast and then return to your position.

4. Tips for Ranged: As a ranged damage dealer in this fight, positioning is crucial. Stand outside the trajectory between the tanks, where the Trogg adds move toward the poison clouds, to avoid unnecessary movement away from the clouds. Also, avoid standing near the boss during its "Radiation" casts, as it will knock you back.