Granyth Boss Guide in The Nokhud Offensive Dungeon


Granyth looms ominously over the vast expanse of the Ohn'ahra plains, his towering figure casting a foreboding shadow that stretches far and wide. To those who witness it, his presence serves as a grim harbinger, a sign of imminent death and chaos.

Amidst the tumultuous clashes of centaur clans that reverberate across the plains like thunder, Granyth senses the perfect opportunity to exact his vengeance upon his age-old adversaries. For too long have the clans of Ohn'ahra been locked in a bitter struggle for dominance, and now, Granyth knows that the time has come to tip the scales decisively in his favor.

As the anticipation builds and the tension reaches its zenith, Granyth prepares to descend upon the battlefield like a tempest unleashed. With calculated precision, he rallies his forces, marshaling them for the impending confrontation. The warriors of Clan Shikaar stand poised, their ballistae gleaming in the harsh light of the sun, ready to unleash their deadly payload upon any who dare oppose them.

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Granyth Abilities

Granyth possesses formidable abilities that make him a formidable adversary on the battlefield:

1. Eruption Eruption: Granyth harnesses the earth's power, causing the ground beneath him to erupt violently. This eruption inflicts significant Nature damage to all nearby players at regular intervals. With each eruption, the subsequent shockwaves become increasingly more powerful, escalating the danger for those in the vicinity.

2. Shards of Stone Shards of Stone: Granyth unleashes a barrage of razor-sharp stone shards, which fly outward in all directions, indiscriminately striking all players within a 60-yard radius. The impact of these shards inflicts considerable Nature damage, posing a serious threat to anyone caught in their path.

3. Tectonic Stomp Tectonic Stomp: Granyth delivers a devastating stomp to the ground, triggering a seismic upheaval that inflicts substantial Nature damage to all players within a 20-yard radius. Additionally, the force of the stomp is powerful enough to knock affected players away, further disorienting and disrupting their positions on the battlefield.

4. Dismantle Dismantle: Granyth's allies, the Nokhud Saboteurs, possess the ability to disable Dragonkiller Lances, specialized weaponry crucial for combating Granyth. By sabotaging these lances, the saboteurs prevent them from being fired or reloaded, temporarily neutralizing a vital aspect of the players' offensive capabilities against Granyth.

5. Dragonkiller Lance Dragonkiller Lance: These powerful lances serve as the primary means of directly engaging and incapacitating Granyth. However, they require careful management and reloading. When fired at Granyth, the lance delivers a stunning blow, incapacitating him for a brief period and inflicting damage based on a percentage of his maximum health.

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Tips and Strategy

Granyth, a formidable foe empowered by the forces of earth, unleashes his wrath upon players with devastating earthen abilities. As he gathers energy, he prepares to unleash a catastrophic [Eruption] upon his enemies, dealing escalating damage until interrupted.


- Eruption: Granyth's Eruption ability becomes increasingly more dangerous as it accumulates energy, inflicting escalating damage to all players. Tanks must prioritize interrupting this ability to prevent catastrophic harm to the group.

- Tectonic Stomp: Tanks should be prepared for Granyth's powerful Tectonic Stomp, which deals significant Nature damage to nearby players and knocks them away. Maintaining proper positioning and mitigating damage from this attack is crucial.

Damage Dealers:

- Tectonic Stomp: Like tanks, damage dealers must be vigilant against Granyth's [Tectonic Stomp], which inflicts high Nature damage and knocks players away. Avoiding unnecessary damage and quickly returning to combat is essential for maintaining optimal DPS.

- Shikaar Lancers: Damage dealers can coordinate with Shikaar Lancers to utilize the [Dragonkiller Lance], a potent weapon capable of stunning Granyth and dealing damage based on a percentage of his maximum health. Timing the activation of this ability strategically can turn the tide of battle in their favor.


- Eruption: Healers must be prepared for the escalating damage caused by Granyth's Eruption. Interrupting this ability promptly is crucial to prevent overwhelming damage to the group.

- Shards of Stone: Healers should anticipate unavoidable damage inflicted by Granyth's Shards of Stone ability and be ready to respond with swift healing to keep the group alive.

- Shikaar Lancers: Healers can also assist in coordinating the activation of the Dragonkiller Lance with damage dealers to maximize its impact and provide temporary relief from Granyth's onslaught.