Feral Druid DPS Guide for Season of Discovery Phase 2

Feral Druid DPS Guide for Season of Discovery Phase 2

In Season of Discovery Phase 2, Feral Druids have become formidable contenders in raids due to the introduction of powerful new runes, notably the game-changing Golpes descontrolados rune. This addition not only alters the Feral Druid's playstyle and rotation but also elevates them to one of the most sought-after classes for raids of all sizes and compositions. The key highlight of this rune is its provision of the Windfury buff, a coveted ability previously exclusive to Shamans, making Feral Druids a vital asset in any Alliance raid in Classic WoW.

The Feral Druid rotation and damage output have witnessed significant enhancements with runes such as Rugido salvaje, delivering a substantial 30% damage boost. This rune introduces a finishing move that demands strategic optimization to maximize its uptime, ensuring players reap the full benefits of this formidable damage increase. Additionally, Feral Druids gain access to the new ability Destrozar, serving both as a potent damage-dealing tool and a crucial debuff applicator. This debuff amplifies all Bleed damage inflicted by any source and increases Triturar's buff damage by an impressive 30%. The significance of this debuff extends beyond the individual Feral Druid, benefiting Warriors and Rogues alike, as it enhances their damage output against any target marked by the debuff.

With these exciting additions to the Feral Druid toolkit, players can anticipate a dynamic and sought-after role in raids during Season of Discovery Phase 2. Mastering the intricacies of these new runes, optimizing rotations, and strategically applying debuffs will ensure Feral Druids stand out as indispensable contributors to raid success.

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Viability and Runes of Feral Druid DPS

Feral Druid DPS asserts itself as a formidable contender in raids, excelling not only in single-target damage but also delivering the game-changing "Uncontrolled Strikes" buff, considered the most potent melee buff available. This distinctive feature solidifies Feral Druids as highly sought-after assets in raid compositions, showcasing unparalleled versatility by effortlessly transitioning between DPS and Tanking roles with runes like "Survival of the Fittest."

At level 25, Feral Druids unlock impactful bleed abilities, yet their rotation revolves around maintaining the "Savage Roar" buff and strategically using "Shred" to accumulate combo points. The absence of the instant burst damage move "Ferocious Bite" in Phase 1 slightly limits their damage potential. Shortcomings include a lack of cleave abilities and energy gain, aspects that may see adjustments in Phase 2 and beyond, potentially reshaping class dynamics.

Despite energy gain constraints in Phase 1, particularly evident in bleed rotations, Feral Druids remain a versatile and potent choice for raiding. Mastery of class intricacies positions players as invaluable contributors to raid success, with the promise of further optimization in subsequent phases.

Best Runes for Feral Druid DPS

1. Wild Strikes Wild Strikes

2.Berserk Berserk

3. Savage Roar Savage Roar

4. King of the Jungle King of the Jungle

5. Mangle Mangle

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Strengths and Weaknesses


1. Exclusive Windfury Buff: Feral Druids are the sole class capable of providing the coveted Windfury buff through Uncontrolled Strikes, enhancing the melee capabilities of their group.

2. Savage Roar Damage Boost: Enjoy a substantial 30% increase in damage through the Savage Roar ability, enhancing overall DPS potential.

3. Ravage Debuff: The Ravage debuff not only increases damage by 30% to Bleeds and Crush but also benefits other DPS classes against the debuffed target.

4. Versatile Role Swapping: Feral Druids effortlessly switch between DPS and Tanking roles without requiring rune changes, showcasing exceptional versatility in raid scenarios.

5. Group Crit Chance Buff: Post-Phase 1, Feral Druids contribute a 3% increased Crit Chance Buff to their group, courtesy of the Leader of the Pack talent.


1. Limited AoE Damage: Feral Druids face challenges in delivering consistent AoE damage due to the absence of a Thrash-like ability (Flagelo is limited to Bear and Dire Bear forms).

2. Delayed Instant Damage Finisher: The primary instant damage-dealing finisher, Ferocious Bite, is only learned at level 32, delaying the full burst potential of the class in earlier phases.

Gameplay Feral Druid DPS

Playing Feral Druid DPS involves adopting a builder-spender playstyle, focusing on energy-efficient abilities to generate combo points and unleash powerful finishers. The goal is to maximize damage per energy cost throughout the rotation.

Core Strategy:

1. Maintain Savage Roar Buff: Prioritize keeping the Savage Roar buff up at all times, providing a 30% increase in damage.

2. Utilize Shred for Buffs and Combo Points: Use Shred to both enhance bleed effects and build combo points efficiently.

3. Clearcasting Proc: When Clearcasting procs for a free cast, prioritize using it on Ferocious Bite for significant damage and the energy-efficient 60 energy cast.


1. Pre-Pull Damage Boost: Start with Tiger's Fury for extra damage before initiating combat.

2. Generate Combo Points:

- Use Shred to generate combo points and apply the debuff to the target.
- Activate Savage Roar to increase all damage by 30%, maintaining it as the primary finisher.
- Continue using Shred to generate additional combo points.
- Utilize Ferocious Bite with Clearcasting procs.

3. 5 Combo Points Finisher: When reaching 5 combo points, execute Rip as a secondary finisher, adding a second bleed on the target, scaling with attack power.

Additional Tips:

- Pre-Pull Tiger's Fury: Activate Tiger's Fury 4-3 seconds before initiating combat for an extra damage boost. Avoid using it again during the fight due to its high energy cost.

- Energy Efficiency: In Phase 2, prioritize maintaining Savage Roar and the Shred debuff on the boss. At level 25, spamming Shred becomes the most efficient ability in terms of damage per energy cost. Always spend Clearcasting procs on Ferocious Bite.

Best Races for Feral Druid DPS

1. Best Alliance Races: Night Elf is the exclusive Alliance race for Druids in World of Warcraft Classic. Night Elves boast an elevated base Agility, surpassing any other race in the game, making them an exceptional choice for Feral Druid DPS. Night Elf players also enjoy a free 1% increase to Dodge chance, aligning seamlessly with the Feral Druid Tank playstyle. Opting for Alliance provides unique opportunities, such as acquiring items like Tunic of Westfall during Phase 1, not accessible to Horde players. Alliance further benefits from mana management effects like Judgement of Wisdom and Blessing of Wisdom from Paladins, crucial for power-shifting in Phase 2 and beyond.

2. Best Horde Races: Tauren stands as the sole Horde race for Druids in World of Warcraft Classic. The Tauren's Endurance passive grants a higher base Health than any other race, offering valuable survivability for Feral Druids in both DPS and Tank roles. Additionally, Tauren possess the War Stomp ability, proving incredibly useful in both PvP and PvE scenarios. War Stomp can create openings for Feral Druids to escape from attackers, heal, or even interrupt key spell casts, enhancing their versatility in various situations.

Best Professions for Feral Druid DPS

1. Engineering: Engineering stands out as the premier PvE profession in World of Warcraft Classic, offering every class access to potent AoE damaging items like grenades, dynamite, and, in later phases, Goblin Sapper Charge. In Phase 1, Engineers can craft the Green Tinted Goggles, one of the best pre-raid BiS helm options. Engineering remains crucial throughout various phases, providing essential items such as Goblin Rocket Boots, Gnomish Mind Control Cap, Battle Chicken, and progressively stronger explosives for Feral Druids, enhancing their much-needed AoE damage capabilities.

2. Leatherworking: Leatherworking proves to be another indispensable profession for any melee DPS class in Phase 1 of Season of Discovery. Leatherworking grants access to the new Void-Touched Leather Gloves, offering Feral Druids a crucial stat – hit chance – along with a haste increase cooldown. Leatherworkers can also craft the Belt of the Twisted Scourge, one of the top belts available at this level, in high demand on the auction house for potential gold-making. The Reinforced Leather Gloves, providing 6 Agility and 3 Stamina, serve as a noteworthy alternative to more DPS-focused gloves that primarily offer Agility and Strength.